GoNOMAD Reviews Handy New Travel Products

The Joby Gorillamobile Flexible Tripod The Joby Gorillamobile Flexible Tripod

GoNOMAD Reviews Handy New Travel Products

By Heather Terry

Joby Gorillamobile Flexible Tripod

The Joby Gorillamobile is a lightweight flexible tripod designed to attach still and video cameras, mobile phones and other devices to any solid item.

The device works with IPhones, 3G and 3GS, mobile phones and PDA’s, MP3 players, video players, cameras, mini video cameras, GPS units, and gaming devices.

The gorillamobile holds up to 11.5oz and can be used anywhere, from your bike handle, to a fencepost, to a table.

With its flexible, bendable legs, it can grasp or stand on almost anything and the rubberized feet stand securely on even the most uneven terrain.

The product comes with a universal camera adapter with a quarter-inch tripod screw for cameras, and adhesive clips and suction cups for other devices. The adhesive clips are designed to leave no residue.

It takes some practice to use the different attachments, but once you get the hang of it, they work really well.

The gorillamobile is useful for people who like to be active and travel. It makes it easier to take the devices you want and use them anywhere from an airplane to an exercise bike at the gym.

You can learn more about the Joby Gorillamobile at joby.com.

The X-Shot Extender The X-Shot Extender

The X-Shot Extender

The X-Shot extender is a secure, extendable device that you can attach cameras to in order to take pictures from a longer distance. Consider it an extension of your arm; it telescopes to 37 inches, and closes to 9 inches.

It weighs only five ounces and fits all compact cameras up to 1.25 pounds. It has a durable metal shaft with a non-slip comfortable grip, with a lanyard to secure around your wrist when taking a picture.

The adapter rotates 180 degrees and there is a thumbscrew which locks the camera in the desired position. No tools are required, making this not only extremely useful, but easy!

You can take pictures from a variety of angles, capturing the full background and it’s also perfect for making videos.

The X-Shot works anywhere. The X-Shot works anywhere.

The X-Shot can be taken anywhere, for travelling, family photos, honeymooners, parties, concerts, hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, etc.

You can’t tell from the photos that you are using an extender. They look as if someone else had taken the picture, but you no longer have to ask strangers to photograph you, or worry about someone taking your camera.

With the X-Shot extender, you still have control over your camera and your pictures.

The X-Shot extender has been featured in CNN, the New York Times, ABC News, Fox Channel News, Good Morning America, Real Simple, and YAHOO Tech. Some users also speak very highly of the product on the X-shot website:

Chris M – Not only is this a brilliantly simple idea, but the product itself is made in high quality components. I received mine quickly, and it’s worth every penny of the price. Great Job!!

Laurie B – I took mine to the No Doubt concert over the weekend and got some good pics of us. I even attached my video cam and held it up and got footage without everyone’s heads in the way.

Joey Totes fold up into a small pouch that fits anywhere. Joey Totes fold up into a small pouch that fits anywhere.

Joanna W- Best product ever. Now you can both be in the picture without being awkwardly close up, having to crop your arm out later, or having to ask random people to take a photo for you.

Joey Totes

Joey Totes are a handy item to take with you when you travel. They are durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, strong, eco-friendly carrying bags that fold up into a small pouch which can fit anywhere, and they’re ideal for carrying items you pick up while you’re on vacation.

They come in two sizes, the large Joey Tote fits four shoeboxes with dimensions of 18″x25″x5″. The regular size Joey Tote fits two shoeboxes with dimensions of 14″x21″x4″.

All purchases of the Joey Totes come with a lifetime guarantee against material and manufacturing defects. They are washable on the gentle cycle and can be hand dried.

And they’re very durable. And they're very durable.

The use of Joey Totes will replace the thousands of disposable paper and plastic bags.

Joey Totes are probably one of the handiest products I’ve seen for day-to-day use. They’re easy to fold and unfold and they help the environment.

As they say on their website, the Joey Totes are “all purpose, reusable bags, stow easy, used for travel, grocery, beach, gym, etc.”

Basically, think of all the reasons you need a bag, and the Joey Totes are the perfect product.

Then think about everything you would want in a bag, silly thought but really, you need it to hold a lot of objects without breaking, you want to be eco-friendly, you want to be able to clean it, you want to be able to stow it easily, well the Joey Tote also accomplishes all of this. In fact, the Joey Totes can “carry 40lbs.” Learn more about the Joey Totes at JoeyTotes.com.

The Shoul The Shoul

The Shoul

The Shoul is a litghtweight wrap that fits comfortably over any type of clothing to give you just enough warmth without being bulky. Because of its design, it doesn’t have to be adjusted or tied like a shawl.

While it has many uses, we’re including it in our travel products section because it’s perfect for planes, trains, buses or ferries because you can put it on or take it off without getting out of your seat. And once you put it on, it stays put.

It’s compact and portable, so it can fit in an outside pocket of your suitcase or backpack. And you can wear it with anything — jeans or evening wear.

You never know when you might want a little extra warmth, when a sweater might be too much, either in heavily air-conditioned places or outdoors on a crisp autumn day.

The Shoul is available in two fabrics, cashmere blend (5% cashmere 50% viscose and 45% nylon) and 100% acrylicblack. The cashmere blend comes in camel, red, navy, cream and off-white, and the acrylic comes in black, camel, red, dark brown and off-white.

It makes a great gift if you don’t know someone’s size; the handy design means that one size fits all.

Besides travel, it’s handy for restaurants, theater, office, sporting events and concerts.

You can order the Shoul from (where else?) TheShoul.com.

Heather Terry

Heather Terry is a student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an editorial assistant at GoNOMAD.com.

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