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Ethiopia: Nightlife in Harar
Ethiopia. In the rural village of Harrar, there isn't much to do but at night the hyenas come to the village and stir up a little excitement.
Ethiopia: A Rastamans Paradise
A Rastaman’s Paradise in Shashamene, Ethiopia. Raslmumba David holds court.
Northern Ethiopia Photo Gallery
Kent St. John presents a gallery of striking photos from his journey to northern Ethiopia.
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Ethiopia's Rock Hewn Churches
Lalibela Ethiopia: Money Trouble at the Churches. The fees are jacked up to $50 to see the famous rock-hewn churches, Ethiopia's biggest tourist destination.
Northern Ethiopia: Nothing Like Disneyworld, A Place Unlike any Other
Northern Ethiopia: Kent St. John journeys to northern Ethiopia and visits ancient monasteries high in the mountains.

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Cycling Ethiopia's Ancient Heartland
Friendly Ethiopians The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland - Page Two By Matthew Kadey (Sharing honours with Libya, Ethiopia was the only other African country to escape European colonisation). At roughly a mile long, it would be wise to make it through this treacherous darkness before a ...
Traditional thatched hut in the Rift Valley in Ethiopia
Traditional thatched hut in the rift valley Ethopia.
Broken Stela in Axum, Ethiopia
Broken Stela in Axum, Ethopia.
The home of the Ark of the Covenant in Axum, Ethiopia
The home of the ark of the covenant in Axum Ethopia.
Market Day in Ethiopia
Market day in Ethopia.
A Child Plays on an Old Italian Tank in Ethiopia
A child plays on an old Italian tank in Ethopia.
A Church Hewn From Bedrock in Lalibela, Ethiopia
A church hewn from bedrock in Lelibela, Ethopia.
A Monk Blesses Pilgrims at Ashetan Maryam in Ethiopia
A monk blesses pilgrims at Ashetan Maryam, Ethopia.
Mules for the Climb to Ashetan Maryam in Ethiopia
Mules for the climb to Ashetan Maryam, Ethopia.
Rowboats on Lake Tana in Ethiopia
Rowboats on Lake Tana, Ethopia.
Palaces in Gonder, Ethiopia
Palaces in Gonder, Ethopia.
Ethiopia: Eating and Drinking in Ethiopia |
Eating and drinking in Ethiopia, a guide to Injera, strong coffee and other foods eaten in Ethiopia, in Africa.
Ethiopia Photo Gallery by Marie Javins
photos taken during an overland trip across Ethiopia
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