Travel Products to Keep You Looking Good

By Heather Terry

My Little Steamer

My Little Steamer
My Little Steamer Portable Travel Steamer.

This is a compact, efficient steamer, using 850 watts of powerful steam to smooth out clothes. It only takes two minutes before steam is produced and you can start de-wrinkling. Its main purpose is for traveling and last-minute touch-ups.

My Little Steamer is easy and light and has a comfort grip handle, a unique shape to prevent spills, a nine-inch cord and a water-level window that allows the user to see when refill is needed.

It also has a small detachable steam arm and a storage pouch. It comes in a variety of colors, and has a one-year limited warranty.

It is faster and easier to use than an iron and it’s convenient for traveling. It just needs tap water and an outlet.

It is easy to find My Little Steamer on a variety of websites. Some users I found on these sites had mixed reviews.

One person said, “If you are buying this to use at home… Don’t! Pay the few extra dollars for the larger steamer. This one works great, but runs out of steam too fast to do the job well. If you want it to pack in your bag when you travel… it is perfect. That being said it works great.

“I first tired it on 100% linen and was delighted with the results.”

Another user stated, “It heats up really fast and did a great job. Yes you have to fill it up more frequently than the larger ones, but it does twice the work. My clothes came out great without any splattering from the steam, thanks Joy for such a great product.”

One more statement said, “I keep the mini steamer in the bathroom and use it all the time. It takes seconds to heat up and minutes to steam the wrinkles out. Saves time and energy. Love it!”

Six-Way Charger

The ChargePod Call Pod for easy charging station while travelling.
The ChargePod Call Pod for easy charging station while travelling.

The Callpod Chargepod comes with a handy sack to hold all the electrical wires included to attach to appliances.

The ChargePod is a six-way charging device, for multiple cell phones, pda’s, headsets, and other mobile electronic devices with just one power cord.

It allows for charging of several devices easily and neatly. No more clutters of wires and confusion. And also, purchase of additional plug-ins is not necessary because it comes with specific adapters.

The ChargePod uses a voltage regulator technology and interchangeable power adapters to safely charge all the devices regardless of make and model.

It is small, lightweight, and portable, and can be used for cameras, navigation units, iPods, cell phones, gaming systems, MP3 players, etc. You can tell what is being charged and when it is completed by checking individual blue light indicators.

The ChargePod has won many awards, including the INNY Tech Award, Bluetooth SIG Product of the Month, CNET, Innovative Illinois, CES Innovations Award, etc. Users have said on a number of different websites that the ChargePod is useful for entrepreneurs who rely on multiple mobile devices to stay productive while they are on the go.

Hotel rooms, offices, coffee shops, and as I found out firsthand, even houseboats, often have limited electrical outlets. US Airways Magazine stated, “Your carry-on includes an array of digital devices and the ChargePod ensures you’re always powered up.”

The ChargePod was listed as a “Top 11 Stocking Stuffers,” and stated, “Not enough sleep a tough airplane connection slightly less to carry= an appreciative traveler.” Learn more at

EarPlugz from Ifrogz
Ear Plugz from IFrogz

Noise-Isolating Ear Plugs

Earpollution Plugz from Ifrogz are noise isolating ear plugs that come with three different sizes to fit you perfectly and provide a crisp sound.

They are available in an assortment of colors with “stereo sound,” and useful for all entertaining electrical devices like iPhones, blackberrys, etc.

Some reviews say they don’t last long, but then again headphones generally don’t last very long, because the sound dies out or the cable gets damaged. And Plugz are surely the best earplugs for sound.

Some users online stated, “I love these headphones! They block out noise very well. I love the colors! I bought them before and I broke them by mistake. They were worth buying again. The shipping was fast! The price was cheap. I got a pair at regular price and was offered a second pair for $3.99!”

Another user states, “I found these and loved them. I will never be satisfied with any other type of ear buds.”

Earpollution Plugz are useful in all places, blocking outside noise from intervening with what you are listening to. One user stated how great they were for plane trips: “Great at reducing outside noise. I wore them on an airplane and turned the roar of the engine to a dull hum. Also work great on the mountain bike and running. Sometimes I have to only wear one so I can hear what’s going on around me when I’m on the trail.”

And while on the go like another user, they fit inside helmets, “I am happy with these headphones. I war them inside my motorcycle helmet and they stay in my ears better than the ones that came with my IPod.” You can learn more about Ear Pollution Plugz at

The Morphie Juice Pack Air, a light weight protecting case
The Morphie Juice Pack Air, a light-weight protective case which constantly charges your phone.

Rechargeable External Battery

The Morphie Juice Pack Air is specifically designed for iPhones, 3G and 3GS, ensuring 100% compatibility and designed to constantly be charging your phone while protecting it in a light-weight hard case. They come in a variety of colors and the case is the thinnest Juice Pack ever.

The rechargeable external battery with the protective non-slip case makes for dual purposes and a perfect purchase. You can even choose to simply use the Morphie juice pack air as just a case or as just a battery by flicking a built in on/off switch.

As the website puts it, “You can Rock, Talk, Surf and Send with your Iphone, 3G or iPhone 3Gs,” thanks to the morphine juice pack air.

It has passed the strict over-the-air performance tests by Apple which is a designated test lab, so you know you can rely on your product. It is easy to use, easy to understand, and extremely convenient. You can travel and use your phone all day long, listen to music, or surf the internet without worrying about running out of batteries. And since it is light, it is easily portable. You can learn more about this product at

ISkin a cover for you IPhone to protect from damages
The ISkin, a cover for IPhones for protection against damages.

Close-Fitting Cell Phone Cover

iSkin Cell Phone Covers are precise fitting covers for your cell phone, iPod, iPhone or Blackberry. They come in an variety of colors. As stated on the website, iSkin covers are “delivering fashionable everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards.” They withstand all weather conditions and temperatures.

They are thin, but they have shock and impact absorbing qualities. The durable material looks and protects like a hard case, but feels soft.

They are odorless and provide access to the docking port, headphones, and camera access so you don’t need to take them off when you need/want to use these elements of your phone.

GoNOMAD’s Editor Max Hartshorne put his business card right under the plastic, providing an added element of security. If it’s lost, it can be easily returned.

The iSkin also features a clear film for the cover. The solo FX is another iskin cover but has a unique mirror film so it provides you with a screen, but also provides as a mirror! The iSkin provides protection from scratches, dust, and everyday damages, and let’s face it, I’m sure I’m not the only person who drops her cell phone several times in a day. As a user stated, it “withstands fall after fall after fall.”

Heather Terry is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and a former intern at

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