Pacific Coast Highway Photo Gallery

2066 Miles from Seattle to Tijuana

By Nick Freeth, photos by Neil Sutherland
published by Motorbooks

Typical vegetation found in Hoh Rain Forest near Olympic National Park in northern Washington. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
Located in the northern part of Washington state, Hoh Rain Forest edges up to Olympic National Park. With an average of 140 inches of rain a year, this area provides the perfect wet climate for countless types of plants. Draped with mosses and ferns, species of spruce, maple, and cedar grow hundreds of feet high.
Cliffside section of Highway 101 in northern Oregon. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
This stretch of Highway 101 passes just south of Neahkahnie Mountain which is in Oswald West State Park. The park is named after Oregon’s former governer who did so much to preserve this coastline.
Local crab restaurants in Newport, Oregon. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
The town of Newport in central Oregon is a former fishing village which has become a regional center for tourism and commerce. Locally caught crab is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. Newport has many recreational activities including an aquarium which houses over 15,000 fish, mammals, and other creatures.
Unusual rock formations at the beach of Coquille Point in southern Oregon. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
In southern Oregon, partially submerged rocks in the surf is a common sight. This beach, located near Coquille Point, is known for it’s uniquely shaped rock formations. Locals refer to this spot as ‘Elephant Rock’.
The ‘Chandelier Tree’ is one of many massive Redwoods found in northern California. These trees can live to be over a thousand years old, but this tree in particular is believed by its owners to be about 2400 years old.
The Golden Gate Bridge at dusk in San Francisco, California. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
The Golden Gate Bridge leads directly into San Francisco. Discovered by the Spanish in the 1700’s, this city is known for its blend of Spanish and modern architecture.
Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo in central California. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
This is Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, which is located in southern California. The Spanish built missions all over the lower part of the state in response to the perceived threat from Russia. The purpose was to establish a strong Spanish presence and also convert the local population to Catholicism.
Seal colony on Blancas Beach near San Simeon, California. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
Seal colonies can be a common sight along the coast of northern California and Oregon. The cool waters attract these playful animals and provide the most opportune ecosystem for their survival. Sea lions can also be spotted regularly and sometimes reach populations of 7000 strong!
Huntington Pier in southern California is the longest concrete municipal pier in the state.
Huntington Pier is the longest municipal pier in all of California. Located on Huntington Beach, just south of Long Beach, this area is known for its tourism, wide beaches, and especially surfing.
A beach near San Diego, California. Photo by Neil Sutherland.
This stretch of coast is known as La Jolla. The University of California, San Diego can be found here as well as some famous former writers including Dr. Seuss and mystery writer Raymond Chandler.

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