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Viewing the geysers in Chile's Atacama desert. Paul Shoul photo.
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Been there? Done that? So have we. That's why GoNOMAD researchers scout the ends of the earth in search of interesting, unusual and off-the-beaten-path destinations that offer a wide range of outdoor, cultural and alternative activities.

Our original Guides go beyond standard guidebook descriptions to bring you accurate information on places, unusual activities, attractions, alternatives, lodgings and happenings.

If you've got a suggestion about a place you think we should feature, please send the editor an email and we'll see what we can do. Check back here often, as we are adding new stories, features and guides every day.
Pittwater, Australia: A Place to Kayak, Hike and Enjoy Nature
Bonnie Way visits Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in Australia, where she goes hiking and kayaking and has a visit with a kookaburra.
Hiking Huangshan, China: Finding my Own Lost Horizon
Huangshan, China: Janis Turk visits Huangshan, china where she hikes up steep, steep steps to find her own Lost Horizon
Huangshan, China: Finding my Own Lost Horizon
Huangshan, China: finding my own lost horizon.
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Hanoi Vietnam Visiting the Old Quarter
Hanoi, Vietnam guide with advice on where to eat, where to stay, and where to have fun, massage in hanoi old quarter
Hawaii's Big Island: Lava, Love and Luxury
Hawaii's Big Island: Connie Maria Westergaard visits the Island of Hawaii, known as the big island, where she views an active volcano, gets a spa treatment and kisses a dolphin on the nose.
Bordeaux, France: A Shining City by the Garonne
Max Hartshorne visits Bordeaux France where he finds top quality wines, gleaming limestone buildings, a lively city and great daytrips to famous wine towns in Southwestern France

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NEW! Porquerelles, France, Rep of Georgia Vancouver 
Big Bear Lake CA
Lewiston, Maine, Toulouse 
Sevierville,  Tennessee, 
Nord Pas-de-Calais France 
Nova Scotia,   Champagne France

Tasmania: Return to the Emerald Isle
A return to the island of Tasmania, below Australia, where the author hikes mountains and revels in the natural beauty
Hasankepf, Mardin and Urfa, Southeast Turkey
Turkey:Inka Piegsa-Quischotte visits Hasankepf, Mardin and Urfa Turkey and discovers an ancient civilation in Hasankepf which will some day be under water
Nivo Slider Test
A return to the island of Tasmania, below Australia, where the author hikes mountains and revels in the natural beauty
Old and New Intertwine in Qatar
Old and New Intertwine in Qatar, where the World Cup soccer tournament will be held in 2022
Gloucester, MA: America's Oldest Seaport
Gloucester, Massachusetts, Elayne Badrigan where she takes part in an old tradition, visits the home of America's first interior decorator and watches a play at the seaport's beloved Stage Company
Louisiana's Cajun Coast: Canoeing and Cavorting in the Swamp
Louisiana's Cajun Coast: Canoeing and Cavorting in the Swamp
A Trip to the Unknown: Lunch with a Village Chieftain in Sudan
Andrea Kaucká and René Bauer visit Hadjaralmak, Sudan, where they have lunch with the village chieftain and watch the ceremonial Kambala Dance.
Tigers, Elephants and Jungle Trekking in Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Thailand: Joseph Lobo visits Kanchanaburi, Thailand, where he plays with tiger cubs in the Tiger Temple, rides and elephant, and passes over the famous bridge over the River Kwai.
Howling with the Wolves in Ely, Minnesota
Ely, Minnesota: Heidi Hunt learns about wolves at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota, views an eagle's nest on Basswood Lake and visits the Vince Shute Bear Sanctuary.
Zacatecas: Mexico's Colonial Gem
Christina Lalanne presents a comprehensive guide to Zacatecas, Mexico, a Colonial gem which is much more popular with Mexicans than with tourists from other countries.
Cano, Ecuador: Surfing, Relaxing, Helping
Cano, Ecuador: The author takes a bus eight hours out of Quito to the surfing village of Canoa, Ecuador and finds great waves, cool people and a chance to volunteer in a school teaching English
Hanging Loose in Hawaii: Maui is Unparalleled
Maui Hawaii: Connie Maria Westergaard visits Maui, Hawaii's second largest island, where she goes ziplining and snorkeling and attends a traditional luau.
Manarola: Finding A Glimpse of Old Italy in Cinque Terre
Manarola, Italy: John Caldwell and his husband Todd visit Manarola in the Cinque Terre region of Italy, where they enjoy hiking and swimming and watching the sunset from their private veranda.
Kromeriz, Czech Republic: Formal Gardens Go Wild
Kromeria, Czech Republic: Melinda Brasher visits the formal gardens at Kromeriz in the Czech Republic, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its beautiful formal gardens.
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