Delivery People: Thank You for Serving Us

All across Rome and countless other cities, the bicycle delivery drivers braved their own safety to bring us food and other supplies. Delivery Drivers on bicycles bring lifesaving food, medicine, and other important things for survival during the Pandemic. Here is a thank you from Eleonora Costi.
All across Milan and countless other cities in Italy and around the world, the bicycle delivery drivers braved their own safety to bring us food and other supplies.

Thanks to These Unsung Heroes: The Delivery Riders

delivering food in Rome, on bicycle.

“Mistreated, almost never thanked and mostly transparent.

We have underpaid, exploited, and often not rewarded them.

covid tales1Suddenly they became the real lords of the streets.

They allowed us to avoid endless queues in front of supermarkets and to take away some whims.

From medicines to cigarettes, from sushi to yeast: they gave us everything we needed.

They were the only supporters of the economy of restaurants and pizzerias, bars and pastry shops.

They risked the contagion to facilitate our distress of the quarantine.

Yet we all always forget about them.

The Delivery Riders.”

An Appreciative Resident of Milan, Italy

I’m Eleonora Costi, an Italian photographer, and digital content creator. As a professional traveler and world enthusiast, I’ve Eleonora Costibeen traveling and living abroad in (almost) every corner of this beautiful universe.

From Australia to Japan passing through India, Micronesia, Russia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Burma… and I’m still counting.

I currently live in Milan, Italy and I also went through the lockdown here. These have been difficult months, both economically and psychologically.

I am a freelance and I live alone. Being away from family is quite difficult, even more, if you cannot distract yourself by going out, working, and photographing.
A bicycle delivery driver in Rome, Italy.
So as soon as they gave me permission I took my camera and went out to see what was going on outside and so I created this photographic project.

During these months it was not possible to leave the house except for emergencies. Supermarkets could only get a few people in at a time and so there were long queues, the same for pharmacies, tobacconists…even ordering online from large supermarkets was impossible. deliveries were scheduled two / three weeks later.

The restaurants were all closed. The only useful thing was these bicycle delivery services, they brought you small expenses in a few hours: food, cigarettes, sushi, pizza. Everything you needed or wanted. My thanks go out to every delivery driver who has helped so many of us live our lives.

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