Sicily for Breakfast

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People enjoying the sea at Isola Bella Taormina.

6 Unique Sicilian Places to Experience Real Mediterranean Food and Wine

By Rossana Musmeci

Sicily, a popular destination for rich food and fine wine lovers, is unique for variety and quality. This guide offers you some valuable advice on where to taste the most famous Mediterranean food and wine, surrounded by a magical Sicilian atmosphere.

Palermo: Street Food Capital

We begin our journey with a tradition that is attracting thousands of tourists, particularly in Palermo. It is not a coincidence the regional capital of Sicily was chosen by Forbes Magazine as the fifth worldwide destination for street food and first in Europe.

You can’t miss a tour of the colorful markets of Ballarò, Vucciria, and Capo. A feast of Sicilian colors and flavors to taste real street food such as Arancini, Sfincioni and Pane ca Meusa, and also a great offer of fresh fish recipes. Do you fancy a dessert? The choice is between Cannoli with ricotta cheese and Cassata, a typical colorful Sicilian dessert.

Azteco chocolates in Sicily.
Azteco chocolates in sicily.

Lunch by the Sea and Azteco Chocolate

Val di Noto, located in the southeastern part of the island, is officially recognized as UNESCO heritage. Val di Noto is a city full of charm, where you can taste delicious plates like Pasta alla Norma, perfect if accompanied by a glass of Nero d’Avola.

Moving further south, you reach the seaside village of Marzamemi, a very characteristic fishing village, known for its Tonnara, where you can find many dishes based on fresh fish and other Sicilian delicacies, just a few steps from the sea! Chocolate lovers can’t miss a visit to Modica, the ultimate baroque city also famous for very tasty Aztec Chocolate, introduced during the Spanish domination of Sicily in the 16th century.

Part of the beautiful Aeolian Islands.
Part of the beautiful aeolian islands.

Aeolian Islands: Sicilian cuisine, Stunning views, and Wildlife

The Aeolian Islands are part of the UNESCO world heritage and considered among the most fascinating places in Sicily. This small volcanic archipelago combines wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and a cuisine that best reflects its traditions.

Capers are the basic ingredients of the cuisine, and you will see them included in dishes with fish, pasta and the traditional Pane Cunzato. Salina is the island where you can enjoy a very relaxing holiday, surrounded by unspoiled nature and where you can taste some typical meals, from grilled fish to peppery mussels, all framed by stunning and memorable views.

Taormina: Elegance and Romance

Taormina, beautiful and stylish town located on the east coast of Sicily, is one of the main destinations of the island. In addition to its beautiful scenery, architecture and historical importance, Taormina is famous to be the ideal destination for romantic weekends.

The Greek Theater and seafront restaurants, make of Taormina a splendid setting where you can try dishes like, Linguine with clams, Risotto di Mare, which is a typical Mediterranean dainty risotto made with seafood and shellfish.

You will be enchanted by the rich flavor of grilled fresh squid or the famous swordfish rolls, that Sicilians love! All to be definitely accompanied with a glass of Etna Bianco.

Rossana at Isola Bella, Taormina.
Rossana at isola bella, taormina.