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MissTravel Can Connect the Hot with the Rich for Travel Together

By Elle Rahilly

Beauty has always been of great importance in mainstream society. Fly looks will get you everywhere, literally and figuratively.

That being said, we all know that fantastic looks alone do not necessarily rack in the dough. Banking on comparative advantages, it has become commonplace in today’s world for affluent individuals to seek beautiful companions and vice versa.

misstravelTherefore it came as no surprise for me to find a site dedicated to matching the “attractive” with the “generous”. If you’re foxy but simply cannot foot the cost of travel, allow Misstravel.com to help you connect with all those worldwide who would love to pay your way, at the quite reasonable price of either your company or gratitude!

With so many dating sites, it should come as no surprise that people have put their hearts out there not just “on the line”, but online. And with Misstravel.com being the number one travel dating website for singles, why not indulge?

A New Spin

The site does something quirky and innovative, putting a new spin on dating sites by presenting the one of the only with a focus on traveling. As founder Brandon Wade says, “If you set the environment correctly, people are going to fall in love.” Misstravel.com truly does something worthwhile: it allows members to create an atmosphere for romance to flourish.

So how does the site work? It’s simple: “attractive members” and “generous members” can both sign up and make profiles for free. In the profile, each member can describe particular characteristics about him or herself, upload photos for viewing, and even include dream destinations for travel. Upon doing so, each user is then able to browse thousands of profiles.

Once the member feels they’ve found their dream mate, it is entirely natural to propose a trip. It could be taking a trip together, having one come to the other, or suggesting a new travel journey. Whichever it may be, this provides an opportunity to connect easily, sans the often intimidating and awkward approach of real-life scenarios.

Meet Kacie from LA

This can make for the most fulfilling of travel adventures. Through Misstravel.com’s attractive member Kacie from Los Angeles, CA has journeyed across the United States a couple of times and is already planning her future escapades. She illustrates one of her trips, stating, “I just got back from New York City where I went to meet somebody who took me to a Stanley cup final hockey game, and some of the nicest restaurants and sites in New York!… It really is too good to be true sometimes, but it’s now my life.”

At first glance it may seem a bit glib, with the words “WHO NEEDS MONEY, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TRAVEL FREE” stretched across the homepage, along with catchphrases such as “I only travel with beautiful women.”

But is it really so shallow? What are members looking for? Is it just about sex and arm candy, or something more?

More than Beauty

The statistics say more. According to a recent study done by Misstravel.com, not all members are looking for beauty at face value. When the generous male members were asked what they looked for in a travel companion, 41% answered that beauty was of most importance, while a surprising 39% claimed humor, leaving 18% who sought intellect within women.

On the flip side, only 22% of attractive female members value generosity and wealth above all other qualities, with 57% stating a good sense of humor is the quality they most look for in a gentleman traveling partner. And coinciding with the previous responses, only 13% of the women on Misstravel.com value physical attributes above all else.

Brandon Wade
Brandon Wade

To Brandon Wade, it’s not just about the superficial gains by any means. This being the fourth dating site he has created, he asserts himself to change the dynamic of dating worldwide. He puts a unique twist on each of his sites, providing a unique, convenient, and ensuring approach to putting oneself out there.

And the Misstravel.com does just that. As generous member David from Somerville, NJ describes one of his experiences with another member, “I just spent the weekend in NYC with a nice country girl from Arkansas.

I can’t meet people like that here in New Jersey. We had fun doing all the touristy things in the city, stayed in a five-star hotel, and ate in fine restaurants. I had a really great time and so did Allie…We are planning another trip abroad soon.”

Perhaps the key to Wade’s success is his ability to reflect on when he was in the shoes of the site members. Being a shy nerd throughout his school years, Wade hadn’t landed a girlfriend until the ripe age of 21. Throughout these woes, his mother reminded him to work hard, and once the financial means were acquired he could then act as a salvation for all men suffering the same lack of confidence.

Wade soon realized men simply need a bait to hook the gals: looks, athleticism, wit, money, etc. He wanted to help floundering men, wallflowers if you will find their own bait. To him, the generosity of male members is exactly that.

Once boiled down, it is not about financial or aesthetic benefits. While the ability to travel or the potential of escorting hot tamales both act as great incentives for members, the greatest outcome of a match is love. And we’re not talking conventional love, but rather romance found in the most remote, obscure and idealistic of places.

Choose Destinations

Wade states it perfectly, claiming “The site truly allows people to pick and choose the destination, therefore allowing them to create the romantic atmosphere, along with letting them experience new cultures.”

An attractive member Laura from Effingham, IL can attest to this, raving about her trip to meet a member in Florida recently. She claims, “My time there was amazing. Everything went smoothly and went better than expected…We have a trip to Paris already booked for November! Not bad for a skeptical hopeless romantic…”

It is evident the purpose of Misstravel.com is not solely to find a sugar daddy or escort, as these are not what members of the site seek for. Rather, it can also be the quest for a soul mate, lost somewhere out there in the vast world we live in.

According to the study, 84% of Misstravel.com’s 125,000 members are looking for a romance while on vacation, with over 62% looking for a life partner or long-term relationship.


At this point you may be a bit apprehensive, dreaming up all the potential risks of seeking a soul mate through cyberspace as I speak. Let me assure you, Wade cares about this. As he claims, “Safety is one of the biggest concerns we have.”

Safety Tips

All viewers may find comfort in a section of the site dedicated to travel tips and safety advice, with tips such as meeting potential travel partner prior to venturing abroad with them, and giving family all information of the travel partner. Wade strongly encourages each member to heed the advice prior to embarking on a journey.

Additionally, Wade plans to soon implement new software for the site that does not force, but strongly recommends members to provide a background check. Each user who complies will be rewarded with a verification badge on his or her account. He has utilized this software on his other sites, and it has been quite successful.

In the end, Wade finds great joy in being the tool that allows two individuals to connect. He recently met up in the Bahamas with two members who have found just what they were looking for, and so much more, within each other. They even asked for their accounts to be taken down from Misstravel.com, as they found, at last, the true love that can be so hard to come across in this day and age. According to Wade, “these are the success stories I love to hear.”

We surf the web for information, consumer goods, retail, entertainment…why stop there? People use websites as outlets for dating each day. Misstravel.com goes beyond that, by allowing love to flourish not just online, but anywhere across the globe that the member desires.

Visit Misstravel.com to explore all the site has to offer, and perhaps even meet your next travel partner.

Read a review of MissTravel on Forbes Traveler.

Elle Rahilly


Elle Rahilly is a former editorial assistant at GoNOMAD and now works in fashion marketing in New York City.

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