Still More Handy Travel Gadgets From

Still More Handy Travel Gadgets From

By Nicole Sobel

RingerWraps protect your phone from the elements.

Traveling with gadgets that make traveling easier is always a plus when going across the country, or across the world. Travelers are often looking for gadgets to secure their belongings, entertain them on the trip, or help make their stay easier and less complicated when they actually arrive.

I’ve compiled a few useful gadgets for travelers on the go that you can use while on your journey, or after you arrive. There are a few exciting, easy-to-use gadgets for those iphone and ipod lovers, and there’s even a new anti-theft solution that’s easy to use, and only takes one snap and your belongings will stay where they belong, so you have one less thing to worry about on your travels.

Check out some new gadgets that may be useful to you on your next trip:


If you’re the type of traveler who always prefers to have their cell phone by their side, whether they’re on the slopes, at the beach, on the job, in the rain, or working out, then Ringerwraps are the solution for you.

Ringerwraps are affordable, custom fit, disposable protection for mobile phones and MP3 players; all susceptible to damage when subjected to water, snow, sand, sunscreen, rain, perspiration, grease, and other damaging elements.

Best of all, all devices are completely functional while protected by RingerWraps. You don’t have to worry about sand getting in your phone, or your phone falling in the toilet, or getting wet in the rain. Ringerwraps protect against all situations and weather when traveling.

The world of travel can be a harrowing place for cell phones with all the opportunities for damage. Luckily, RingererWraps feature a zip closure for protection and a re-sealable tape for a custom fit. RingerWraps are sold in packages of five.

The Grab Guard
Grab Guard Briefcase & Pocketbook Lock

This is a high quality weather resistant cell phone protector that is inexpensive, easy to use, and best of all can be taken anywhere, anytime. They are available in small, medium and large in order to fit a variety of cell phones, including horizontal-flip and slide-style phones. Protect your phone from life’s mishaps with Cleverwraps.

Grab Guard Briefcase & Pocketbook Lock

Tired of being vulnerable to thieves anywhere you travel with a purse, briefcase, laptop case or anything else? Well, Grab Guard Locks are the ultimate in fashionable, anti-theft solutions. They’re easy to use, and they’re dependable for travel.

This innovative device fits in the palm of your hand. With one quick pull of the unique ‘lock line’ and the simple setting of your two-digit personal lock code, Grab Guard securely attaches anything with a handle or strap to any safe location.

Grab Guard has been created in colors to fashionably fit women’s handbags and men’s briefcases, as well as in bright, fun colors for kid’s backpacks. Grab Guard locks work for everyone’s personal security needs in every travel situation.

The Grab Guard works with all kinds of bags in all kinds of places.
The Grab Guard works with all kinds of bags in all kinds of places.

Grab Guard was invented by a South Florida mother of five who witnessed two purses being stolen from a local restaurant. Grab Guard has more than 50 pounds of pull strength and fits in the palm of your hand. Best of all, Grab Guard helps deter theft and protects your valuables and your identity.

With Grab Guard, all the items you carry when you travel such as your wallet, phone, keys, computer, cash, checks, credit cards and more are protected, anyplace-anytime.

For millions of Americans that travel all throughout the year, their personal life is in their purse, briefcase or backpack. Now more than ever these items are vulnerable to theft. With Grab Guard, they have a purse lock for every occasion: formal, casual, even a day at the beach.

So now, keeping your belongings safe during travel can be fashionable! Remember which piece of luggage or backpack is yours? Use a brightly colored Grab Guard to quickly identify and later secure your backpack or luggage at the hotel, or a black lock, which is fashionable for any occasion.

Music Angel Portable Speaker for iPod

Ever wish you could take all of your favorite music along with you on your travel and actually listen to it playing while you get ready to go out in your hotel room, or listen to music with friends while visiting someone far away? Well now you can, and you don’t have to drag a large portable speaker with you to do it.

Music Angel Portable Speaker for iPod and iPhone is essentially a mini audio box which is the perfect combination of classic and modern performance. It’s praised as a masterwork of audio boxes. It embodies a mini aluminum vibration film loud speaker, which has clear sound and can go as loud as one pleases.

Music Angel Portable Speaker
Music Angel Portable Speaker

The unique design makes tone performance perfect with the new concept of portable mobile music that can connect your ipod and/or notebook computer. Its Metallic shell looks chic and fashionable, and best of all, it’s small enough to carry in just one hand.

It comes with the portable speaker system itself, a USB power cable to hook up to any laptop or computer, and a 3.5mm Jack audio stereo cable. It also comes in different colors, so you can pick whichever one suits you best. Colors range from black, green and pink to a smooth metallic silver and a deep ocean blue.

It also comes with a remote, so you don’t have to keep walking over to change the song every five minutes, which always makes for a much more exciting music experience. Don’t miss out on your tunes when you travel, take your music angel portable speaker with you and jam out wherever you are!

Hercules Portable USB powered Speakers

Hercules USB powered speakers. photo: Max Hartshorne.
Hercules USB powered speakers. photo: Max Hartshorne.

These are similar, if a little bulkier, than the produce above. It’s a pair of standard looking computer speakers with one conspicous thing missing…the bulky power cord and blocky converter. Gone! So now, bring it outside with your laptop, plug it into iTunes or a key drive with your music, and play away without having to plug in. It’s definitely a step up and the sound is better than with the Music Angel.

These Hercules portable speakers are magnetically shielded so it won’t disturb your surroundings, and they put out total power of 2.5/3 watts RMS. You can use these with PCs, Netbooks, Macs, iPhones (see photo), Game consoles, or TVs.

iFrogz LuxeLean iPhone 4 Case

Most of us won’t leave the house without our cell phone, let alone travel without it. So why take a chance of traveling with your phone without a fashionable, inexpensive case on it that will ensure protection from scratches, breaking and misplacing your phone?

iFrogz has been making the most fashionable, sleek and most popular cases since the iPhone has come out. Their cases are the epitome of protection meeting with style. They now have released their newest iPhone case, for the recently surfaced, iPhone 4.

ifrogz LuxeLean iPhone 4 Case
ifrogz LuxeLean iPhone 4 Case

It comes with a Luxe Velvet soft finish, and a hard, dependable case that won’t fall off and break if your phone decides to take a plunge onto the floor or outside ground.

Travel with your AT&T or Verizon iPhone 4 in now in style with the newest addition to the Luxe family of phone cases, the Luxe Lean Phase. It features brilliant colors that phase into deeper, richer hues that will make your new iPhone stand out, and most importantly, will protect it in any travel conditions. Fashioned from injection-molded, super-durable polycarbonate, slender, one-piece case with velvet inserts and side slots is the perfect case for an iPhone user of any age.

It comes with a semi-opaque finish and guards against impact damage. It also shields surfaces from dust and scratches. It is also easy to use because it allows easy access to all ports, inputs and sensors. In addition, you don’t have to go through a hassle when reaching into your bag to get your phone with the LuxeLean case, it slides in and out easily of pockets, purses and bags.

And for those of you travelling with a blackberry or iPhone 3G, not to worry, iFrogz has got you covered as well with a variety of cases in over 25 styles and 50 different colors to match any travelers individual style.

Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse

Looking for the perfect mouse to travel with your laptop but not take up too much room in the laptop case, and also one that’s easy-to-use? Look no further. Smartfish is now offering an ergomotion powered Laser Mouse that hooks up to any laptop or mini notebook for easy travel use and comfort.

The Laser Mouse is currently the only mouse with gravity defying comfort pivot technology on the market. For laptop and travel use, it’s time to get rid of that old-fashioned “miniature mouse” and upgrade to the comfort of the Whirl™ Mini Notebook Mouse with ErgoMotion™ — the world’s first truly ergonomic compact mouse. No other portable mouse provides the fluid, air-like comfort of the patented ErgoMotion™ pivot system.

Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse
Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse

You can finally say goodbye to aches and pains while using a computer mouse. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you can enjoy the unique on-the-go experience of this award-winning computer mouse that experts from MacWorld Magazine, PC World, GQ Magazine, Good Housekeeping and many, many more all agree will forever change your mousing experience!

The perfectly portable Whirl™ Mini Notebook Mouse with ErgoMotion™combines the remarkably natural comfort of the patented ErgoMotion™ pivot system with the three most sought-after computer mouse features: Up to 800-dpi hi-def laser sensitivity, 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and extra long battery life.

The ErgoMotion™ pivot system reduces your risk of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) by adding motion! The magic of the function is how it naturally adapts to your hand motion rather than the other way around! While all other computer mice require your hand and wrist to remain in a fixed position, the Whirl™ Minipivots naturally as you move, automatically changes its angle infinitely to match your wrist and hand.

The mouse will lean, swivel or pivot with your movement so your hand and wrist are never in a fixed position, creating the most comfortable and healthy mousing experience ever. This mouse is easy-to-use, small in size, and offers the most comfort for travelers who take their laptops on most trips with them.

Luxe Microbud & EarBud Headphones
Luxe Microbud & EarBud Headphones

Luxe Earbud and Microbud Headphones

To achieve the best quality sound for your music while traveling, you need to have the best and highest quality headphones and Earphones. iFrogz now offers a wide array of earbuds and headphones that deliver the highest quality sound, with super deep bass, smooth, undistorted highs and crystal clear voice.

While traveling, either by train, bus, plane or motor vehicle, you’re most likely either passing the time by reading a book or magazine, or listening to music. Either through your car stereo, or through earphones. So why not treat yourself to hearing your music through the best quality headphones?

With Luxe’s Earbud and Microbud Headphones, there’s no uncomfortable earphone poking your inner eardrum. These headphones come with three rubber tip sizes, and an extremely high level of comfort for your ears. They’re tested and made to fit perfectly into your ear canal, causing no discomfort at all.

These headphones are also compatible with iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and any other media device with a 3.5mm jack. They come in all different colors and styles, and are finished with a metallic look and velvety touch of all the High-Quality Luxe products.

Looking for over-the-ear headphones, or headphones with a built-in-microphone? Not to fret, Luxe offers those as well. There’s a different style and color headphone for every traveler, and each one embodies comfort and high-quality sound. What else could you ask for in an earphone!

Nicole Sobel

Nicole Sobel is former editorial assistant for GoNOMAD. She wrote our daily Travel News Notes Blog.

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