Necessary Travel Accessories

Can’t-Leave-Home-Without Travel Accessories

By Jenn Kim

From the cultured-savvy veteran, to the novice traveler embarking on a new voyage, every nomad needs their share of gadgets, gizmos and accessories to make their journey a smooth transition from their time away from home. Future excursions are more enjoyable with less of the stress, and able to relax with ease. GoNOMAD believes the items below are worthy to invest in. So go on—try them out!

NoiseBuster Headphones

Imagine no infants crying on the plane, or the voluble person to your left you rather not engage in a conversation with, or the annoying random sounds coming from the plane. Pro-Tech Communications have eliminated all these things to make your journey to your destination easier on the ears.

Noisebuster (NB-FX Series 9), an 18 db level at 100-200 Hz have reduced the active noise level to a mere whisper, while you unwind down to the symphony happening in your ears. With an excellent active noise reduction performance at 40-1200 Hz, the sound quality is first-rate.

Trouble-free on the packing, these headphones fold down into a compactable size manageable to carry around. These Noisebuster headphones come with AAA battery (a 40hr battery life), 90 day warranty, double-prong adapter (compatible to most airplanes), and a sleek plastic carry bag with a drawstring top. At $69.00, this gizmo is worth every dime for your peaceful journey.

Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

Late night? Afraid of missing your early morning flight the next morning? Fear no more with the Lewis N. Clark Radio Controlled Alarm Clock by your side. This sleek handheld gadget is no

The clock displays the time, date, day, U.S. time zone, and alarm preferences. Included with a luminescent backlight for easy viewing in the middle of the night, a 5 minute incremental snooze button, and a 3V lithium battery with a one year battery life, this nifty alarm clock is accessible all day and night. At a value of $25.00, you can be sure of getting a good night’s rest without any worries of catching your flight.ordinary alarm clock. It guarantees precise time in the North American region by receiving radio signals from atomic time transmitters.

Contour Mood Pillow

It has come to a general consensus that it is almost impossible to get comfortable while traveling. With the Lewis N. Clark Contour Mood Pillow, you can lay all your troubles aside

Able to choose from several bold colors, and a mini hand stress-relief replica of the Contour Mood Pillow, all in a mesh carry bag, it’s unthinkable to leave home without this necessity. Not only is it affordable at an unbeatable price of $12.50, but now you can look forward to future peaceful naps.while you soundly relax your head on thousands of tiny micro-beads.

With the unique feature of easily conforming and adapting to any resting position possible, your neighbor will get jealous as they suffer from stiff necks and agitation.

Travel Sentry Certified Lock

There will be no more anxiety attacks as you hand over your luggage to the airlines, or will there be any more ruined and broken locks from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The

These sturdy locks have been pre-approved by the United States Transportation Security Administration and accepted within the federal guidelines. The lively colors offered will be hard to miss for the TSA, and provide you with a peaceful mind. lewisnclark.comTSA does not accept non-Travel Sentry locks, and thus, force many travelers to leave their luggage unlocked and unsecured. By doing so, your belongings become evermore susceptible to theft. You can bet your $7.50-$10.00 that your belongings will be safe and protected with the new TSA23 and TSA24 Large Dial Combination Locks from Lewis N. Clark.


You don’t have to worry about spending or bringing extra batteries. The LightCap is environment-friendly and charges in the sun (even in a well-lit room)! The solar panel in the cap is constantly charging whenever it’s exposed to the light, and your drink will continue to keep clean with no effect by the cap. On a full charge of 12hrs in direct sunlight, the white LED will last 8-10hrs while the red LED will last 16-18 hours.

It acts as a flashlight, water bottle, nightlight, hygienic illuminator, and much more. At $24.95, you will never need another water bottle or flashlight again.Two crucial items you always need when traveling in the outdoors is a water bottle and a flashlight. Now, what can make life easier but by combining the two items? SolLight has done just that. Their creative idea of a durable water bottle and a LED solar-powered lamp make it impossible for you to forget one or the other.

Travelon Toothbrush and Toothpaste in One

GPSMAP 60CAnother combination invention has made life oh-so much easier on the packing. Travelon has come out with an ingenious idea of combining a toothbrush and toothpaste in one. The hassle of lugging around a tube of paste jeopardizing your belongings will soon be forgotten. With a simple twist of the knob, the paste travels up to the soft Dupont bristles ready for brushing. At a compact size of 9” x ½”, it’s convenient to bring to the office, airport, campgrounds, or anywhere for that matter. Up to 30 good uses, it has a shocking price at only $3.25.

For the serious, rugged traveler, you will find this handheld navigator from Garmin as your new trusty side-kick. At a reasonable price of $482.13, this gadget guarantees it is no ordinary GPS

All these unique features are displayed on the transflective TFT screen in 256-color that can be viewed in almost any light, and maximizes the batter life (typical use-30hrs). Accurately guiding you to your destination, this nifty gadget is not to be overlooked. garmin.comsystem.

Lightweight and waterproof, this GPS maps out turn-by-turn directions, including detailed streets, trails, highways, roads, rivers, lakes, borders, sunset and sunrise times, best fishing and hunting times, outdoor calendar, indoor/outdoor GPS games, and an overview trip planning system that times your trip from start to finish for future traveling.

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