Day-Use Hotel Rentals: Rooms for Re-Charging

A hotel room listed for day use rental by
A hotel room listed for a day-use rental by

A Day-use Hotel Room Can Be Very Useful

By Taylor Owens

A day-use hotel room is a method of booking a hotel room for same-day use. Day-use hotel room use is growing in popularity, with more and more people using this new service around the world.

Day-use hotel rooms are a service that has brought benefits to both hoteliers and the guests. This service helps fill empty rooms, and it helps busy people with a comfortable place to recharge themselves during the hustle and bustle of a day of travel.

Sometimes in a big city, you need a place to go and get work done, sleep or just relax.

Day-use hotel rooms have long been the go-to cure for jet-lag and long layovers, but they have become so much more.

This service has begun to appeal to a wide variety of potential guests. It appeals to busy professionals, moms-on-the-go, and weary long-distance travelers.

The Website is the first website to offer daytime hotel bookings to the masses.

“ is a daytime hotel booking platform. The company aims to transform hotels into daytime living spaces,” according to Déborah Laskart, the Head of Communications at was founded by David Lebee at the age of 29, along with his two partners Eugenie Lebee and Thibaud D’Agreves. David Lebee was often questioned about daytime bookings during his time working at a large Parisian hotel group.

Lebee’s guests would wish to book a room for just a few hours, but traditional structures in the hotel industry never had an appropriate service to offer to them.

NoMo SoHo hotel room available for day-use rental .
NoMo SoHo hotel room available for day-use rental. was created to fit the exact need that Lebee had been asked for so many times while working in the hotel industry. The website was created to be a daytime hotel service.

The Hotels has had over 400,000 bookings and boasts 4,000 hotels across 20 countries.

The top cities in the United States where day use hotels are the most popular are New York, Chicago, and Miami.

Notable people have frequently endorsed due to its convenience. “ worked very well for a massive logistical airport challenge for which we needed space, outlets, shower,” according to John Dickerson, a senior reporter at CBS This Morning.

How to Book

Booking a hotel on is available on the website, the mobile site, or on the smartphone app.

While on the website, you can filter your search by selecting a number of different criteria. These include the question of “Where?,” which helps to notify about which city, area, precise, place, or hotel you are looking for.

Another question asked is “What style?” This filter allows you to have your pick between a luxury hotel, a boutique hotel, or a more low-cost hotel option.

If you would rather discuss your booking of a day-use hotel, advisors will answer all of your questions at (855) 378-5969.

Why a Day-Use?

A advertisement that shows a guest enjoying his time in his day use hotel rental.
A advertisement that shows a guest enjoying his time in his day use hotel rental.

More and more, people are utilizing day-use rooms and bookings for various different reasons.

Some users of day-use hotel rooms use the booking as a place to rest in a comfortable room. Others are known to have just needed a quiet place to work that was easy to get to on public transport, has a reliable Wifi connection, and an adjacent meeting room.

A day-use hotel room is also a perfect opportunity for someone to rent and relax in with all of the amenities of a hotel: pool, spa, gym, etc…

An example would be that you could book a day at a 5-star hotel and enjoy the spa and pool all day, or book a suite to handle a few business meetings while you travel without inviting potential clients over to the hotel room you’re actually staying in.

Day room rentals are often 75% cheaper than what the cost would be to stay in the same room in the evening hours, and you can check in during the morning hours.

Day-use hotel rentals have also been frequently used by mothers who need to breastfeed their babies for a short period of time.

Nursing mothers have described day-use hotel rentals as “convenient and private” when they want to escape the eyes of others when they need to feed their children.

Whether you may need a temporary base, or a spot to grab a snooze, day-use hotels can be a lifesaver.

Room Options

The different room types that are offered include a deluxe, double, and suite size, as well as morning, afternoon, and all-day availabilities.

Examples of the time allotted during room rental would be similar to the timeslots 7 am – 1 pm or 11 am – 11 pm.

If you do ever find yourself enjoying your time spent in your day rental, you can always choose to keep the room overnight.

The pool located at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel that can be enjoyed by day-use renters.
The pool located at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel that can be enjoyed by day-use renters. gives guests access to special offers from their partner hotels, as well as “all-inclusive” packages and extra services that can be added on to your booking.

Extra services could include a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, or flowers.

Your Arrival

Arriving at the hotel of your choice and securing your room is an extremely easy process. You must simply present yourself to the front desk and recite your booking number and name.

Each guest will pay for their room directly at the hotel when you check-in. Once you have the key to your room, you can make the most of your stay until the end of your allotted time.

Even though you may not be spending the night, you get to enjoy the hotel’s amenities such as room service, wifi, the pool, the spa, the gym, the rooftop, gardens, and the all-too-important minibar.

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