Handy Travel Gadgets Provide Safety, Convenience and Comfort

By Sarah Freddie and Emily Morse

Going away for business or pleasure can be stressful. You have to worry about everything from loosing luggage, to finding someone to feed the cat, to oversleeping and missing your flight. So why not make your trip less stressful by checking out some amazing travel gadgets that will make traveling a little bit easier and a lot more carefree.



Isn’t it annoying when you’re rifling through your suitcase looking for that pair of socks you KNEW you brought? Let frantic rifling be a thing of the past with the new Pack-It-cube. The Pack-It-Cube is a square shaped bag with a see through, mesh lid that allows you to see what items are stored inside.

This handy little packing device can be thrown into any suitcase or bag for quick access to your most important objects that get lost easily. The Pack-It-Cube comes in three sizes; regular, half-sized, and quarter-sized. The Pack-It-Cube comes in black, neptune-blue, cherry-red, and yellow. Prices range from $10.00 to $14.00. Fill it, pack it and reuse it, (its machine washable)!! The Pack-It-Cube can be purchased at travelgizmos.com, under packing aids and organizers.

Jonzi Sportswear Pillow

The Jonzi Sportswear Pillow
The Jonzi Sportswear Pillow

This soft, fleece pillow is the perfect companion for any traveler. The pillow is 12” by 12” and rolls up, taking the smallest amount of space possible. Just can’t squeeze it into the suitcase? No worries, this nifty pillow has a strap on it so it can be slung over your shoulder for easy accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Aside from being used as a pillow this little bundle can be unrolled and used to cover a pesky seatbelt, or propped against your lower back when sitting in a hard chair.

Traveling through the Artic? Well at least through someplace that feels like it? Then you’re in luck because this pillow can also turn into a muff, slip your hands inside the rolled up pillow and feel total fleecy bliss. Or roll it up and prop it behind your head to use as a neck-rest. The large and medium sized pillows are both $19.95. The pillow can be purchased at jonzisportswear.com.

NETGEAR Wireless Travel Router

The NETGEAR Wireless Travel Router
The NETGEAR Wireless Travel Router

Sick of trying to find an internet café in a new place? Sick of traveling with others and arguing over who gets to use the cable line? Well search and argue no more for the NETGEAR Wireless Travel Router is here. This snazzy device is light to carry and light on the wallet, it’s only $50.00 at Fryes. If you’re traveling with someone else you can both check mail, the weather, and surf the net at the same time with the travel router.

Cabin Cuddler Blanket

The Cabin Cuddler Blanket
The Cabin Cuddler Blanket

Are you sick of trying to sleep on a plane, but instead staying grumpily awake because you’re freezing cold and your standard blue blanket is falling off of you and keeping the seat warm? Now that the Cabin Cuddler is on the market you’ll be sleeping like a baby on airplanes and counting sheep will be a thing of the past.

The Cabin Cuddler is a warm blanket that provides all over coverage. The blanket is equipped with a foot-pocket and wrap around shoulders for optimal warmth. The Cabin Cuddler can also be used at outdoor events or wherever it may be chilly. The Cabin Cuddler will not stifle you either; no matter how you wear the blanket your arms will always be free.

This nifty blanket is made of fleece and is sold in a variety of colors and sizes. The blanket comes in its own handy tote that’s easy to carry, or rest atop luggage. The blanket ranges in price from $20.00-$23.00 for a child size and $30.00-$35.00 for an adult size. The blanket can be purchased online at cabincuddler.com, or in the stores at AAA South travel stores or other specialty travel and luggage stores.

Bottles in Translation

The Nalgene water bottle
The Nalgene water bottle

One of the most frustrating things about traveling abroad is the need to flip through translation books in order to communicate. Bottles in Translation, otherwise known as Nalgene Water bottles, offer a convenient alternative to these books when you’re out and about.

Instead of carrying the bulky, blatant tourist symbol, simply bring your Nalgene water bottle. Its label contains handy lists of colors, numbers and weekdays in translation. Additionally, there are helpful phrases for the lost traveler or the interested shopper, polite expressions, and common food groups. Basically, this bottle contains everything you may need if you’re out for the day and have little foreign language skills.

For longer, more in-depth conversations with the locals, a translation book is still ideal. But for short jaunts around a foreign country, few things could be more helpful than a 32 ounce water bottle with a multitude of useful words. At $15.99 plus shipping and handling, the water bottle is quite the handy combination of two travel necessities. bottlesintranslation.com

The Zip-R-Lock

The Zip-R-Lock
The Zip-R-Lock

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the light fingered pickpockets who reach into your bag and take your wallet in a matter of seconds. Tour guides warn you about these masters of theft the moment you prepare to descend the bus. Now there is a travel gadget to help prevent a quick hand dashing into your belongings.

At first the Zip-R-Lock is a confounding little object, but after reading the instructions, it becomes apparent that this object might be just what you need for some peace of mind. It locks your zippers, and only by turning the gizmo to the appropriate spot, can the bag be unzipped. Although it won’t stop someone from grabbing your bag, it’ll slow down pickpockets from ruining your vacation. It is sold for only $7.50 at corporatetravelsafety.com

Sarah Freddie and Emily Morse are looking forward to teaching in Japan next year.

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