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nathan-and-the-iceNathan Cosme discovers the joy of in-room ice on a Carnival cruise. photo by Kate Cosme.

Unusual Cruising Around the World--Anything but the Ordinary

There are traditional cruises, and then there are the types of cruises you'll read about in this section.  On GoNOMAD we feature unusual, different types of cruises--on research vessels in Antarctica, on small ships up the coast of Alaska, on barges in Ireland or on decrepit freighters plying the Amazon or transoceanic freighters.

If it's these different types of cruises that interest you, you've come to the right place!

Find articles about unusual cruises on GoNOMAD.

West Greenland Cruise via Iceland to West Greenland | GoNOMAD

West Greenland Cruise via Iceland to West Greenland | GoNOMAD
Cruise West Greenland: A region steeped in ancient indigenous traditions


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