Nifty New Travel Products

By Melissa Vitti

Cruising Caddy II

Staying hydrated often presents its challenges when traveling abroad. Toting around bottled water is burdensome when carrying your other personal belongings.

The Cruising Caddy II is a nifty new product that gives its users a way to carry your bottled water in an insulated pouch along with pockets to hold your personal belongings.

The Cruising CaddyAlthough it’s small in size this compact travel tote is roomy enough to carry a 1.5 liter bottle of water as well as your cell phone, camera or whatever else you might need.

The adjustable strap comes with a metal clip to attach your keys or any other item you may want to attach to keep your hands free.

This new addition of the Cruising Caddy also has a pleated deep front pocket with a Velcro flap to hold your credit cards and money. Inside the pouch is a new security-minded hidden interior pocket to keep your most valuable items safe and secure.

The Cruising Caddy II can be found at for $19.99


When making plans to travel, it’s always difficult to plan for the unexpected. Packing unnecessary items in the case of an emergency is usually at the bottom of our lists before embarking on a vacation.The Icer2Go

The ICER-2-GO is a small USB port that holds emergency information so emergency responders are aware of your personal history.In the case of a medical emergency, wouldn’t it be nice to have a small portable emergency record for medical personnel if you can’t speak for yourself?

This neat little invention may in fact be the disaster solution that could save your life. If you’re allergic to bee stings or suffer from a peanut allergy, this small device would allow personnel to act accordingly.

In addition, the ICER-2-GO can hold non-emergency information. Records like insurance information, employer information, school records, pet information, family medical history and legal documents to name a few.

The product cost $34.95 and requires an available USB port, Microsoft Windows XP and at least 128MB of RAM or more.


Staying hydrated on-the-go has officially reached

The HydraCoachnew levels of sophistication. The HydraCoach is a unique product that alerts you when it’s time to take a drink.

Naturally, a consumer’s first response will be, “I’ll drink when I’m thirsty.” However, if you wait until your body tells you are thirsty, then it’s already too late.

This product is also helpful in avoiding over-hydration (hyponatremia). This device monitors, calculates and reminds you when it is time to take a drink through its advanced technology.

Is this possible, an intelligent water bottle? What’s next? Is it going to drink for us too? We’re not at that stage yet, but the HydraCoach is able to generate a personal hydration goal for the day by calculating a user’s weight and duration of exercise.

Essentially the product thinks for you while you drink. Serious athletes and casual outdoor enthusiasts alike will benefit from the monitor ensuring “proper hydration” during exercise to sustain ultimate performance levels.

The Scanner BagThe Scanner Bag

HydraCoach is available in three different colors and can be purchased online for $30.00. To learn more about HydraCoach visit their site at:

Scanner Bag

Airport security is becoming increasingly strict and time consuming. To shave off some of this time that you could be spending finding your gate, has created a more functional luggage tag for travelers. The scanner bag is a compact wallet of sorts.

At first glance it looks like your average wallet equipped with a convenient strap to attach to a carry-on.

When opened, it folds out a transparent pouch that can hold pocket items like a cell phone, keys, watch and change, items that often cause airport security to make you step out of line for if not identified with their scanners.

The Titan razorThe Titan razor

To save yourself from forgetting a “pocket item” in an airport tray, buy your own Scanner Bag at Prices range from $13.85 to $24.85.


Razors are very much a significant component in every man’s toiletry bag.

However, the cumbersome shaving cream that gets packed along usually creates an unwanted mess as well.

The titan is a handy new product aimed at men to eliminate such hassle. The Titan is a disposable razor that actually comes with shaving cream already in its handle.

You can purchase this product at any local drugstore for $3.99.

The Jet Plane BackpackThe Jet Plane Backpack

For the family that travels, here’s a new kid friendly product parents can purchase before booking their child’s airline ticket.

Vegeta-Bull has designed the new Jet Plane Back-Pack for kids to cart around their favorite snack foods, small toys, candy or garments. It comes in a blue, pink or grey soft plush material much like a cozy stuffed animal.

This convenient new product is more than just your average backpack; it comes with a detachable trolley to roll along wherever you’re traveling.

The Jet Plane also has three small pockets with zippers for whatever your child might need to stow away.

Vegeta-Bull has also makes similar polyester items in fun shapes. There’s a colorful flower purse in the shape of a leaf that zippers up with handles and comes in five different color combinations. For children who like music, Vegeta-Bull has a guitar-shaped CD case also available in fun colors. These products aren’t out on the market yet but we look forward to their arrival.

The Pocket Pedometer
The Pocket Pedometer

Omron Pocket Pedometer

If you’re at all curious about the number of steps you take during a given time then you’ve probably considered buying a pedometer.

It is recommended that we take at least 10,000 steps a day to sustain a healthy lifestyle, but how is it possible to know if we even come close to that goal without a pedometer?

The Omron Pocket Pedometer has created the most advanced way to track your steps in a compact device with dual-sensor technology that can be carried along with you. This neat little contraption measures your steps, aerobic steps vs. minutes, calories burned and distance.

The product itself can remember up to 42 days of information. Since it comes equipped with a USB connection and software you can track days, weeks, months and years of exercise to track your progress. The Omron Pocket Pedometer will be available at major online shopping sites for a retail price of $49.99.

Melissa Vitti

Melissa Vitti spent two years living in Thailand running a real estate magazine, now she lives in New York City.