Annual Policies: Be Covered for Every Trip

Allianz annual travel insurance plans save time and money. Paris Charles de Gualle airport.
Save time and money by purchasing an annual travel insurance policy from Allianz.

Annual Trip Insurance, Get Travel Coverage for Every Trip + New Epidemic Coverage

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

When I buy my car insurance, I sign up once a year and I pick whatever coverage I think I’ll need.  I usually go for replacement transportation, which gives me a pre-paid number of days that I can rent a car if my car gets totaled or needs major work.

Driving a 2006 car with very low miles, this is indeed always a possibility!  The other add-on that I take advantage of is a lower deductible, so I won’t be forced to pay up to the first $1500 of damages. I opt for $500, so it will never put me out that badly.

Alltrips Travel Insurance

All of these same tenets are at play every April when I renew my annual travel insurance policy.   I travel about once a month, either to some exotic place abroad or to New York City or Las Vegas for a conference. I am traveling enough so an annual travel insurance policy, versus a trip-by-trip coverage, just makes sense.

Some travelers believe that that they only need travel insurance for major trips like big mountain climbs in South America or the trek of a lifetime in Burma. But any adjuster will tell you, you are more likely to face an accident just driving down the street, or when you’re on a short holiday at the shore, than not.

New Epidemic Coverage, Too

The new Epidemic Coverage Endorsement adds covered reasons to select benefits for certain losses related to COVID-19 and any future epidemic.

For plans that now include the new Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, your plan may now have epidemic-related covered reasons under some or all of the following benefits:

  • Trip Cancellation, if for example, you must cancel your trip after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Trip Interruption, if for example during your trip you are specifically named and individually ordered to quarantine (not including generally or broadly applicable quarantines). See below for details.*
  • Travel Delay, if for example you are denied boarding based on a suspicion that you are ill with an epidemic disease such as COVID-19.
  • Emergency Medical Care, if for example you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and need to be hospitalized while traveling.
  • Emergency Transportation, if for example you’re diagnosed with an epidemic disease such as COVID-19 while you’re traveling and you require an emergency medical evacuation.

To see if your plan includes this endorsement, please look for “Epidemic Coverage Endorsement” on your Declarations of Coverage or Letter of Confirmation. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

The Allianz Premier Plan

This Alltrips Premier plan covers your entire family, and gives you the most flexibility and best suite of benefits.  From trip cancellation, interruption, emergency medical, emergency medical transport, baggage loss and damage, travel delays, baggage delays, even concierge service to help you find places and services–this has your whole family covered.

In 2020, our partners Allianz Travel, have developed some nifty tools that make the claims process far easier to understand and to act on, even when you are still on your trip!  You can take advantage of Allianz’s Smart Benefits while using their travel app and submit photos of damage or delays RIGHT THEN!

Visit this link to download the TravelSmart app to make claims and information a breeze.

How Does the TravelSmart App Work with My Annual Travel Insurance?

TravelSmartTM is the simplest way to access to all the benefits of your AllTrips plan, whether you need help in a hurry or you just want to know what’s covered. Here’s how the app can help you in some common travel scenarios.

1. I’m planning to take a vacation in a couple of months. Will my AllTrips plan protect it? I can’t remember when my plan expires.

The TravelSmartTM app shows you your coverage dates, policy number and insured persons. You can see your past travel insurance purchases as well.

2. I’m trying to rent a car, and the counter agent is insisting I buy the collision damage waiver. But don’t I already have that in my AllTrips plan?

Just pull up your plan by tapping “Policies.” You can see your coverage details at a glance, including (in this instance) rental car damage and theft coverage up to $45,000. You’re already protected, and you don’t need to pay the extra fees.

(Please note that rental car damage and theft coverage, when purchased as part of an annual plan, is not available to KS, TX, and NY residents.)

3. I was supposed to fly home from Chicago this morning, but a snowstorm delayed my departure until late afternoon. At least my travel insurance can reimburse me for my meals and coffee — or can it? What counts as a covered travel delay?

You can see all the details of your travel insurance plan benefits in the TravelSmartTM app. Tap “View Policy” to pull up a PDF of your policy documents. Find the definition of a covered travel delay for your specific plan in the first few pages, under the “Declaration of Coverage.”

You’ll see that for your AllTrips Prime Plan, the minimum required travel delay is 6 hours, and that the reimbursement limit is $200 per 24-hour period of delay. So if your flight’s grounded overnight, your plan could reimburse you for your hotel stay, too.

4. It’s the middle of the night in Kathmandu, and a severe earthquake just shook the city. I ran out of my hotel, leaving all my possessions behind, and now I’m standing on the street. What do I do now?

Know that you’re not alone. Use the TravelSmartTM app to call 24-Hour Hotline Assistance (just tap the “Contact” icon). Our team of multilingual travel experts will do everything they can to help you, such as:

  • Helping you make travel arrangements to get you home in an emergency
  • Arranging for money to be wired from friends or family back home
  • Connecting you with the local U.S. embassy

24-Hour Hotline Assistance can help with all kinds of travel emergencies, big and small. Never hesitate to call. The Assistance Around Me feature in the app can also help you find crucial services when you’re traveling: hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, police stations and embassies

This post is sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and I have received financial compensation. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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2 thoughts on “Annual Policies: Be Covered for Every Trip

  1. There is no excuse for not traveling without insurance. Anything could go wrong and you always want to be prepared. We recently renewed our Allianz travel insurance for 2020 and it was a no-brainer :

  2. I renew mine every year without hesitation–easiest annual bill purchase for me to justify. For less than 150 bucks I’m covered for a whole slew of things that can wrong and that’s one last thing to put on my to-do list before a trip.

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