Adventure Tours in Mexico and Central America

John paddle boarding Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Photo Costa Rica Surf Adventures
John paddle boarding Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Photo Costa Rica Surf Adventures.

Adventure Tours in Mexico and Central America

by Alyssa Pirrello

While Mexico and Central America is an ideal place for independent travel, the following tour operators offer some exclusive and local treats that you might miss if you are on your own.

 Set yourself loose to explore Mayan ruins, rainforest and the Caribbean Coast. Culture, nature and history combine to make gadventures’ Belize and Tikal adventure a vacation you won’t forget. The tour takes you to Mayan ruins and deep into the jungle. Light hiking and walking complement relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in Belize’s world-renowned reefs.

Visit Tikal archaelogical site and take a 3 day fully guided canoe tour. Price $1485.

Tour the Treetops

SkyWalk and SkyTrek offer a bird’s eye view of the Costa Rican cloudforest.

Skywalk takes you along winding paths and over six suspension bridges through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The bridges crisscross forest canyons 130 or more feet off the ground. Your local guide introduces you to the complexities of the rainforest ecosystem as you peer down through the trees to rushing rivers, and catch glimpses of vibrant tropical birds darting through the colorful and complex canopy.

For those who want a more adventurous voyage through the canopy, SkyTrek is a thrilling ride on a series of zip lines. SkyTrekkers are outfitted with helmets and harnesses. Your guides assist you in quick crossings, sending you on a speedy slide on suspended cables. The scenery is similar to SkyWalk, and the tour also includes suspended bridges and forest paths.

Ziplining in Costa Rica. Photo: SkyWalk.
Ziplining in Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of SkyWalk.

Surf in Costa Rica

Few locales can offer surfers the opportunity to ride Atlantic waves and Pacific waves in one vacation. Costa Rica can. Through Costa Rica Surf Adventures, you can book a Costa Rican surfing tour at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Costa Rica Surf Adventures also offers surf and yoga packages, paddle boarding lessons, and women only surf tours.
Study Spanish and Learn a Whole Lot More

The traveler who considers travel an educational opportunity should consider Conservation International’s Eco-Escuela de Español. Based in San Andres, on the edge of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, the school offers Spanish language training with a twist. Classroom work (four hours a day) is combined with field projects. You’ll have a chance to learn first hand about forest ecology, conservation methods, community development, and sustainable forest use. There are weekend field trips to conservation projects and archaeology sites. And, the price is right. $50/week pays for your language instruction.

outdoor vallarta
La Pileta Bike Tour. Photo courtesy of Vallarta Tour Center.

Bike Mexico

If the thought of biking along the Pacific Coast near Puerto Vallarta appeals to you, contact Puerto Vallarta Biking Tours. This company offers multiple bike tours for people ages five and up at all ability levels. The varied setting of ocean and the foothills of the Sierra Madre make for an unforgettable peddling experience.

Have You Kissed a Grey Whale today?

Between January and March almost 3000 whales can be found frolicking in the Laguna San Ignacio and Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Baja, Mexico. Baja Jones has been taking visitors close enough to touch these friendly whales for over ten years. Groups are small (not more than nine people) and accommodations are clean and simple. Spend five days feasting on seafood, enjoying the wildlife of Baja, and experiencing local culture. Trips run January through March. Cost is $1795-$3795 depending on length of stay.

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