GoNOMAD Alternative Adventure – An Around the World Journey

Lauryn Axelrod and Josh Montgomery....ready for their journey.
Lauryn Axelrod and Josh Montgomery….ready for their journey.

Lauryn and Josh “Go Nomad” on their GoNOMAD ALTERNATIVE ADVENTURE

Join us on a fantastic voyage!

In June, 2002, GoNOMAD Founder and Senior Editor, Lauryn Axelrod, took off on a GoNOMAD ALTERNATIVE ADVENTURE – a fantastic, year-long journey that took her and her 12-year old son, Joshua, from the jungles of Asia to the savannahs of Africa, from the museums of Europe to the beaches of the South Pacific, and more.

This was no ordinary “around-the world” trip: well beyond sightseeing (OK, some sightseeing), Lauryn and Josh sought out new alternative destinations, lodgings, tours, transports, activities, and learning and volunteer opportunities to bring to GoNOMAD readers!

Lauryn and Josh’s Around the World route

With the help of GoNOMAD NETWORK MEMBERS along the way,
Lauryn and Josh had the opportunity to:

§ stay in castles in Ireland

§ learn French in Paris

§ sleep in a haystack in Germany

§ live with the hill tribes of Thailand

§ play with Giant Pandas in China

§ hunt for fossils in the Gobi desert

§ explore the monasteries and gardens of Japan

§ bike the rice fields of Vietnam

§ learn dance, art and music in Bali

§ kayak the islets of Samoa

§ volunteer on an organic farm in New Zealand

§ listen to Aboriginal stories in the Outback of Australia

§ enjoy authentic village visits in Tanzania

§ camp beneath the stars of the Sahara

and much, much more!

Lauryn reported back to us with articles, photographs, sounds and video! There’s plenty of “how-to” information so you can plan your own Alternative Adventure, and since Lauryn was joined by her 12 year-old son, Joshua, there is lots of family travel information, too!

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