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Tim Leffel, of Practical Travel Gear, and Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD testing gear in Colombia's Coffee Triangle. Paul Shoul photo.
Tim Leffel, of Practical Travel Gear, and Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD testing gear in Colombia's Coffee Triangle. Paul Shoul photo.

Prime Adventure Clothing and Accessories
By Kristina Kulyabina

Do you have the ideal go-to travel tee shirt but are missing those perfect pants for your next trip? Finding a composed outfit is actually rather simple in the travel gear world. Today, more outdoor clothing companies are providing travelers with state-of-the art options in all sectors of clothing- from head to toe.

wolverine shoes
wolverine shoes

GoNOMAD’s editors tested different pairs of shoes, shirts and pants, hats, and travel bags to show our readers how easy it is to attain durable and comfortable accessories and articles of clothing to complete a prime adventure outfit.

Wolverine Creek Bed Multi-Sport Shoes

Finally, we have found a water shoe that gets the job done. It has a reliable drainage system for those river-crossing moments on your hikes. This shoe features a breathable mesh upper with lightweight synthetic overlays at the toe and heal for added protection on rough trails. The footbed really supports as it encourages a dry, cool foot condition. It is finished with a dual-density EVA outsole for reliable traction on challenging terrain.

However, there are two ways to approach water shoes: style and function. Wolverine goes for function with less padding, a dual-density EVA outsole for traction on challenging terrain, and stiff shoelaces that don’t tie so easily. In terms of style, most of our editors find the shoe to look a bit like track running shoes. It is not a very fashionable shoe but it is comfortable. Plastic long laces can get caught on stuff, and aren't good looking.

ECCO Men's Njord Speedlace Shoes
ecco shoes
Ecco aims for style as it makes the water shoe look almost like a Vans sneaker with a flat platform that has a great grip on flat surfaces. The Ecco Mens Njord Speedlace Shoes are more comfortable and fashionable than the Wolverine Creek Bed Multi-Sport shoes. All of the vents are great for wearing to, say Solid Sound Festival with WILCO at Mass Moca in North Adams, MA. Lots of places to walk. And it's hard to look hip in a crowd like this, all pork pie hats and tatts. But this shoe turned a few heads, and the Kelly Green color is fantastic.

The Ecco shoe also has a very useful speedlace which is unbreakable and easy to tighten, almost like a bungee cord. I wish every shoe had this – it is so convenient. Then the still tied lace can be attached to the side of the shoe and kept out of the way.

When trekking through watery conditions, ample drainage holes allow water to quickly escape and the synthetic leather textile upper provides breathability. Ecco has made a great aqua shoe with a nice grip that is overall very lightweight. Stylin!

ECCO Women's Breeze Ankle-Strap Sandal

women's ecco sandalsLadies, this sandal is so comfortable for walking on vacation. The straps do not suffocate your feet and they fit perfectly to your size. The slingback strap is also adjustable for a customized and secure fit. Not to mention, the shoe is very stylish with its straps. The leather material is very durable and once again fashionable. The one inch platform is ideal for comfort but it does add a little bit of weight to the shoe. However, for us short girls, it also adds some height to our appearance!

Clothing Arts Pickpocket Proof Travel Shirts

clothing arts pickpocket proof shirt
Clothing Arts Pickpocket Proof Travel Shirts

This company really prides itself in pickpocket proof clothing, which is great for visiting dicey places but during Max’s trip to France he said he never encountered
a problem or thought he needed the security of the pockets. It is, however, very comfortable and very light weight - it would be great for a place like India or Vietnam where it is really hot.

The shirt is made of soft fabric, a nature-like nylon material which is anti-wrinkle, quick-dry, and breathable. It is casual and simple in style, providing any traveler with a decent appearance. The two zippered security pockets are placed behind two standard button pockets. But like we said, unless you are surrounded by gypsies, the extra pockets are a bit unnecessary.

Clothing Arts Pickpocket Proof Pants

pick pocket proof pants

If you really want to match on your next trip, then these pickpocket proof pants by Clothing Arts as well will make an ideal outfit with the pickpocket proof t-shirt. These pants are super comfortable, smooth, and extremely durable for active travelers.

This pair is made from the same material as the shirt with the look and feel of cotton. However, we once again find the extra pockets unnecessary but at least they don’t add any weight to the pants. Clothing Arts pants have the strength of nylon and are wrinkle-free, breathable, and quick-dry.

Wolverine Men’s Ratchet Short Sleeve Shirt
ratchet short sleeveThere are absolutely no complaints about this shirt. All we want is a comfortable, durable, and decent looking shirt when we are participating in a more casual activity during our travels. We don’t need four extra pockets to make us feel like a secure freak. Wolverine’s ratchet short sleeve shirt is really soft and lightweight, ideal for hot places.

It is made from 100% cotton poplin with a polyester mesh underlay for the back vent. The button down feature starting from the collar is made from plastic and extremely convenient. They are actually sewed on tightly so don’t worry about losing any buttons along your trip. The shirt has two medium-sized chest pockets with a flap and button through closure, perfect for your wallet.

eBags Packing Cubes

When you go on a trip, you might be really good at packing all of your essential clothing, but what do you do with your piles of dirty laundry once you’re on the trip? These eBags packing cubes solve that problem as you can separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes with these bags.

The bags come in three different sizes which fit into one another so they are perfect to bring along in your checked bag as they save space.

They come in a variety of colors as well. The bags seemingly stretch as you fit more stuff into them as one of our editors surprisingly fit almost a load of laundry into the biggest bag! This product is definitely worth it in terms of saving space in your overall baggage.

tilley plaid hat
tilley plaid hat

T5CN Tilley Plaid Hat

This hat can pass for a safari or a beach trip. Not only is it really stylish with its light plaid pattern but it is also really great for keeping the sun’s powerful rays out of your eyes. The rim is just wide enough, hovering beyond the forehead to create the perfect shade. This is Tilley’s lightest hat yet, weighing at 2.9 ounces.

The lightweight and breathable material is made from a cotton and nylon blend that has a durable Nanosphere weather-repellent finish. In a breeze, the windcord keeps the hat on without painful pressure on your forehead. It is the most ideal hat on a summer day!

This is my third Tilley hat, and I still use the one I got in Vancouver, Canada. There is an innate durability here, a non-cheesy approach to making headwear. They take it all very seriously and as a customer, you reap the reward of their well-made hats.


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