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Beach at LeHavre, France. photo by Paul Shoul.

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Bordeaux: A Gleaming City by the Garonne

Bordeaux, in the Southwestern corner of France, is a gleaming, gorgeous city filled with natural-born boosters, and beautiful neo-classical and Beaux Arts architecture.

With a history stretching back to pre-Roman times, the city wasn't always as attractive as it is today. That's because until 1998, a wall and huge warehouses crowded out the view and kept the city away from its riverfront.

France: Cruising on the Canal du Midi

Monsieur Paul Riquet may not be known to many Americans but if you cruise the Canal du Midi once, you will praise him to high heaven. Back in 1666, M. Riquet spent his fortune and left his family in debt for fifty years after his death to build what should be known as an engineering miracle, the Canal du Midi.

The grand scheme that was designed for commerce is now one of the best travel experiences to explore. The canal is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France, just now hitting the traveler’s radar. Read more

France: Burgundy Lives Up to Its Reputation

An April trip to France’s Burgundy region made it clear why more people want to visit France than any other destination in the world. Quite simply, France has been luring visitors from around the world for centuries because this country knows how to make visitors feel welcome.
There is a sentiment in the US that the French don't want us to visit.

The ridiculous spectacle of the "Freedom Fries" and the rancor of uninformed Americans at the French opposition to the Iraq War gave some people the impression that it was unpatriotic to visit France -- the country that helped win the American Revolution and gave us the Statue of Liberty! Read more

Touring the South of France: Ancient Bones, Fine Wine and Fairy-Tale Castles
The castle at Carcassonne
The walled city of Carcassonne. photos by Kent St. John.

"Racing around circular stone staircases and wooden tunnels atop the Bastille, envisioning heretics and horsemen attacking from the other side, that really struck a nerve in my travel soul."

Unhurried pleasures and fairy-tale photography await you in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France. Benedictine abbeys, medieval castles and Michelin-rated restaurants complement a country rich with bountiful vineyards and boundless hospitality. In Southern France you’re welcome to stay as long as you like... Read more

France’s Rhone Alpes Region: Where Food is King

While so many zip past central France heading north to Paris or south to Provence, the opportunities for a fascinating glimpse into the French lifestyle can be found in the areas of Cote de Rhone, Beaujolais and Drome, all in the Rhone Alpes Region.  

A cafe in Lyons
A cafe in Lyons

The Romans enjoyed the area long ago and for many of the same reasons travelers today will: food, wine and beauty go hand in hand... Read more

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and ox tongues on my left. The public market in Lyon, France is a staple of everyday life for its
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