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The long road in rural Vinales, Cuba.
Travel Desk: Find Practical Answers to your Travel
estions Here

Need to find a cybercafe in Timbuktu? Want to know how much a yen is worth today? Need a visa for China fast? Looking for travel insurance, travel advisories or the latest information on immunization?

GoNOMAD writers have tips for a safe and happy trip.  Travel Desk is where we keep our most useful and informative stories, not about specific destinations but about travel tips, travel trends, and the kind of good practical information you need for a safe and happy trip. 

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How to Avoid Altitude Sickness
Kathi Calahan and Kevin Manley report on the steps you can take to avoid altitude sickness.
Staying Fit While You Wait For Your Flight
Staying fit while you wait for your flight.
Travel Photography in Guatemala: Some Things to Know From the Pro on the Go
Paul Shoul| Advice on taking better travel pictures from a professional photographer
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GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE: Preparing for Extended Travel
GoNomad Mini Guide: Preparing for extended travel.
What Airport Codes Mean
Roy Barnes explains the origin of many unusual three-letter airport codes - new orleans airport code
Getting Sick in China: A Traveler's Challenge
The author gives advice on what do to do when you get sick in china.

Travel Sounds 7 minute Interview segments

max blog

Listen to GoNOMAD editor Max Hartshorne talk travel:

Big Bear Lake CA
Lewiston, Maine, Toulouse 
Sevierville,  Tennessee, 
Nord Pas-de-Calais France 
Nova Scotia,   Champagne France Portland, Maine   Belize 

Vegetarian Dining Around the World
The author describes ways of finding good vegetarian meals while traveling abroad.
Travel Prep: 12 Tips on Getting Prepared for Long Term Travel
Travel Prep: 12 Tips for Getting Prepared for long term travel.
Freedom from Travel lists
Tim Leffel explains how to throw away your travel to-do lists and enjoy your trip.
Travel Safety and Security in a Changing World
Travel safety and security in a changing world.
Airline Bankrupcies: What they Mean to GoNOMAD Travelers
Edward Hasbrouck explains what airline bankruptcies mean for travelers.
More Revelations About Strange Airport Codes
Airport Codes: what are the origins of the many different codes we use to refer to US airports? There is a story behind each one.
Tips on getting a Tourist Visa
Tips on getting a visa.
Handy Travel Gadgets Provide Safety, Convenience and Comfort
The authors discusse a number of handy travel gadgets.
Top Tips for Travel in Africa
Top trips for travel in Africa.
Clear Pass Membership Cuts Down on Airport Waiting Time
Jessica Taryn reports on a new program for frequent travelers that allows them to pass quickly through airport security checkpoints.
Travel Doctor Offers Rx for a Safer World
The author reviews the career and practice of Dr. Stuart Rose, a specialist in travel medicine and the author of The International Travel Health Guide.
Travel Videos on the Internet
The author describes a new website with travel videos on the Internet. Travel Toys for Tots
Little Jet Set: Megan Cross writes about a new travel website called which features a wide range of travel toys and games for children of all ages.
Packing for a Long Journey: Tips From Kelly and Quang
Packing Advice: Kelly Westhoff writes about what she and her husband packed for their round-the-world journey, what they needed and what they didn't need.

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