New Traveler’s Products for 2012

Wireless Sound, the Joy of Flying, New Gadgets for FallThumbs Up portable scale

Here are some of the newest and coolest things we’ve seen lately. All useful for travelers.

Portable Body Scale by Thumbs- up!

Traveling while on a diet? This scale will come in handy. This lightweight portable 8″ long scale is the perfect item to pack with you for a trip. For your convience it measures in both pounds and kilograms, it has a toughened-glass exterior and a “sleek, minimalist design with red digital output”.

It’s small enough to fit in your hand bag or squeeze into your jampacked hiking backpack. You will barely know it there. On top of that it, although it is about half the size of normal scale,it measures up to 150 kg/330 lbs very accurately. You’ll never have to doubt whether or not that exotic entree your friend made you try adding on a few. Portable body scale


Noise-canceling headphones by iMego Infinity INC-018 Active

Do you like listening to music while you wait for the train or plane, or while relaxing in your crowded hostel? iMego Infinity INC-018 Active Noise Canceling Walker Jr Headphones are the best way to travel without unnecessary sound. You can still hear your music very clearly as well. What better way to listen to your favorite tunes than these noise canceling headphones. You will never have to hear the noise of the traffic outside your window or the babies crying on the platform.

These adjustable headphones are easy tp pack. They also have a high performance 40 mm drivers, a unique design, a soft carrying pouc, 3.5 stereo plug, airplane adapter, impedance of 32ohms and sensitivity of 102 +/-3dB. If you’re tired of sticking small earbuds into your ears and having to listen to the annoying “background” noise while you travel then these babies are great for you. Noise cancelling headphones

Adjustable Bungee

Ever get tired of using those old bungee chords that have just been laying around the house for years to tie down your equipment? They don’t hold very well now do they? Nite Ize Innovation Knot Bone’s Adjustable bungee is the solution to all your fussy bungee chord needs. There are five easy steps in using it: first, clip, second, adjust, third wrap, fourth lock and
fifth secure the ends. It is adjustable 28 inches to 6 inches and the chord size is 5mm. With this strong chord you will never have to worry about whether or not those “finds” you bought
from that street dealer will fall off of the back of your rented motorcyle ever again! Some people even find it useful todouble as a traveling clothes line. Adjustable bungys.

Braven wireless blue tooth portable speakerBraven Wireless Speaker

The Braven Wireless speaker is a sleek little 8″ metal tube, that you can take anywhere and play music from your iphone or ipad. Plug in to charge or use, then enjoy untethered music.

BZ650SBA 650Wireless Bluetouth Speaker/PowerBank is your dream product. This speaker charges mobile devices vis usb cables. It includes an ac charger, audio cable and carrying bag. It uses the ChargeExtreme Technology has a 1400 mAh battery.

You can enjoy 12 long hours of wireless play time, link multiple speakers and audio control vis Bluetooth. You can sync this amazing speaker from mp3 players,tablets, cell
phones and other blue tooth devices so you can play your favorite music and movies on the go.

You can even take calls wirelessly with the built-in speakerphone. With this speaker you can bring it on the go; you don’t even have to plug it in. This item is so reliable that the editor of accidently left it out in the rain and it still worked perfectly the next morning! Braven wireless speaker

MetalDock for Iphone

Do you ever want to watch a movie but never want to bulk around a dock charger? Well, here is a minimalist metal dock where you can stand your iphone horizontally and vertically while charging and syncing your device. Metaldock by Bracketron is very travel friendly. It’s very simple and not too heavy. It will go unnoticed next to the rest of your luggage. As with most iPhone devices it uses a usb wire. The sleek design will blend in with your iphone. You won’t want to leave home without it. Metal Dock

Bracketron Portable Charger

With this charger you can charge your iphone, ipad device as well as any another usb device that uses a smaller charger. This is an adapter so you won’t have to carry around more wires than you need when you’re on the go. See Bracketron Portable Charger on Amazon

bracketron-metal-dockMinu iPhone stand

Here is a unique stand for your iphone or ipad. These colorful, small multi purpose stands are perfect for just about anywhere. They have a simple design, are light weight, cheap, and easy to carry. You are able to hold your iphone horizonally or vertically to watch movies, play with apps etc. It even doubles as a cable wrap. You can even be creative and use the adhesive back to stick it to surfaces such as your pencil cases on your desk. Warning, these don’t work with Android phones.


Helo TC remote controlled helicopter


Wireless Remote Controlled Helicoper

Did you ever want to bring some toys on your camping trip? How about this wireless remote controlled heliocopter by Helo TC Assault Phone iPad iTouch Controlled Syma S107 3 Channel RC Helicopter iCopter. You plug this into your iphone, ipad, or itouch and be able to play around with this toy. But it’s a flimsy and finicky toy and most likely you’ll just crash it up into a tree, it’s so hard to control where it goes since it’s a cheap one.

It’s simple to use. Just load 4 AA batteries into your flight deck controller, download the HELO TC app,Ensure Helo TC Assault’s Power Switch is in the off position. Then plug the cable into the helicopter to charge (make sure to use a usb wall charger).

It’ll take approximately 35 minutes to complete charging and the LED turns off when it id done. The only problem is that the copter likes to fly straight instead of linear, so it’s easy and common to see it tumble to the ground.

Make sure there are no obstructions in your flight are such as dogs, children, valuable items etc. Then you connect the flight deck to your iPhone and launch the Helo app and your set to start playing with your toy heliocopter. Remote control helicopter

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