Varla’s Exciting Electric Scooter Review

Varla's Eagle One
Varla’s Eagle One

The Nimble, Quick Varla Eagle One Scooter Packs a Punch!

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

I have always enjoyed traveling by scooter or by bike. And I have a new ride that blows away almost all of the others. It is the newest electric scooter from Varla, the Eagle One, and you can buy one right here! I’m 100 percent electric and I’m enjoying the ride, big time!

This Varla dual motor scooter is better than the ones I rode when I was in the Czech Republic, those were rentals from Uber and other companies which were similar but not as good.

I find the big difference is the weight of the scooter and the shock absorbers. Because riding mere inches from the pavement and doing up to 41 miles per hour, you want those shocks and the comfort of knowing you can go over bumps without falling off!

A Varla User Review from San Francisco

Here is what one happy rider from San Francisco recently wrote about the Varla Eagle One:

I DON’T REALLY SEE ANY OTHER ALTERNATIVE SCOOTERS AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET TO GET YOU THIS MUCH SCOOTER FOR THE PRICE. I have been having a blast through the streets of San Francisco and traveling anywhere cars, bicycles or people can go, and discovering small little cool places that I ever knew were there going by in my car.

Just today, I rode the EagleOne from downtown financial district San Francisco, all the way to and over the Golden Gate Bridge, down the hill into and all over the city of Sausalito, brought the EagleOne back the entire distance and still had another couple miles left. (Traveled with my 5 year old daughter the entire way bringing us to a total FUN RIDE of 28 miles!! We only turbo boosted a couple times, but we’re in ECO mode the entire trip.

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Varla’s Eagle One is designed to be used both on streets and off road, but you probably aren’t going to take this on a mountain bike track. It’s still a low-to-the-ground scooter, designed for the street but the shocks offer some protection against road bumps. Another aspect of the Varla that I like is that is comes with a special keyfob that makes it impossible to get it stolen.

LCD Display allows you to easily understand the basic state of the E‑scooter, including speed, gear, power, mode, and so on. Scooter is designed with NFC safe lock, so no one can ride your scooter without the NFC card. Varla provides two of these so you can keep one on your keychain and the other in a secure place if you lose it.

Using the Varla on Country Roads in Deerfield MA

I used the Varla the other night to make my weekly trek to play music with my friends, and my buddy Joe’s studio is located up on a steep hill. The October night was chilly but I was well prepared with gloves and a big suede jacket. The ride was a pleasure, with no cars behind me I switched it into 3rd gear and got the speed up to about 41 mph, which is really the same as driving a car.

I wasn’t nervous because I could see the road ahead of clearly with the 10w headlamp and the large back light that made me easy to spot.

Here is another review of the Varla Eagle One.

Here is a some of what Paul from Electric Scooter Guide said about the new scooter:

“Take what you knew about Varla’s Eagle One and toss it out the window. The Varla Eagle One Pro is here, and it is nothing like its predecessor. And it’s not just about the 52% larger battery, though that has something to do with it—more on that to come.

The Eagle One Pro is Varla’s first beast scooter, and it seems we’ll see a lot of flagship high-performance scooters this season. This is in reference to Segway’s GT Series and the brand new Apollo Pro.

Varla’s Eagle One Pro sits on the fence as a light heavyweight scooter with borrowed specs from beast scooters. It surpasses the weight of resident light heavyweights Apollo Phantom, Vsett 10+, and Kaabo Mantis Pro, which weigh below 80 lbs. And, it also comes with 11 inch road tires, typical of beast scooters like the Storm and Wolf King GT.

The Varla Eagle One Pro scooter is also impressive with a well above trend top speed per dollar, exceptional range per pound, and great braking per dollar. That’s not even the best part. This off-road scooter costs about $800 less than the closest competing beasts, Segways GT1 and the Wolf Warrior 11.

Thanks to the large tires–something you always want to hear–the scooter has great ground clearance at 7 inches. They are also great for traction but could be better. The suspension feels stiff and bouncy for city trails, but the stiffness comes in handy when riding off-road. But you might not like the short deck or its uncomfortable kickplate, especially off-road.”

Here is Paul’s comparison chart of similar scooters and their specs.

Comparison scooters section

Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
Vsett 10+ 43.3 mph 33.6 mi 80 lb $2,190
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 45.0 mph 30.2 mi 108 lb $2,899
Varla Eagle One Pro 40.6 mph 36.1 mi 90 lb $2,199
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro 42.9 mph 40.9 mi 79 lb $2,399
Motor Dual Hub Motor, 1000W x 2
Battery 60V / 27Ah lithium-ion battery
Brake Dual hydraulic brake + ABS
Max Range Up to 45 miles
Top Speed Reach up to 45 mph when fully charged
Climbing Angle 35+ degrees
Tire 11-inch air tubeless tires
Display 3.5-inch LCD display
Self Weight 90 Ibs
Payload Max. 330 lbs / Recommended 250 lbs
Frame Material 6061 aluminum alloy
Light 10W front light / Rear red LED light
Charging Time 13-14h (single charger) / 6-7h (two chargers)
Throttle Thumb Throttle
Key NFC Card
Suspension Dual hydraulic suspension
Deck Pad Material Silicone

Better Business Bureau

Read the reactions from customers and Varla’s replies here on the BBB website. Generally, I think that they do their best to reply to a whole bunch of issues, and the back and forth shows that they care about their customers.

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