New Travel Gadgets for Finding Stuff

Findercodes attaches to your stuff, and if you lose it people can contact you.

Two New Ways to Find Your Lost Stuff & Other Cool Travel Gadgets

By Margaret Gaby

We get gadgets. Boy do we ever! The following is a round-up of some of the cool new products that have come into our offices, each tested by our staff.

Travel Lost and Found Kit

Here are two solutions for the age old problem--where did I leave my keys phone purse luggage camera or briefcase. It's the Travel Lost and Found Kit. The kit includes ID tags and Techware for a "hassle-free recovery of lost items."

Attach these stickers or tags to everything you are traveling with to ensure you can find it if it's lost. Each tag has a "Findercode" on it that when scanned by smartphone (or on the website utilizes GPS to locate the finder tag and your item.

The owner's identity is confidential, only a cell phone number is provided, there are no subscription fees, it works with smartphones or PCs, and the tags are durable and waterproof. You can even change your contact information and the tags will still work. The company's website is set up to send you an email and also a text message telling you that your property has been found. Thekit comes with two large luggage tags, two medium tote tags and four adhesive tags for electronic devices. $24.95

My Stuff Lost & Found

These tags are similar to the product above, but are stainless steel. They also have stickers.

Another company makes something similar, again, perfect for a traveler. These are small 2" steel plates that attach with a tough steel cord to luggage, briefcases or maybe your keychain. They also have durable stickers that are small enough to stick to the bottom of a laptop, phone, camera or anything else, with a number and the website. If someone finds your property they can go to the site and type in the number to find your identity.

Okoban has another bragging point--their system is linked to the airline industry World Tracer system, used by 330 airlines in more than 2200 airports and "hundreds of 'frequent finder' locations in hotels, restaurants, rail stations and other public facilities around the world." Both of the company's websites were pretty easy to navigate and to set up.

Both products require a registration, but it's pretty easy and straightforward. Six stickers $19.95, three tags $19.95. The Travel Lost and Found Kit is a less expensive option and they are very similar products.

IriScan Portable Scanner

Iris Scanner
This portable scanner can lighten your load when you travel for business.

Ever wish there was a way to rid yourself of the frustrating effort of scanner while on the go? Well, now you can scan and convert documents from wherever you are with the IRIScan Express 3.

This lightweight scanner is very accessible for all your scanning needs. To setup it's not too difficult. As long as you test both sides when putting the calibrating paper through the machine. To setup the buttons and the device to you computer is very simple on both PC and Mac (by inserting a CD-Rom). It pops up right on your deskstop and it walks you through the process.

Simply plug it in with the USB cable and it immediately lights up and is ready to go. After you have set up the device is it really easy to use. Just insert your document, receipts, business cards,images and it scans it so you can throw the papers away. It can be used with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop (for PDFs). It also comes with a black velvety sleeve to carry the silver device. This would be good for any business traveler who wants to lighten his briefcase load. Buy this on Amazon.

Liquid Armor's Invisible Screen Protector

Liquid-armor protects your cellphone screen with a special glossy sheen.

liquid armor
liquid armor

Ever get tired of staring at that bubble in your iPhone or Android screen protector? Well now there's an alternative solution that offers twice times the protection; Liquid Armor's Invisible Screen Protector for tablets, e-readers and cellphones.

This incredible product has nano-coating technology that provides a scratch-free protection like no other. It provides for a weather free, dirt free, water spill-resistant surface. It's been tested by GoNOMAD's editor on two iPhones and so far, so good!

To use, make sure your device is turned off and completely cooled down. Clean your screen throughly with the microfiber cloth provided. Squirt one or two sprays onto the microfiber cloth. Gently apply this to the screen using a back and forth motion, avoiding any circular motion for 10-20 seconds until the screen is evenly coated. Wait 10 minutes for use and 24 hours to come in contact with water. If you need to buff it after the 24 hour period simply use the cloth (the Liquid Armor continues to harden). Buy this on Amazon

IZON 2.0 WI-FI Video Monitor

This device is a portable video monitor that's very small, and you can watch it over the web on your iPhone or Android phone.

izone wifi video monitor
izone wifi video monitor

Did you ever want to see what your dog or your family is doing while you're still at the office? Now, you can with the IZON 2.0 WIFI video monitor by for iPad, IPhone, IPod touch. You could simply give this device to your son and have it sit on the bench during the game if you can't make it to his little league game.

Watch and listen from anywhere. Automatically records noise and motion. You can securly view live video, receive alerts for noise and motion and automatically record event clips online. You can be there even when you are not.

This device is easy to install and is controlled through a free app on your iphone/ipad device and scanned bar code from your device. It takes mere minutes to install. It mounts to wall or ceiling and pivots on a super cool magnetic base. It has a one-year limited warranty. During the testing it is very accessible but just make sure you have wifi available.

It's a great device and is very lightweight. An earlier version of this product that we reviewed did not work well. But this updated model works great. Buy this on Amazon

On-go smart phone speaker.

This tiny speaker puts out great sound, and doesn't need a cord to play. Cool colors too!

DivoomIfit portable speaker
DivoomIfit portable speaker

Ever want to share your music on your phone with others and find that the built-in speaker is not loud enough? Well the IFIT-1 on-go smart phone speaker is very easy to use just simply plug it in and turn on your music. This cute little speaker is about as big as two decks of cards. It's small,lightweight, and portable.

It comes with a smart stand for watching movies anywhere. It has a 360 degree sound field that integrates a cone design with a custom-built speaker to project sound in all directions. It has a very great sound. It sounds like you are playing from larger device. It also charges with a USB cable and the charge lasts for 6 hours. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Buy this on Amazon

This is a great accessory to play all your devices.

The Power Dock Pro Flex provides a place to charge two phones and easily see your phone while driving.


Power Dock Pro Flex

Ever want to charge your iphone in your car at the same time, be able to look at it while it's charging? Bracketron's USB Power Dock Pro Flex is the answer. This product has a height-adjustable holder, a 30 pin charger (which unfortunatly won't be compatiable with the IPhone 5) a 180 degree rotation, flexible neck design, LED power indicator, 12V PowerGrip and comes with a micro usb cable to charge other devices. You can charge an Android and your iPhone at the same time, while riding down the road listening to your music!

This product is excellent for long trips. It is safe driver approved and insures that you have access to your device while driving without having to hold it. Buy this on Amazon

PowerBar Fatcat Travel Charger

Did you ever want to use your tablet on the beach? Or simply not have to worry about always running out of power? The PowerBar Fatcat Travel charger is a great option. This device is ideal for smartphones, it's like having a small battery as a back-up to plugging in and charging. If you are at a sporting event and want to catch a certain moment on your smartphone camera without the phone powering down you can use this power charger to help you through the rest of the game.

The powerbar Fatcat provides up to three months of charge for those who need to re-power their devices when they're nowhere near a plug.

powerbar fatcat charger

About the size of a deck of playing cards, it's packed with 9600 mwh of power which is enough power to fully charge any tablet. The PowerBar works with most devices including cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, GPSs and PDAs. When you first get it is is pre-charged so you can start using it right away (70% charge). The device lasts for three months worth of charges!

This is a great portable device to have for any occasion. Buy this on Amazon

Duracell rechargeable instant USB Charger

If you don't need as much power, this Duracell charger is much smaller and lighter and gives up to 180 minutes of talk time for a dead iPhone.

duracell usb instant charger

This is a compact on demand power charger for all your USB powered devices. It's smaller than the the Fat Cat, a little taller than a Zippo lighter. Simply plug in device with the included USB cable and you have additional charging. With the iPod classic you will have up to 50 extra hours of run time, Ipod Nano, up to 45 hours, Iphone 3G, Blackberry Curve, and Motola Razor V3 up to 180 minutes of extra talk time.

This charger is an excellent choice for extra battery power with a 3- year guarantee against defects, and it's small enough to stow in a purse. The Fatcat is a little more deluxe with a lot longer power life. Buy this on Amazon

Dart Laptop Tote

Dart Laptop bag
Dart's laptop bag would be good for an iPad and charger, or a small notebook computer.

Need a new laptop case that fits all your devices? Try the Dart Tote B7301 from ecbc ( This compact messenger bag fits most 13 inch laptops AND a tablet and accessories and cords. There is plenty of room for everything that comes with a laptop. The bag comes with a convenient luggage trolley handle pass-through feature, adjustable, detachable padded shoulder strap, front pocket for your passport or other important items.

There are also pencil holders inside. There are heavy duty YKK zippers and a high quality ballistic nylon exterior ensuring its durability against the harsh weather. It only weights 1.52 lbs and comes in black and grey. This is a great bag that actually holds your laptap along with anything else you want to bring along with you (so you don't end up looking like a bag lady with a purse and laptop bag, for example). The padded strap also makes a big difference when it comes to extended or heavy toting. Buy this on Amazon

Margaret Gaby is an English major at the University of Mass and an editorial assistant at

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