Summer Short List, By Stylist Cathie Arquilla

Summer is a great time to hit the road, beach, or trail. Here's some great gear to get you there.
Summer is a great time to hit the road, beach, or trail. Here’s some recommended gear to get you there.

Cathie’s Favorites for Staying Cool in Summer   

By Cathie Arquila
GoNOMAD Senior Writer

There is a short list of must-haves for any summer; sunblock, sun hat, flip flops, sneakers, hiking gear, a wrap dress, or caftan, a bathing suit. Awe, now there’s a tough one, the right swimsuit for your body, for your adventure, for your ego. But suits are not part of this list. Perhaps my following Style List will only be bathing suits!

Below, I’ve got some discoveries that I’m gaga over. Check them out!

York sneakers for fashion, fun, and serious training.
York Sneakers for fashion, fun, and serious training.

Your sneaker doesn’t need to scream, “Look at me!” York Athletics Sneakers are intentionally designed with a minimalist aesthetic. I’ve been wearing the Henry in Bone for the last month. They whisper style and quietly go with just about everything. I find them perfect for a long day in the city with a maxi dress or flowy skirt.

YORK has been producing sportswear for three generations, and since 2016 they’ve dug deep into footwear. They fancy themselves proud independent New Englanders who fight daily for their customers. I don’t know, but they are probably Red Sox fans too.

Note: The Henry washes well. Size up! Introducing a boss boot for ladies that is also cute.

Twisted X’s All Around Work Boot is the only hiking, working, shit-kicking boot needed in your wardrobe. Touted as being sustainable and comfortable, I can attest to the comfort

Rooted in comfort, sustainably made, and durable, Twisted X works!

.I have particularly wide “grape stomping” feet, and these FIT! They have a rolling quality from heel to toe. That, along with the very cushiony footbed, makes walking feel easier.

They are durable and, therefore, stiff initially. Still, their toughness is their attraction, along with a dainty edging just above the laces.


It’s hard to pick which Stream2Sea product is the best, so just get them all. I’ll start with the Daily Hydration BB Cream SPF 20. This tinted moisturizing sunblock acts more like a foundation in a good way. The coverage is even, smooth, and lasting.

#ProtectWhatYouLove is Stream2Sea's mission. Their products protect you and the waters you swim in.
#ProtectWhatYouLove is Stream2Sea’s mission. Their products protect you and the waters you swim in.

All Stream2Sea products are reef friendly. That is their MO. Glam up on the beach with Every Day Mineral Sunscreen, the Shimmer version with SPF 45. It’s eco-safe, has no microplastics, and is water resistant.

Steam2 Sea’s Leave-In conditioner with UV protection, keratin, and panthenol is also an awesome hack for summertime hair care. And finally, the Sun and Sting Soothing Gel helps relieve mosquito bite itch for a little while.

Fold-N-Pack smart hanger makes unpacking a breeze.
Fold-N-Pack smart hanger makes unpacking a breeze.

A silk blouse occupies very little room in your suitcase and can elevate almost any outfit. Pack your blouses or shirts using the FOLD-N-PACK Smart Hanger. Hange your blouse, fold the corners of the hanger in, and the hook down. It fits in your carry-on perfectly! Unfold and hang up the shirt in the closet that probably doesn’t have enough hangers. It’s genius!

Scala hats are my go-to for fashionable sun protection and travel.
Scala hats are my go-to for fashionable sun protection and travel.

My Scala hat has weathered two summers and multiple trips and still looks new. It’s a perfect sun hat for travel with the ability to be flexible but still maintain its shape. Scala designs many hats, including fedoras, cloches, and safari hats. They’ve been in the hat-making business since 1921, producing high-quality, stylish hats that last.

The right hat can put the finishing touch to a great outfit. Often it can become a trademark, speaking to who you are while protecting you from the sun or keeping you warm too!
I recommend both The Two Ghosts and The Elgans by Scala. Check them and others out at Tenth Street.

Super comfy, chic and packable, Birdie's are a triple threat to sore feet.
Super comfy, chic, and packable, Birdies are a triple threat to sore feet.

Thankfully, female-founded Birdies shoes have moved from an indoor party slipper to an outdoor flat. Why? Because with a seven-layer footbed that conforms to your foot shape, and a lovely padded silky insole, they are comfortable ALL DAY.

The Starling fits me best, and there are plenty of materials and colors to choose from. The Swan bedazzled slip-ons are oh-so-fun but more for at-home glamour. Additionally, Birdies only take up a little space in your suitcase, and for me, that’s another big plus.

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