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The Great Wall of China - photo by Sony StarkThe Great Wall of China - photo by Sony Stark

So You Want to Travel Around the World...

A trip around the world is a major undertaking that takes a lot of planning, and one way to save time and money is to use a travel agency that specializes in multi-continent, multi-stop international and around-the-world itineraries.

Because these agencies deal with a high volume of tickets, they can often find you greater savings compared with published fares. In fact traveling around the world with multiple stops can be close in price to many round-trips to single destinations yet they add much more value to your overall travel dollar.

Customizing Your Trip

This type of travel agency can save you time and money because they have a large network of global suppliers and can find the flights and connections that allow you to customize your trip exactly the way you want.

GoNOMAD has a partnership with AirTreks, an experienced, reliable around-the-world travel agency with 20 years of experience, and specializing in multi-stop international air tickets of three or more stops.

They offer a simple solution for people who want to get a quick on-line estimate for multi-stop international air, and their experienced personal travel consultants can give you routing suggestions on how to get the best value on the flights you really want.

And another huge benefit to using AirTreks is they don’t restrict travelers to a specific route or a certain number of miles that are needed within an itinerary like that of the air alliance products.

Planning Information

GoNOMAD can provide you with detailed information about destinations all over the world. Browse our photogalleries and our guide to round-the-world tickets. Read about a couple who planned their trip around volunteer opportunities in different parts of the world.

We also provide important information about passports and visas and travel insurance and travel health. We have articles on how to pack for a long journey and what to do before you leave. And of course we have hundreds of stories from the top travel writers in the world.

A double-decker bus in London - photo by Genevieve Richards A double-decker bus in London - photo by Genevieve Richards

Real Help From Real People

AirTreks can help you tailor your trip to your specific requirements. Some around-the-world fares have fixed stops with penalties for changing flights and dates; others can be changed at no cost. An Airtreks advisor can help you find the right price and the right degree of flexibility.

You can also use their on-line interactive flash TripPlanner tool to get estimates on different itineraries or even create a TripPlanner account to save all of your favorite itineraries.

This will allow you to create a wish list of the possible flight options before you actually submit one of your itineraries for review.

When you have finished designing your trip the way you like it, you can submit it to an Airtreks travel consultant -- a real person!

You may find that you can save a substantial amount by visiting the same destinations in a different order. An AirTreks travel consultant can also tell you which countries require that you show "proof of onward travel" -- in other words, a ticket on a flight out of the country.

With planning help from GoNOMAD and Airtreks, you can avoid snafus and delays, save money, and design a truly memorable trip around the world.

Around The World Travel

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