Global Rescue: Helping People Fight COVID-19

Global Rescue employee helping out a client. Photo from Global Rescue website.
Global Rescue employee helping out a client. Photo from Global Rescue website.

Global Rescue is Doing its part to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Matt Martella

Global Rescue. Helping a passenger get into a helicopter.
Global Rescue: Helping a passenger get into a helicopter.

In the war against Coronavirus, Global Rescue fights on the frontline.

The company, which provides all kinds of security and crisis support to people and companies alike, has dedicated its team of professionals to help people from all over the world whose lives are impacted by the pandemic.

Covid Tales about the Pandemic in 2020.Services to combat the coronavirus include assisting travelers in getting home if they are in another country during the pandemic and providing daily updates on how the Coronavirus is impacting the entire world so that their clients can fully understand their risk of traveling before they leave.

A Team of Professionals

Since its establishment in 2004, Global Rescue has been providing the finest integrated medical, security, travel risk, and crisis management services available anywhere. These services are delivered by their teams of critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses, and military special operations veterans.

The mission of Global Rescue is simple: to be there when it matters most. They have more than lived up to this motto, as their exceptional service has earned them the position of provider for government agencies and some of the world’s largest companies, universities, nonprofits, and tour operators. Even with the outbreak of coronavirus, the mission of Global Rescue remains as strong as ever.

Fighting the Coronavirus

Global Rescue has prided itself on helping its customers get home safely after a disastrous event while they are traveling. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine and lockdown of many countries, Global Rescue faces more obstacles to complete their mission, but they still find a way to get the job done.

Global Rescue typically manages hundreds of operations every month. The coronavirus outbreak boosted operational activity and intensity significantly. Since February, nearly 500 operations have been completed to help return travelers home, provide medical or security evacuation and advisory – roughly 50% of the volume of activity took place in the last weeks of March.”

For example, the outbreak of COVID-19 forced students who were on abroad programs to return to their homes quickly. One student in Australia who could not find a flight home during the chaotic time and was told by the airline that there was a month-long wait for another flight. The student turned to Global Rescue for help. Global Rescue responded swiftly by getting the student on a flight back home the next day.

Global Rescue.Out of Wuhan

When the Wuhan, China was locked down, Global Rescue helped an American family get out of the country and eventually back to their home in the Midwest. The same goes for a group of skiers who were stuck in China during the pandemic. Global Rescue helped get the group out of China before international borders were sealed.

Global Rescue provided security, safety, peace of mind, and repatriation advisory for a traveling client in San Pedro who was concerned for her safety following episodes of anti-foreigner sentiment sparked by fear outsiders spreading the virus. The member remained safe and was able to return to her home country thanks to the hard-work of Global Rescue professionals.

In addition to providing frequent updates on the global pandemic, clients can also reach out to members of Global Rescue for their own personal questions. “Members should call us first,” said Scott Hume, vice president of operations at Global Rescue. “Every question is a good question and our medical and security experts are standing by to provide answers.”

Although Global Rescue strives to get their clients home as fast as possible after an emergency in a foreign country, they are unable to pull you out of a country if a mandatory quarantine or lockdown is enforced. However, Global Rescue can still provide health advice, facilitate access to local hospitals, medical translation services, access to medication, and coordination with the U.S. Embassy.

Vital Travel Support for Any Frequent Traveler

Global Rescue membership is all about ensuring the well-being of their clients, even when a bad situation happens while abroad. This protection is mainly found in Global Rescue’s medical advisory and medical evacuation.

Global Rescue has operations centers all over the world, so a crew of medical personnel and former military special operations personnel are never too far away. Additionally, these services are offered 24/7 throughout the entire year.

Their medical advisory and evacuation services include exclusive relationships with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Elite Medical Group, and Partners HealthCare.

Global Rescue.
Photo from Global Rescue website.

In case of a serious emergency, Global Rescue’s transport rules are as followed: Field Rescue services provide transport to the nearest facility if the member’s condition is likely to cause serious permanent injury or death if they are unable to get to a hospital, evacuation to the home hospital of choice for members hospitalized or in need of hospitalization more than 100 miles from home, and all services are arranged by Global Rescue.

It should be noted that individual members are limited to two transports per year, and family membership transports are limited to one transport each for a common accident or two transports in aggregate.

Other support services Global Rescue provides for its clients include assistance services like lost document support, cash advance, and legal referrals.

My Global Rescue Mobile App

This app gives users critical medical, security, and information resources in the palm of their hand. This app features destination reports that are analyzed by Global Rescue professionals in more than 215 countries, automatic emergency event alerts, and GPS tracking.


An individual travel membership for a seven-day term costs $119.00, while a family membership for the same duration of time costs $199.99. Travel membership prices vary depending on who needs the membership (individual, family, student, or senior ages 75-85), and over how many days the membership is need for (seven days, 14 days, 13 days, or even a year). For more information on pricing, click here.

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