Motorcycling through the Brazil: An exciting way to vacation

Trail riding in the jungles of Brazil with Brazil on Bikes.
Trail riding in the jungles of Brazil with Brazil on Bikes.

Motorcycling Through Brazil

By Margaret Gaby

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to have your hair blowing in the wind while you zip down the road on the back of a motorcycle, the thirst of adventure captivating every bone in your body? Well, here is a great opportunity to do just that in one of the most exotic places in the world with Brazil on Bikes.

Brazil on Bikes is South American’s leading motorcycle tour specialist. It invests all its efforts in helping people explore the many wonders of this exotic, sexy country. Its main office is in San Paulo, a central location on the country’s coast for riders to seek out the chance to rent a bike and explore the “hidden paradise.”

“We strongly believe that touring on motorcycles is the ultimate travel experience and definitely the best way to get to know Brazil and its hidden paradise, “said Renato Teodosio, the company founder.. He recommends that riders have at least two years of motorcycle riding experience (there is a discount for experienced riders) but it ultimately doesn’t matter as long as you’re ready to have a good time.

Sharing the Love

Teodosio has been riding motorcycles from a young age and wanted to share his love with other avid riders. He rode every chance he got. In 2003 he went to explore Australia and rode everywhere around there but eventually he wished to return to Brazil. He brought back some friends (including his wife Cindy who suggested the name Brazil on Bikes) who also rode and the idea to start the bike company began.

The motorcycle operator is in the perfect location. People always want to visit Brazil and experience, carnival, the Amazon, football (soccer), Iguassu Falls and Rio, Teodosio says, “Since we started offering motorcycle tours in Brazil we have been contacted by riders from all over the world wanting to do all kinds of tours and to visit the most unusual places that even Brazilians don’t know much about.”

Rounding a bend on a mountain road in Brazil.
Rounding a bend on a mountain road in Brazil.

Many riders have exclaimed highly about this tour and other tours.Marcos D’Allessandro from Italy remarks that it was a “fantastic trip! The route was more spectacular than I had imagined, and Renato is a professional in every respect, having carefully planned every aspect of the trip.

Some people may be unsure of whether or not they want to embark on such a long journey in a foreign country. However, the great sights one gets to see on this tour will change their mind and there will be no regrets, said Teodosio.

3000 km in 18 Days

Shaun, Roland and Matt from the UK said “In total we rode 3,000 kilometers for 18 days, all the roads were excellent, and the landscapes were stunning. The accommodation was very comfortable, the food tasty (Feijoada supreme meal) and Churrasco for meat lovers like me. Great Tour. 5 Star Adventure.” Biking around Brazil is an excellent chance to delve into the culture.

David and Kristen Fawcett of Australia suggest that “anyone considering the Discovery Tour should stop thinking and just book! You will have the best time”.

Peter and Ursula Egoroff also of Australia said “The [tour in] April 2011 was a great experience. Both guides, Renato and Rodrigo were very experienced riders and were knowledgeable. I would recommend this tour to anyone that loves adventure.”

A historic town in Brazil.
A scenic vista in Petropolis a historic town.

Brazil aboard a motorcycle would be the experience of a lifetime. People have come from all over the world loved their tours that they are greatly anticipating their next visit. Keigo Yasuko from Japan states “although I live in the other end of the world, I’m pretty sure that I’ll go back and travel around Brazil again.”

Teodosio also explained what makes his company unique from his competition. “The main difference between Brazil on Bikes and our competitors is that we run tours to have a great time ourselves instead of doing it for a profit.

The packages we have on offer were designed with the best and the most fun things to do/experience while you are in Brazil with us. Some of the activities available are helicopter flights, jeep tours, schooner rides, caves expeditions and of course the best riding routes in the country.”

The motorcycle company has many brands of bikes to choose from. Makes include BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Triumph motorcycles. When asked his favorite bike Renato said it was the Yamaha XT 500 because “it is fun and very suitable to all kinds of terrain – even Mars”. Only the best can handle the terrain of the jungles of Brazil.

Mysterious Brazil

Mr. Teodosio, has been throughly pleased with the success of his business. In the interview he said that “[Brazil] is mysterious, unknown, colorful, happy and very diverse, so the success of Brazil on Bikes was a natural progression. We are extremely happy with the response we are having”. The founder is very excited about the coming years.

Brazil is to host the 2014 “Football” (soccer) World Cup and in 2016 the Olympics. This is a great opportunity for Brazil as a country to show off to the world. Brazil on Bikes will also have a great opportunity for a great amount of business as tons of tourists and travelers come to visit the country. The company is setting up some new tours including a tour to the Amazon jungle and many more. The company is trying its hardest to become the company offering the very best motorcycle tours in South America.

Brazil on Bikes offers several 18 day tours in various great destinations throughout Brazil.

A popular tour is called the Discovery Tour, suggested especially for first timers to Brazil. It begins in San Paulo, a metropolis of over 20 million people, to explore the culture, commerce and atmosphere of the great cosmopolitan city.

Then it goes to visit Brazil’s largest island, Ilhabela. And with a coastal rain forest, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, mountain peaks and waterfalls to explore it is a must see destination. The tour continues on to Paraty, a colonial town with over 400 years of history, beautiful beaches, landscapes and untouched wilderness.

Renato Teodosio, of Brazil on Bikes.
Renato Teodosio, of Brazil on Bikes.

Then it’s on to the famous Rio de Janeiro where cyclists will stay at near Copacabana Beach and bask in the richness of the nightlife and people. The tour continues with visits to the peninsula of Buzios, the imperial retreat of Petropolis, the rugged terrain and tropical beaches of Angras dos Reis, and finally visits the exquisite architecture of Campos do Jordao before ending back in San Paulo.

With the scenic landscapes and adventurous rides Brazil on Bikes is definitely on the to-do list when planning a trip to Brazil.

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Margaret Gaby

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