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Why Advertise on GoNOMAD?

People plan trips based on ideas they read about and friends they talk to. Articles on GoNOMAD are very quickly indexed on Google, so they show up as results in searches for places and activities.

Your travel business benefits by being on GoNOMAD. We are a well regarded travel content site where people’s travel ideas are born. With 11,000 followers on Twitter and a legion of nearly 2500 Facebook fans, we’ve knit into the social media travel space. We’ve arrived.

GoNOMAD is in Good Company

Look at the ads on this page, the large display ads are served by our advertising agencies. This network of more than 300 large and mid-sized travel websites publishes millions of pageviews of ads, and GoNOMAD has been with them since the very beginning.

If you want to judge whether GoNOMAD is a good place for your company to advertise, consider the companies who already advertise: Swiss Tourism, Air New Zealand, Mass Office of Tourism, Japan Airlines, La Quinta Hotels, Expedia, DK Eyewitness Guides, Palm Springs Tourism and dozens more.

They know we’re a reliable source of top quality, fact filled information, and that’s the travel market people are looking for.

They want information, recently published news, and reports about where they might go for their next big trip.

Attracting Visitors to Your Website

Travel magazines still have a role to play in the industry and some large metropolitan newspapers still have travel sections, but very few travel businesses would survive for long if they depended on print media to attract customers.

On the Web: an internet user does a search for information about the Canary Islands (or some other destination), goes to GoNOMAD and sees a link to a hotel or a tour company, and then visits their website.

GoNOMAD’s advertising is especially effective because we start with a base of “self-selected” travelers. More than 80 percent of Americans, for example, have never obtained a passport and probably never will, so travel businesses looking for customers have to target the 20 percent (or fewer) who are actually going to travel.

Narrowing the Field

The viewers who see your ad on GoNOMAD have already shown they are interested in traveling, and in many cases they have already shown that they are interested in traveling to a particular destination.

As an alternative travel website GoNOMAD is especially effective at attracting customers who are interested in sustainable travel and participatory travel that allows them to experience the culture of the destination they’re visiting in a way that benefits the community and the environment. We also draw many travelers who are interested in the rapidly growing fields of adventure travel and women-only travel.
Contact us (413-624-6640 or  EMAIL) to see how we can customize an advertising package to fit your advertising goals and budget. Here is a sample advertising package:


Front page display ad center position – 200 x 240 ad in center of front page. We can create the button or use your creative or text ad. The cost $349 per month for six months. Guaranteed 2000+ page views per day.

Front page. small button on lower right side. $249 per month for six months.

Newsletter Display Advertising – This includes photos and a short message about your travel business. The cost is $395. Here’s an example. The newsletter contains short excerpts and photos from new stories on GoNOMAD.  GoNOMAD’s Newsletter is emailed to 3,300 opt-in recipients each month. Six consecutive monthly issue price is $1895.

Directory Listings – We publish four directories with over 54,000+ listings for study abroad, teaching jobs abroad, volunteering overseas, internships and language schools. All our updated daily, and are comprehensive and very user friendly. You can include your button on these targeted directories and the ad will appear on each searched page. Sample volunteering directory. $500 per year listing.


Last year GoNOMAD again had staff speakers at the biggest travel show in the US, the New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and continue to be involved as presenters and advisors about our kind of travel.

Cut to the chase. Just give me the rates.


This is how you judge the power and reach of a website. These are the links from other sites that link back to you.

Since GoNOMAD has been on the web since 2000, we have more than 1,092,741 backlinks. according to Google Webmaster tools.

This means advertising and articles will be quickly found in searches.

For more information on advertising with GoNOMAD, contact Max Hartshorne at the number below or via e-mail.

9 Mountain Rd.
P.O. Box 4, South Deerfield, MA 01373.
413-624-6640 (USA) editor at

Max Hartshorne


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