New Travel Products, Cellphone Boosters, iPod Bike Rack, child’s portable carseat and more

> The amazing Wilson's Sleek C-Booster.The amazing Wilson’s Sleek C-Booster.

New Travel Products

Technology for when you’re on the go
By Hannah Monahan

Device of the Month…Fantastic!

Wilson’s Sleek C Booster– This product is great for the traveler who needs to stay connected. The Wilson C Booster amplifies cell phone service in weak signal areas. With a cell phone dock, sleek antenna, and a charger, the home and office accessory kit can go with you wherever you need.

Simply attach the suction cups on the antenna onto any window and hook it up to the docking system and your phone have about a 30% increase in signal. Take it to the airport or hotel. This really is an awesome product if you are stuck somewhere with not much service or have limited service at your house or office. Proven to work even in a bomb shelter, similar to the GoNOMAD Travel offices. Get yours at Editor’s note. Soon after this review was published, the plastic arm on the right side broke and the company refused to replace it. FAIL!

The a-JAYS ONE Headphones don't tangle.The a-JAYS ONE Headphones don’t tangle.

Look Mom, No Tangles!

a-JAYS ONE Headphones– Don’t you hate when headphones get all tangled when you throw them in your travel bag? The flat wire design on a-JAYS ONE headphones resolves that problem. With a built in mic, the a-JAYS are optimal for smart phones and other mobile devices. For only $59.99, they are a little pricey—but hey how much is no tangles worth? For any traveler who can’t go without their tunes. Go to for more information.

> EBA Posture Shirt that aligns your back and shoulder muscles.EBA Posture Shirt that aligns your back and shoulder muscles.

This is one high-tech shirt. Kind of cool!

Evidence Based Apparrel Posture Shirt– When you’re on the go and want to keep back pain away, try the Posture Shirt from EBA. Proven to improve joint alignment in shoulders, this shirt is worn by some of the top athletes and physicians.

For $99.95, try this great product to stave off back and shoulder pain. When you’re a busy person, there isn’t much time for laundry. With the Bac Shield Anti-Microbial Protection in the fabric, bacteria that cause staining, discoloration, and smells are killed and repel before they are embedded in the material. Wear the shirt once or multiple times before you need to wash it. Get one for yourself at

The Strap Caddy that lets you hook your phone to your seatbelt.The Strap Caddy that lets you hook your phone to your seatbelt.

Not a Good Idea

Strap Caddy’s Seat Belt iPhone Holder– This product might be one to skip. While the Seat Belt iPhone holder does do its job, how many people need their cell phone strapped to their chest?

A cell phone case essentially, you slip the plastic holder over the seatbelt and you’ll always know where your phone is while driving, although talking and texting on the phone while driving is against most state laws. See for yourself at

> The Quad Lock Mounting System can be put right on your bike.The Quad Lock Mounting System can be put right on your bike.

Bike with your iPod Mounted

Quad Lock Mounting System– If you’re a biking enthusiast, the Quad Lock Mounting System is the perfect cell phone case for you. This case and locking system can be mounted on a wall, car, but most importantly a bike.

Adhere the locking unit onto your bike, and with the phone in the case, twist the case into the mount for a strong hold. Only $39.99, this is a case you will need to have if you love biking and need to stay connected. Put the phone right where you can see it on your bike and you can drive along trails mapped out by your phone. Get your bike mounting system at

SEIDIO Desktop Cradle is a charger and holder for your phones.SEIDIO Desktop Cradle is a charger and holder for your phones.

I Guess I Can Use Another of These

SEIDIO Desk Top Cradle– The desk top cradle and charger by SEIDIO is a good device that any business person could use. The phone holder comes with a charger and USB cable so you can charge and sync your phone while working on the computer.

The small size makes it really easy to travel with and its compatability with multiple phones, for only $29.95 it is a solid buy. Check out the cradle at

> The Python Courier Camera Bag keeps your camera safe.The Python Courier Camera Bag keeps your camera safe.

The Bag for the Canon 5D Shooter

Python Courier Camera Bag– This bag is perfect for taking your camera on any trip and knowing it will be protected. The Python Courier Bag has a water repellant surface, and secure protective inserts, so you know your pictures are safe. But if you need a bag for everyday use, the inserts can easily be removed.

It is big enough to use for DSLRs, with their monstrous lenses and copius other devices.

The luggage trolley attachment makes it great for traveling in the airport or to your hotel. A bit large, it may be a heavier bag but if you’re main concern is protecting your camera this is a great courier style bag for only $100. Go to to get more information.

The Bubblebum Booster Seat is great for travel.The Bubblebum Booster Seat is great for travel.

Every Kid Loves Their Seat

Bubble Bum Booster Seat– If you’re traveling with kids, the Bubble Bum booster seat is a foldable seat for your packing needs. Light weight and portable, the seat is great for rental cars. It blows up in 30 seconds with the back valve and can be taken anywhere.

Meeting all the safety standards, this seat will be your child’s favorite with its cushiony texture.

Tested by the editor’s grandaughter Sofie, trust us when we say this is a great buy for only $39.99. Check it out for yourself at

Hannah Monahan

Hannah Monahan is an editorial assistant at GoNOMAD and a communications major at the University of Mass in Amherst. She updates the Travel News Notes blog on


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