Products to Make Traveling Easy

These Gadgets and Clothes Make Traveling Easier

By Alyssa Pirrello

PocketPlug iPhone Case

PocketPlug iPhone case


Never worry about remembering to bring a phone charger with you again. The back of the PocketPlug iPhone case contains a wall outlet plug that can easily be snapped out and plugged in to charge your phone. Additionally, the case also contains a micro USB port, so if you have a micro USB cord you can charge your iphone through that as well. PocketPlug iPhone Case. $59.00. This is truly a breakthrough, for anyone who has needed a charge and didn't have the right cords to charge an iPhone. (for iPhone 4 and 4S)

Hydro FlaskHydro Flask

This 64 ounce water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours and never sweats, making it perfect for traveling. Unlike most aluminum bottles, the Hydro Flask water bottles have no liner, and they are also double wall vacuum insulated and BPA free. Additionally, these water bottles have a lifetime warranty, offering replacements for any water bottles with broken caps, imperfect insulation, or rough welding on the rim. Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler, 64-Ounce. $42.41-$52.99. This works for a BIG THIRST!

Bracketron Eco-Friendly Wall ChargerBrackerton Eco-Friendly Wall Charger

The Bracketron Eco-Friendly Wall Charger will charge any USB-powered device with high efficiency. The charger automatically shuts off when the device it is charging is fully charged in order to save energy. It's portable design makes the charger easy to take on the go, and it even includes a cord winder for easier transportation. Most chargers suck juice if you leave them plugged in, but not this one. Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger. $24.95

KeyportKeyport 2.0

Sick of carrying around a keychain with a tons of different keys everywhere you go? Consider purchasing the Keyport 2.0, a keychain that stores up to 6 keys in one. When you buy the Keyport 2.0, you will get key blanks that will fit into the Keyport 2.0. You can bring these blanks to a locksmith and have your keys copied onto them, so the Keyport will be all you need to carry around.You send photos of your keys to Keyport and they make versions that fit into the holder.

If you don't have 6 keys, you can use the keyport for other things as well. You can include a bottle opener, mini flashlight, or USB drive if you have the space. This is great for traveling- rather than carrying around a clunky, rattling keychain, you can have everything you need in one place. Keyport 2.0. $29.00

Anker Astro MiniastrominiW

Avoid having your phone die while you're traveling by purchasing the Anker Astro Mini, an tiny external battery power charger for your cell phone. The Astro Mini can add more than 9 hours of battery life to an iPhone and an additional full charge to most other phones. The charger is 3.5 inches long, so it's easy to store and bring along wherever you go. This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED product!  Ankor Astro Mini. $19.99 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! insectshieldWInsect Shield Apparel

If you love camping, consider buying Insect Shield Apparel. The apparel from this company will repel mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, and more, while still remaining odorless. These products are registered with the EPA to last until they have been washed at least 70 times, which is longer than most clothing items last normally.

Insect Shield Apparel exists for men, women, and kids, and they also have special high visibility apparel and flame resistant apparel. Insect Shield Repellent Technology Apparel. Prices vary based on item.

Coolibar Apparel: Sun Protection You WearcoolibarW

Coolibar apparel is perfect for the beach lover who burns easily. With fabric that blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays and boasts a 50+ UPF, Coolibar apparel can help you avoid a sunburn that could ruin your vacation. Even though the fabric protects you from the sun, the material is still very light, making it great for a hot summer day.

Depending on your needs, their apparel also implemeents other technologies. In their fitness apparel, there is also moisutre wicking technology, while their swimmming apparel includes quick-dry technology and chlorine/saltwater resistant capabilities. The line is not only anti SPF, but it's all great looking too.

Additionally, Coolibar has great general travel clothing. Coolibar's UPF 50+ Men's Travel Shirt looks like just a nice, lightweight button up shirt, but really, it contains moisture-wicking 3D technology. There's hidden mesh in the back for great air flow, and there's also a zip security pocket within the shirt. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Travel Shirt. $79.50 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Alyssa Pirrello is an Editorial Assistant at Travel and a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.



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