Dijon and Champagne Photo Gallery

The Perching Bar
Enjoying Champagne at the Arboxygene Perching Bar in the Foret de Brise Charette, in Verzy. It’s set 25 feet above the forest overlooking the rolling farmlands of the region. Today it’s a nightclub and restaurant, and a treetop hotel is planned, all connected by tall ramps.

Glorious Names for a Golden Part of France

Photos by Max Hartshorne

Dijon's main square, taken from the Tower of Philip le Bon
Dijon’s main square, taken from the Tower of Philip le Bon
Tasting mustard in Dijon.
Tasting mustard at Boutique Maille mustard store at 32 rue de la Liberte.
The chapel in downtown Reims, not part of the huge cathedral but incredibly ornate.
tomatoes in Dijon Public Market.
This variety of tomato is very popular at the Dijon market, a vendor told me.
The Cathedral at Reims burned down in the 1900s and was rebuilt. American John D. Rockefeller gave the money to rebuild the roof exactly how it was originally built. Andrew Carnegie’s heirs paid for a library nearby.
In a pedestrian area of Dijon, this public art stands alone.
Valerie Grandet teaches classes in how to make mustard in Dijon, called La Cuisine de Madeleine.

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