Kent's Web Picks: Useful Travel Websistes

Useful Travel Websites

By Kent E. St. John
Senior Travel Editor

jet-landingWhen GoNOMAD editor Max Hartshorne was Managing Editor of Transitions Abroad, he turned me on to, a site I still go to regularly years later. With that in mind I've collected some places our readers may find useful and entertaining. Johnny's site is a voluminous archive of links, including all of the nation's Sunday newspaper travel sections. In the Mood

Some of the best destinations I've ever visited, I learned about from travel essays. I assume that since you're visiting GoNOMAD, entertaining stories and destinations must be what you like. The web has come alive with wanderlust stories. Even if you're stuck at your computer, let your mind wander.

Travelers' Tales books have long provided insight to the traveler's mind. Now their website features chapters from their books as well as the Flying Carpet. The carpet features stories from the staff and contributors. Before you check out the bookstore log on to

If you like following the literary trail. then is for you. Read stories from travelers that trace the locations and places that the mighty once trod. They add a historical flavor to the travel essays. Steinbeck's California and Poe's stomping grounds at the University of Virginia are just a few examples.

World Hum will have you buzzing. Freelance writers Jim Benning and Mike Yessis have created a site that will take you away. In their words "a site that describes the rush that happens when we travel, a surge of adrenaline, electricity, and sometimes, on this ever shrinking planet, connection." Connect to the hum at

I Go U Go isn't as confusing as it sounds. The site offers insight from everyday travelers. Some of the trip reports offer special places to see. is also a travel club that offers members some deals. Very slickly done, with solid financial backers, and lots of staff, IGOUGO is an appealing travel site with some interesting twists. Worth a visit.

Up, Up and Away

Keeping up with the perilous pits of airline fares can wear you out before you begin. We at GoNOMAD feel your pain. With that in mind I have tried to find some easy and proven ticketing sites. Knowledge is extra Pesos, Franks and Euros on your arrival.

AirTreks has long been the site for around the world planning. No one does it better. With Multi- Continent tickets you get free emergency Medical Transportation Insurance, Travel Guard Insurance, 24-hour legal assistance, and personal travel planning.

Fare Hunter is a viable place to check prices, login a minus. still a fair representation of what fares are out there.

Orbitz has come along way. Its student category is a big help towards finding special fares for those thirsting for knowledge. The other categories to search under are sunny, smoochy, relaxing, international and family. The site, created by half a dozen major airlines, some specials not offered elsewhere.

Airwise We're mighty glad that Airwise is still around. Especially when ground transportation information upon arrival is needed.

One Travel at is on the move and a favorite of mine. It has beaten some of the bigger sites time and time again. We use them and you can to with an easy connection via GoNOMAD's own buttons on the right side of most pages here.

Pick a Place, any Place

Got your mind on a specific destination? Using the national carriers, the ethnic airlines of many countries, you can save a lot of money and arrive "like a native."

American Travel Abroad has covered Central and Eastern Europe for years. The consolidator for SAS, Lufthansa and the new Swiss Air. Get ready to boogie in Budapest at

Want to pop over to Poland? Contact Varsovia Agency, the Polish connection. You'll be in Krakow in no time.

Mill-Run Travel is not run of the mill, especially for Germany and Russia. They are Lufthansa's biggest consolidator. They also sell tickets to Africa.

Denmark & Copenhagen Guide to Travel Everything imaginable about Denmark (including Greenland): Travel, accommodations, and museums.

In the Lap of Latin America

One of the world's best airlines in my opinion is Lan Chile. The service and planes are excellent. If headed south check them out at You won't be sorry!

G.T Tours is another great place to find fares for Latin America, go to
Latin Tickets Need to flee South of the Border and quick? You pick your price and they will find the airline for you; if you don't like the price, keeping trying.

Asian Appetite

Far Eastern International, out of New York, has some wonderful fares to China, Korea and Vietnam. Check them out at

Malaysia Travel is one great consolidator. The owner carefully researches the destinations they offer. Find them at

A Place to Hang Your Hat

International Youth Hostel Federation -- the site for the granddaddy for budget travelers worldwide is well designed, well run, and very useful. The news section keeps you well updated on new and renovated hostels.

British Services britishservices. com. If you're heading to Britain, head to this site. Links to hotels and hostels all over the U.K. take you right to the headquarters of many chains.

HoboTraveler Informative and fun. You can spend hours here. The hostel and hotel section is excellent for finding one of a kind lodgings. Many suggestions by hobo readers.

Budget Travel hostels.htm. A place to read others' recommendations. Literally thousands of sources. Not the nicest-looking site, but in this jamble of words are a million links and useful is the thing that wins the day.

Backpack backpackeurope. com. A site that Arthur Frommer recommends as the best for backpacking in Europe. Thousands of useful links.

Your Resource Link

It's impossible to include all of the valuable sites that can help you with your travel plans. For that reason GoNOMAD has compiled a resource link page, try out some of the best travel companies that believe in the nomad creed. Many such as Language Studies Abroad ( and Galapagos Network, I have personally used.

If I can help with any travel questions click on GoNomad contributors and drop an email. Wherever you go, travel well, travel healthy and with an open heart.

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Kent St John

Kent St John

Kent St. John was GoNOMAD's Senior Travel Editor since the website was founded in 2000. During that time he circled the globe many times, visiting more than 80 countries. Sadly, he passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. He had an appreciation of subtleties, always finding a way to capture the nuances and essences of a destination, whether he was whale-watching in Nova Scotia, riding the rails in Australia, bungee jumping in China or worshipping the sun on a beach in Brazil.