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Food and wine

Outdoor meat feast in Colombia's Coffee Triangle. Paul Shoul photo.
Food and Wine Articles

One of the most enjoyable features of world travel is the opportunity to sample the cuisine of other countries and to join in the celebration of food, wine and companionship.

In Spain it is called "la sobremesa," the conversation and conviviality of a good meal, but in all countries it is the same. Coming together to eat and drink the bounty of the earth is an essential part of the human experience.

Wherever you go around the world, the food is one of the memories that will be the most vivid and the most unique to your destination. 

In these articles, what's on the plate is first and foremost!

Granada: Tapas and More!
Robin Graham visits the city of Granada in southern spain and has an entire meal for the price of drinks...tapas in spain.
Spain: Stalking the Wild Tapas of Santiago de Compostela - Page Three
Paul Shoul travels to the Spanish province of Galicia to attend the Atlantic Food Conference, learn about Galician cuisine, and search out the best tapas and the best restaurants in town.
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A Culinary Tour of China: Eating & Drinking Delights
China dining:Shelley Seale takes a culinary tour of China, visiting Shanghai, Beijing, Yantai and Wuzhen, sampling fantastic food wine, beer and local spirits.
A Taste of Cambodia's Resourceful Cuisine
Darrin Duford takes a culinary tour of Cambodia, sampling dishes like stir-fried water spinach, coconut waffles and crabs with Kampot peppers fresh off the vine.
Glacier Country: Real Dining, Real Skiing in Northwest Montana
Eating, skiing, snowshoeing and other winter activities in northwest Montana

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Havana Dining: Eating Cuban at the Source
Nicholas Gilman travels to Cuba and samples the cuisine at restaurants, cafes, street vendors and paladares in Havana.
France's Burgundy Region: Wining, Dining and Biking in Beaune
GoNOMAD Senior Travel Editor Kent St. John samples the superb cuisine and legendary wines of Burgundy and takes a delightful bike ride through the countryside.
Learning About Fine Food and Wine in California's Napa Valley
CIA | Kaitlyn Silva writes about the food and wine classes at the California campus of the Culinary Institute of America.
United Kingdom: London Finally Figures out the Food Thing
Janis Turk and her friends go on a girlfriend getaway and find great shopping, great shopping and absolutely fabulous food.
Hunting for Morels in Idaho
Morel picking in Idaho: searching for the elusive morel mushrooms in the beautiful mountains and valleys near Boise, Idaho
Czech Republic: A Wine Tasting in Moravia
Moravia Wineries: visiting a wine tasting in Velké Bílovice, the capital of the Moravian wine region in the Czech Republic.
Drinking the Kava: A Visit to the Real Fiji
Drinking the Kava: A Visit to the Real Fiji
Eating Like a Local in Mexico City: The Quest for True Sabor
Sarah Wolff explores the cuisine of Mexico city, in a one-woman quest for true sabor.
Eating My Way Through Turkey
Erin Phelan takes a culinary tour of Turkey by land, by sea and by air.
Dusseldorf's Old-Style Beer Culture: A Copper Gleam by the Rhine
Larry Parnass visits Dusseldorf, Germany and reports on the congenial alt-bier culture and the city's many other attractions.
Santiago de Compostela: A Pilgrimage to Galicia
Santiago de Compostela, Spain | Paul Shoul describes his non-demoninational pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and other interesting towns in Galicia, where he visits historic sites and dines on local seafood specialties, especially mussels.
Peru: Chowhounding from Anticuchos to Zaino
Peru | Chowhounding from Anticuchos to Zaino. Darrin DuFord eats his way through Peru.
Eating Bilbao: A Celebration of Basque Cuisine
Bilbao, Spain | Paul Shoul visits Bilbao, Spain, and takes a culinary tour of the finest restaurants - bilbao food
Quebec City: World Music, Fine Art, Fois Gras, and Frog's Legs
Ssony Stark describes the many attractions of Quebec City.
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