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spappower lights
SnapPower Puts Lights Behind Your Plugs and Switches

SnapPower is the inexpensive trick for an expensive look that turns your home into a showcase. Create a smarter space with SnapPower’s automatic LED night lights. Adding some fresh touches to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle or an expensive endeavor. GuideLight:

You can finally use all of the outlets in your house. Don’t let standard, bulky night lights dominate your hallways, bathrooms, or children’s bedrooms anymore.

Includes a Softly Diffused Light Bar for an elegant, beautiful pathway light. The GuideLight cover plate costs less than 20 cents per year to power. With just the right amount of light, you can sleep easily now.

Available in the colors white, black, ivory, and light almond for any Duplex or Decora style outlet. These timeless and elegant products are built to fit any decor.

visit from $23.99

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WORX Has All the Tools–and None Need Gas or Cords

We’ve become a battery operated household, starting with our loud gas lawn mower. When we heard that the state of Massachusetts offers rebates up to $75 just for buying a battery powered mower, or trimmer, we were in!

This trimmer easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in just seconds. Innovative push button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Plus, Free Spools for Life!

WORX Power Share is compatible with all WORX 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products

 2 powerful and lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries come with this tool and can be used on any other tool in the WORX PowerShare family. The heads swivel so you can trim and edge on sloped terrain, and get to tough-to-reach places

Support and guide the edger, giving you straighter lines and cleaner cuts. Adjustable, so you don’t damage plants, landscape features, and lawn ornaments while you’re trimming

WORX String Trimmer $109WORX wet dry cordless vacuum

WORX Nitro 20V Power Share 2-Gal. Wet/Dry Vac

The WORX Nitro 20V Power Share 2-Gal. Wet/Dry Vac is compact, portable and offers three functions. The cordless vac picks up dry debris and wet spills, plus it has a blower function. The 6.8 lb. wet/dry vac is powered by WORX 20V 4.0Ah battery and a brushless motor. The vac features “HI” and “Eco” mode power settings. When fully charged, estimated run time is 40 minutes using a combination of HI and Eco power settings.

WORX®Nitro 20V Power Share 2-Gal. Wet/Dry Vac $199

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Thousand chapter helmet

Thousand Chapter: A Bike Helmet That Doesn’t Make You Look Like a Dork

Has anyone in history ever looked good when photographed in a bicycle helmet? We think not. But that has changed with this feature-full new helmet by Thousand Chapter. This helmet has a removable magnetic red bike light that flashes on the back of the helmet, and is sturdy enough for me to ride my new electric scooter without fear. This has a hole with a cover so you can fit a bike lock through it and comes in four colors. Very cool.

Thousand Chapter bike helmet $145

Lifestyle Poco Couple sitting on bed 1 1800x1200px 1800x

Bendy Poco Also Comes in Handy Around the House

Meet the award-winning Poco, the world’s most targeted bendy G-Spot vibrator that fits in your palm, pocket and hand luggage!

Every body is different and one size does not reach all G-Spots. That’s why Poco is designed to be ultra-bendy, so you can precisely reach & stimulate your G-Spot like never before. Poco’s powerful dual-motors delivers mind-blowing vibrations so you can experience previously unimaginable pleasure. Experience couple climax heaven with Poco stimulating you during sex. Give 3-way a whole new meaning by handing your partner control with the smart App.



The MeatStick, a Wireless Thermometer for Your Next BBQ

The MeatStick is the first wireless meat thermometer designed just for American barbecue. It can withstand the harshest cooking environments from smokers to grills, withstanding meat temperatures of up to 212°F for 24+ hours to help you make the juiciest, smokiest brisket, all while keeping an eye on your smoker’s cooking temperature.”

MeatStick Thermometer $69

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