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Biking in France with Austin Lehman Adventures.Biking in France with Austin Lehman Adventures.

Bicycle Tour Articles and Stories about Biking Abroad

Most people will agree, there is simply no better way to get to know new city or country better than to explore it from the seat of a bicycle.  Being close to the ground, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells, and seeing it all at the slower pace of bike travel compared to car travel is the best way to get familiar. 

The travel articles in this section are written not by seasoned bikers but by fellow travelers who have  had the privilege of riding abroad.  Whether it's a grueling journey overland through South America, or a jaunt down a street in Paris, they share their bike riding adventures here and provide good advice for anywhere you may be thinking or riding. 

Explore bike riding around the world, as well as guided bicycle trips, in this section of GoNOMAD Travel.
Getting a Shoeshine in Trinidad, Cuba
Getting a shoeshine in Trinidad, Cuba.
Bicyclist and Ox Cart in San Diego de los Banos, Cuba
Bicyclist and oxcart in San Diego de los Banos cuba.
Biking Peru: Tackling the Horizontal Abyss
Peru biking: David EXN Nghiem describes biking through tunnels in the Andes mountains of Peru and other tales of his South American biking adventure
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Bicycles Come With the Rooms
Bicycles Come With the Rooms at These Hotels. A round up of seven hotels that offer bicycles to guests to use for free.
Don't Need No 14'ers: Colorado's Best Mountain Hike | GoNOMAD
David Rich meets a man who tells him about the 14érs but he finds a better hike in the Ice Basin and Bear Creek trail in Colorado's Rocky Mountains
The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure | GoNOMAD
Commemorate the War of 1812 with the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, a 720 km bike ride around Lake Ontario

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Listen to GoNOMAD editor Max Hartshorne talk travel:

NEW! Porquerelles, France, Rep of Georgia Vancouver 
Big Bear Lake CA
Lewiston, Maine, Toulouse 
Sevierville,  Tennessee, 
Nord Pas-de-Calais France 
Nova Scotia,   Champagne France

BikeSherpa Combines Social Networking with Bike Touring Adventure
Helena Wahlstrom writes about a new social networking website for cyclists called BikeSherpa that allows them to choose their riding companions and their itineraries.
Zagreb, Croatia by Bike
Zagreb, Croatia by Bike: touring the capital city of Croatia by bike and seeing its sights.
Biking in Pittsburgh, PA: A Resurgent Biking Destination
a biking tour of Pittsburgh PA reveals a resurgent biking culture, bars for bikers and plenty of biking trails, bike racks and bike rental shops.
Thailand Coffee: Doi Chaang, Thailand: In Search of the Fairest Cup of All | GoNOMAD.cmo
Thailand Coffee: Matthew Kadey travels to Doi Chaang in northern Thailand, where the Akha tribe has replaced the poppy crop with coffee beans that are said to be the most flavorful in the world.
Read More about Biking Around the World
A list of GoNOMAD stories about bicycling, biking, cycling, mountain biking or whatever else you wish to call it.
Riding the Farmington Canal Heritage Train, Simsbury CT
A Floridian, Herb Hiller, travels by train to Simsbury CT to enjoy a ride on a canal-side trail and to enjoy meeting the citizens of this lovely preserved town in Northern CT
Read More about Biking Around the World
Biking around the world; a collection of articles about bicycle touring and trips on bikes around the world.
Bicycle Touring in Europe: How to Choose the Right Tour Operator
Max Hartshorne presents advice from bike tour experts on how to select the right bicycle tour company for a trip in Europe.
Tour d' Afrique
Tour d' Afrique hosts bicycle expeditions around the globe for aspiring and experienced cyclists.
Napa-Style Winery Bike Tours in Oakland
East bay Winery Bike Tours, which offers Napa-style tours to urban wineries in Oakland.
Wisconsin's Glacial Drumlin Trail: The Leisurely Way
Mary Ann Noe bikes Wisconsin's Drumlin Glacial Trail from Cottage Grove to Waukesha with lots of interesting stops along the way.
Biking Through the Dutch Countryside: Picture-Postcard Panoramas
Melissa Adams takes a bike and barge tour through the emerald plains and verdant meadows of the Netherlands.
Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays
Matthew Kadey bikes through the lush landscapes and opalescent beaches of Cuba and finds a warm welcome from local residents.
Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays - Page Two
Matthew Kadey bikes through the lush landscapes and opalescent beaches of Cuba and finds a warm welcome from local residents.
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