The World’s Sexiest and Best Couples-Only Resort

The bar at Temptation, a couples resort in los Cabos.
The bar at Temptation Los Cabos.

Temptation, A Couples Resort In Los Cabos, Mexico

By Sue McGarvie

It’s not just that we’ve had 17 feet of snow this winter in my part of Canada, that has me wishing I could emigrate to Mexico. I have fallen in love with the lifestyle, and culture of our southern neighbors.

The Mexico I experienced was absolute paradise. Los Cabos, Mexico, where I spent a week in March this year, is home to the most charming Latino waiters, almost perfect weather, the world’s yummiest coconut ice cream, and now arguably the best couples resort in the world.

Move over Hedonism, the new Temptation Resorts has got serious game.

Guaranteed Sunshine

Los Cabos, Mexico, which bills itself as a place of guaranteed sunshine, (only six days of rain all of last year), is located on the tip of the Baja, where the sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a thousand miles of desert along Mexico’s west coast. Los Cabos has come into its own due to a spectacular coastline and the advent of desalination, and all the fresh water out of the sea that has turned desolate scrub brush into an oasis.

This is where the wealthy Californians come to vacation. Typical real estate prices for a vacation property is over a million dollars US. And at the Tempations Resort, it is where the sexually adventurous come to explore the romantic and erotic side to their relationship.

Desire Los Cabos, a couples resort in Baja, Mexico.
Temptation Los Cabos, in Baja, Mexico.

Temptation Los Cabos is similar to Desire Cancun in many ways. An exclusive, couples-only, clothing optional, all-inclusive hotel, with a boutique resort feel, with a maximum capacity of 150 rooms.

Temptation comes with complete privacy and serious security. It’s the honeymoon of decadence and sensuality that you may have always wanted.

Losing Your Inhibitions

I find that, as with any nude place, the minute you take your clothes off, your inhibitions go as well. That means fellow guests are open, and conversation and friendships start easily all over the resort.

However, unlike with a typical nude or clothing optional resort like the Caliente resorts where PDA’s (public displays of affection) can get you kicked out, there are places where you can be overtly sexual with your (or possibly someone else’s) partner.

It is more centrally located than in Cancun — in the zone tourista, as opposed to Cancun which is way, way off the beaten path.

The jacuzzi lounge at Desire Los Cabos.
The Jacuzzi Lounge at Temptation Los Cabos.

This means there is no nudity on the more public beach — too bad, as the Desire Cancun beach beds are one of life’s great pleasures.

It also means swimming in the ocean is out (the flags read ‘FATAL’ due to the undertow), but provided you wore a bathing suit, the beach was a delight to walk.

With no beach activities, it meant that everyone congregated in the rooftop hot tub, and heated, extra-large, central swimming pool.

Making Friends

This central congregation meant it was easier to meet everyone staying in the resort on a first-name basis. This also meant you had less of the “gilded cage” feel, as you could easily walk to shopping, restaurants and leave the resort if you needed a change of scenery.

So if you are social, and a perfect holiday is having everyone know your name and making friends, the West Coast Desire may be a better fit for you than the isolated, and spread out Cancun Desire.

The Play Room, where things get a little hot.
The Play Room where things get a little hot.

Overall I thought the food was good. I hugged Antonio, my evening grill chef who made something he specially concocted just for me every night, and I loved the live music played outside between dinner and dance club opening outside on the mezzanine.

They’ve set the layout well so that sexual interaction happens only in the secluded hot tub area, or in the playroom in the dance club.

This means that if you choose not to watch the sex going on, you can completely avoid that section. Although — who’s kidding who? — everyone is curious to see if their pool buddies are doing anything more interesting than they do.

So with sex only going on in very specific places, you can otherwise treat it like any other first class resort except that a good 60% of the guests are in various stages of undress.

This is the place where you can be nude (or not), overtly sexual with your partner (or not), and meet other couples for friendship or more. Or you can stay to yourself, and honeymoon in an erotic environment.

The disco
The disco, where the dancing gets everyone started.

Ease and Elegance

As Sylvia the Guest Services manager said: “The experience at Temptation Los Cabos is strictly what you make of it.”

So Temptations can be called sensuously discreet. It’s there if you want it, but sex is done with ease and elegance.

I would say that only about 25% of the guests (in my humble estimation) were in the “swinging” or lifestyle play. Some people were direct in their approach that they were looking for an exchange, but most were just having their partner-only eroticism.

What surprised me was how many “first-timers” there were, who had never even been to a nude beach before. There was a large group of people who booked off Expedia looking for a vacancy, and although they seemed surprised at how sexually open the place was, very quickly dropped the laundry and joined in on the semi-clothed frolicking.

‘When in Rome…’ seemed to be the philosophy, and the comfortable atmosphere relaxed even the most prudish.

I watched a Catholic, first-grade teacher go from cover-ups to commando, to sex in public with her husband over a three day period.

Silicone and Botox

Temptation has a minimum age of 25 posted on their website, and the age ranged from mid- to late-20s, with the bulk of the guests between 30 and 50. Certainly, a 60-year-old-plus couple wouldn’t be out of place, but most of the bodies were better than average, and a majority had been enhanced.

The crowd was affluent, well preserved, and well groomed, with more than their share of silicone and botox.

The Los Cabos is less crowded than the always-booked Cancun location (114 rooms), but my guess is that it will be as equally difficult to get a room over the next year as word gets out.

During the high point of the regular travel season (March break, where every other resort was fully booked), Desire Los Cabos was at only 35% capacity.

Spa treatment at Desire Los Cabos.
Spa treatment

This isn’t a place you bring your kids, and around family holidays, the Desire resorts are slower. Times that are typically not “family holiday time”, you’ll find the parents have pawned off the kids and are engaging in the sensuous adult play that a trip to Desire offers.

As an example, May, a warm month up north, is 100% booked at Temptation Los Cabos, when there are vacancies everywhere else.

Packing Tips

A couple of things you may want to take note of when packing for Temptation: With guaranteed sunshine, and predominate nudity, we went through far fewer clothes than anticipated.

Although daytime clothing needs can be put into a toiletry bag, most women dressed elegantly for cocktails, dinner and after dinner drinks, and for the disco party, every night is theme night. So my suggestion is bring a big suitcase full of erotic costumes to be creatively silly.

It is hot and sexually charged at the disco. Themes included rodeo-cowboy, naughty schoolyard, pink, red, and black and white nights, jungle, along with emergency (fireman, nurse).

Beds on the beach at Desire Los Cabos.
Beds on the beach

Cancun had similar but different themes, and it was an adult dress-up, with a smile.

You should also know that Temptation has a camera-verboten policy, so you won’t end up in someone else’s pictures naked. However, you may need to plan a day trip if you need pictures to take back to the kids because you can’t otherwise take photos.

Gracious and Accommodating

Despite what a good job Temptation is doing running its resort, it wasn’t perfect. The highlight was the staff and service. I can honestly say that I’ve never met a more gracious, more accommodating staff anywhere in the world. They learned your names from the get go and made a point to make everyone feel special.

The food, however, was a bit inconsistent at times. We had the best steak we’ve ever eaten on holidays, as well as the worst steak, only a day apart.

I thought there could have been a more rounded-out room service menu, and the pool lunch food was repetitive as the only option to eat. They had great bartenders, however.

I very surprised as a therapist, there were no condoms in the playroom and hot tub areas. You would think they would be provided, if only for strictly liability reasons. I also wished that the disco would open earlier for those of us who turn into a pumpkin after midnight.

A Thirst for Information

Most significantly, I also felt that there was a real thirst for information on what is the erotic lifestyle, and there was a need for clear, non-judgmental facts about what full swing, lifestyle play, group massage, bisexual swap meant to the new attendees.

Having tourist books in each room was helpful, but those weren’t the questions it took five margaritas and a week of beating around the bush to ask.

Everyone, it seemed, was looking for information on “How do you spice up your relationship with group play without messing up what you have?” or just “How do you keep it hot after years together?”

Temptation seems to be marketing to the large middle group that one guest described as “empty nesters gone wild,” who are curious and open, but very tentative in trying out any kind of extra marital play. Not the serious swingers who are open to anything and everything, but more than the romance marketed by conventional couples resorts.

With a few minor changes — better training of their activity staff, more ice breakers, and delicately written information packages — the Desire resorts will be the premiere location for sensuous couples worldwide.

Book your holiday soon, because as they make the final adjustments, they will continue to be sold out year round.

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Sue McGarvie.Sue McGarvie is a clinical sex therapist and syndicated talk show host who writes, “If I hear from another increase-your-desire book that advocates date nights and lighting candles, I’m going to run screaming into the night.” She has reviewed couples resorts in South Africa, Cancun, Los Cabos, and St. Marten’s and she is working on a book (as yet untitled) about “hitting your 50th wedding anniversary still chasing each other around the house.” Visit her website,

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