101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die: A Book Review

Partying in Disney World? A Guide to Getting Buzzed in 101 Locations Worldwide

By Alyssa Pirrello

From its immediately abrasive title, it’s clear that this book is being marketed to college students and young adults- but does this marketing actually work?

As a twenty two year old college student, I was a little put off by the title, and I probably would not pick it up if I were looking for some serious travel advice. However, the title still intrigued me enough that I would want to take a look at it.

Advertising itself as the “edgiest travel guide to the wildest parties, raves, and festivals around the world from the Matador Network,” this book should have a lot to live up to. It’s meant to act as a book of bucket list suggestions to young twenty somethings. With locations from Burning Man to Disney World, the book covers a wide array of attractions.

For each location, festival, or attraction, the book recommends which season to go, longing, ingestibles, the ideal conditions to enjoy it, and a more detailed description of the local scene. While certain events such as Burning Man are known for their drugs, places such as Disney World are not, and I found it fairly edgy to suggest to take drugs at such a wholesome, family-oriented location.

Burning Man
Burning Man

Here’s a few locations and parties that the book highlights:
Burning Man
In the first week of September, massive amounts of people flee to Black Rock City, Nevada for the annual Burning Man festival. The guide states that the ideal weather for this event is scorching heat, even though the recommended lodging is a tent, camper, or just not sleeping at all. It suggests any ingestible could be a good idea, saying “you’re the kid, this is the candy store…”
The description holds true to the facts above: “wander past a scraggle of gyrating day drunks and accept a Dixie cup full of pink “jungle juice” that goes down like sugary kerosene”. None of this comes as shocking however, for Burning Man is an event notorious amongst college students as one of the largst parties every year.

Portland, Maine
As a New Englander, I have a hard time believing Portland is one of the top one hundred and one places I should party before I die. While the suggested ingestibles, Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boys, whiskey shots, and man drinks, all seem like things I would associate with Portland, I don’t see how the activity, conditions, and season, seeing a Portland Sea Dogs game in the winter with a regular, lend itself to being a top partying destination.

Disney World
Disney World

From the description, it almost sounds like every small city in New England or possibly the world. “The real trick with Portland is to attach yourself to a resident drinker, someone who can provide you with alternative venues… you may end up in a cruddy hotel bar and have the best night of your year, or you may end up drinking at a random house party."

Disney World

Almost everyone knows the ideal conditions to go to Disney World: any time that’s not the summer, and preferably a day where there happens to be short lines. The suggested ingestibles are beer, cotton candy, and ham-on-a-stick; however, part of the ideal conditions listed is being “dosed on psilocybin mushrooms."

While I’m not sure Disney World should quite be in the top 101 places to get f*cked up before you die, they did have some excellent tips on how to get drunk in Orlando. The book informs readers that Magic Kingdom is a dry park while Epcot is not, but that if you need a drink in the Magic Kingdom you can get one at the Be Our Guest restaurant. It also suggests that the biggest party goers go to Universal Studios, which seems counterintuitive to write about in a section on Disney World, but it’s still good information.

Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party

This party in Koh Phangan, Thailand, is something I never would have known about without reading this book. Five to ten thousand people flock to the island every month for these parties, filled with drinks and “more mind-altering substances than you can shake a hallucinated stick at."

All in all, the Full Moon Party definitely sounds worthy of being on this list. It describes the hostels all being close together, the bars, and how the entire southern peninsula of the island is just one big party during the Full Moon Party.

Delhi, India

This was another mention on the list that I did not feel to sure about. The recommended season was sometime during October and November, and it was advised that travelers should stay in South Delhi unless money was an issue, in which case North Delhi would probably be a better option. The only ingestibles listed were various types of food and beer.


While the description portrayed Delhi as an excellent place to visit in general, I am not quite sure it deserves to be in the top one hundred and one places to party. All of the bars and clubs except for one were clearly expensive, which is hard to work into a young travelers plans. Additionally, the description states that Delhi is not safe for women at night and that bars close sometime between 11:30pm and 1:00am.


Oktoberfest unquestionably deserves to be in the top 101 places to get f*cked up before you die. For this festival in Munich, Germany, the suggested ingestibles, not to anyone’s surprise, include beer and sausages.

The festival is filled with tents where beer is sold by liters in glass steins. The description continues to depict Oktoberfest saying “in some of the more drunken areas, such as Hofbrau’s pit, you’ll sometimes see people getting a bit overexcited with their toasts and smashing other people’s steins. Sometimes it’s accidental."

Overall, I think this guide is entertaining and funny, but it’s not quite the end all be all of best places to party in the world, especially in regards to the locations within the United States. Although the title was a little offputting, it contained some valuable information for those looking to party in different places around the country and around the world.

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Alyssa Pirrello is a Editorial Assistant and Travel Writer for GoNOMAD.com

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