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Teddy Metzler wearing the Torridon M Jacket through the South West of Tasmania.  He is a brand ambassador for Sprayway clothing, from England.
Teddy Metzler wearing the Torridon M Jacket through the South West of Tasmania. He is a brand ambassador for Sprayway clothing, from England.

New Products You Can Be Proud to Wear, Eco-Friendly and Vegan, Too!

By Rebecca Hay

Tiley makes hats that are nearly indestructible!
Tiley makes hats that are nearly indestructible!

Looking after our planet is at the forefront of most of our minds these days and travel firms are moving with the times and coming up with products which not only look after our planet but are trendy and wearable too.

Here are four new eco-friendly products that have just come on the market.

The Original Tilley Hat $80

31HqyOle2zL. SL250ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B000ALZKEU Canada’s best-known hat has celebrated its 40th birthday in 2020 with a relaunch of its most popular product.

The Tilley Original Heritage hat is back. Now made with durable cotton duck fabric, with a water repellent finish, this remastered bucket style hat offers improved performance for a classic Tilley style. The brim is just wide enough to provide protection from sun and rain, but not so wide that it catches the wind. Colors available are black, natural and navy and come in a range of sizes.

GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne has been a Tilley Hat man for many years, the quality is unsurpassed and the company takes good care to see that their customers are always satisfied.

Tilley Hat – The Original Canvas Tilley with snap-up brim $80

Sprayway Anax Range Vest, Hoody, and Jacket

Sprayway Anax Hoody
Sprayway Anax Hoody

Walkers wanting adequate protection for those fast-paced days on the hill are spoiled for choice with the new Sprayway Anax Range. In England, proper rain gear is essential, because the hike must go on, rain or shine! “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad weather clothing,” goes the maxim. 

Sprayway women's jacket.
Sprayway women’s jacket.

There are a vest, hoodie, and jacket in the collection which is built around Sprayway’s function-first design ethos. It has all the essential features needed to keep the walker protected.

The Anax Vest, hoody and jacket are versatile and made up of TecWeave™ stretch 135 stretch polyamide fabric with a DWR finish for added weather resistance in the spring showers. The vest and jacket also feature a fitted collar, while the hoody has an elasticated hood.

All three feature a reversed center front zip, two large hand pockets with a mesh lining, ideal for carrying maps, and are finished with a semi-elasticated cuff and hem, to create the perfect smart-looking shell. A range of colors from black to Tugun are available and the products come in men’s and women’s sizes. $86

Bridgedale Vegan Socks: Little Things Matter

ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07PW17WNT Bridgedale has embraced the trend for vegan socks with its new non-wool collection within its HIKE category.

Featuring Coolmax®, these 4 styles, offer a non-wool sock alternative, each having as many features and benefits as their wool counterparts, keeping your feet as comfortable and protected for all-day use. With Bridgedale’s FusionTech technology, these socks bring all the advantages of Coolmax – soft on the skin, quick moisture-wicking, breathable, durable and fast-drying onto the hills.

Styles include Lightweight T2 Coolmax Performance, Boot – this sock has a close supportive fit with targeted padding, balanced insulation, and outstanding durability Ultralight T2 Coolmax Performance, Boot – this is a highly ventilated sock, with targeted T2 (double loop protection) at the heel, ball of foot and toes.

As well as Ultralight T2 Coolmax Performance, Low and Lightweight Coolmax Comfort. These highly-technical socks are a great choice for Vegans as neither performance nor ethics are compromised – ‘Little Things Matter’

Bridgedale Lightweight Coolmax Performance Boot Socks, Womens, $23

Lem's Chukka Cordoroy shoesLem’s Corduroy Chukka Shoes: Vegan Too!

Speaking of vegan, we’d like you to meet Lem. He’s from Boulder, Colorado, and these shoes are vegan, like the Bridgedale socks.

These Lem’s shoes come in some unique colors. Yep, they are my first pair of cranberry colored shoes, (space jelly is Lem’s moniker). I like the short laces and while I’m not taking these out again on my regular 5-mile walk, these would be a great pair for a party or for work.

If you’ve already tried out Lem’s original Chukka, you’ll fall in love with this new version, especially if you are looking for a vegan option! Wrapped in the comfiest corduroy you’ve ever felt, and built on the same IBR outsole as our beloved Boulder Boot, Nine2Five, and Mariner; the Corduroy Chukka might just be the best looking, do-it-all shoe you’ve ever owned. And in case you were wondering, they’ve still got the wide toe box and zero-drop platform you look to Lems for.

Lem’s Shoes Men’s Chukka Corduroy shoes $120

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