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Cabeau Evolution travel pillow.speaker

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By Max Hartshorne,
GoNOMAD Editor
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Minx Go Portable Wireless Music System

A small portable speaker with built-in bluetooth. It is 100% wireless connection to your device with great sound. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

We have been sent small speakers in the past but we must say this is the nicest and has the best sound of any of them. Another thing is reliability--the products like Braven's Bluetooth speaker are squirrelly, they work then they don't. This has so far worked perfectly. Definitely a keeper and highly endorsed! Minx Go Portable music system. $149.00

Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones

SleepPhones provides a way to listen to music while sleeping by eliminating bulky headphones or earbuds. They are made from soft, black fabric and are designed to be worn like a headband.911 horn If you don't mind sleeping with something around your head, this could be a great answer to insomnia...and I think this would be a great addition to make a flight more bearable. Acoustic Sheep Sleephones. $39.00

Sound 911 Personal Safety Alarm
When I was 10, I worked for my dad, saved up some money and bought two things. A pair of Adidas leather sneakers and a loud horn that was used on a boat to signal someone. I brought the horn up to my room and blasted that sucker, it was a glorious way to vent. Then I was sent this smaller horn, maybe I should blast this the next time I need to blow off steam. Actually this one is for safety. Women would be well armed with this if they walked down a scary city street.

The personal safety alarm is a protection device that sends out a 112-decibel blast that can be heard up to a half a mile away. It also comes with a belt clip that allows it to be attached to a belt for easy access. Use this to signal for help or deter any assailants.$14.99 Sound 911 Personal safety alarm

lanternARKA Lantern and Flashlight
The ark lantern is a lantern that can easily transform into a flashlight by removing the frosted globe. It features five lighting modes that vary from high to low light, and includes a red light setting to preserve night vision. The lantern also runs off of a chargeable battery, and is able to charge USB devices. The key selling point of this lantern is that it has a little USB charger in it, so you can charge phones and laptops if you're out camping. $22.60
Arka lantern and flashlight

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

The evolution pillow is a neck pillow that can be used either forwards or backward-- depending if you sleep better while sitting with your head leaning forward or backward. The pillow has a high density, which gives adequate support, and is contoured in the appropriate areas toimages keep your neck from straining as you sleep. There are many pillows on the market like this but this one stands out for being thicker and bigger. Not sure how this would be to tote along on a trip, but it is very comfy, perhaps best for a traveler with extra room in his suitcase to stow it after the flights.$39.00 Cabeau evolution pillow.

coloud-headphonesCOLOUD Knock Headphones
These headphones offer a comfortable fit and quality sound. They also feature a remote that is able to skip, repeat, and pause songs on an MP3 player, as well as answer calls. The colors these very lightweight headphones come in include gold, black, ocean and green. They are relatively cheap--only $23.00. Coloud Knock headphones.

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Skyview Travel Seatback Mount

The seatback mount is designed to give you a perfect angle for reading your kindle or playing on your smartphone while flying. The mount secures to the back of an airline seat, and fits most devices. This won't, however, fit your regular sized ipad, but if you're toting a mini, indeed this will fit for this device as well as one of the Google Nexus tablets. This would be great if you're flying one of Delta's famous MD-80 planes, which offer NO television screens and leave travelers to their own devices for flying entertainment.$21.00
Skyview Travel Seatback Mount

V Moda Headphones
We get a lot of headphones for review, and these stood out as a superior product. These headphones feature memory foam ear cushionsimgres to reduce noise as well as comfort, a microphone on the cable so that calls can be answered without unplugging your smartphone, and a volume adjuster built into the jack cable. They are nice and heavy and they have better sound than the cheaper ones like the Cocloud version. $109.00
V Moda Headphones

Ogio Laptop Messenger Bag
This bag has a generous amount of pockets, for those who prefer to keep items separate, and comes in several bright colors. We especially liked the bright green one. It's neat that Ogio realizes that like mobile phones, consumers like bright colors not just black. So they make this in red, yellow, terra, tide and emerald (shown). The special space for a laptop is thoroughly padded with soft fabric.

I would be comfortable with holding my laptop there even when completely bare of all protective casing. $69 for larger bag
One downside may be that the P15450654bag is closed with velcro rather than zipper. The velcro is fairly secure, but I prefer to have something stronger on my messenger bags. Ogio Laptop Messenger Bag.

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