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Some of the People Behind GoNOMAD Travel

GoNOMAD Travel has published travel articles since 2000. Hundreds of writers have contributed, and every day a new story is added to our huge collection of travel content and resources.  Below are some of the most active writers and contributors who have helped shape the site over the years

Max Hartshorne GoNOMAD Editor and OwnerMax Hartshorne

"Max got his first editor's job at 21, when he helped start the Portland Chronicle in Maine. He has worked in production,

advertising, web design and editing for the past thirty years, most recently at Transitions Abroad. His writing has been published in many newspapers and other publications including the Hartford and Valley Advocates, the UMass Press and Traveler's Tales Books.

GoNOMAD is a longtime dream come true, since after so many years he wanted to have his own forum for writers, travelers and photographers to share their amazing stories and provide information about places around the world. One of his latest passions is GoNOMAD Plane Reader ebook series, these are collections of articles about destinations that you can take with you on the plane on Kindle, iPad or Nook Readers.

Read Max's blog, updated daily. READUPONIT" Travel and Voracious Reading

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Rich Roth, Webmaster

Rich is the brains behind the new design engineering of the new GoNOMAD. He's been a database expert and software consultant for thirty years.

Rich Roth


Stephen Hartshorne
Steve Hartshorne, Associate editor of
Associate Editor

Steve worked for newspapers and magazines in New England for many years and served as a information officer for the New Hampshire State Senate. He updates GoNOMAD's pages, adding new info and photos, and puts up the new stories we receive every day for the site. He lives in Sunderland, Massachusetts, with his cat Dwight D. Eisenmeower.

Steve writes a blog called Armchair Travel about books he finds at flea markets and rummage sales.

He is currently at work on a book about luminaries throughout history in Western Massachusetts.

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Cindy Bigras, Travel Writer
Cindy Bigras Travel Writer

Cindy grew up in Vermont and received a B.S. from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. She studied and worked in Florence, Italy for three years. It was there that her love for all things Italian was born. She returns there as often as possible, and keeps her language skills sharp by watching Italian television daily. Cindy is a stickler for detail and helps keep the stories on GoNOMAD free of errors and typos. She travels and writes whenever she can get away.

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Janis-MarocJanis Turk, Travel Writer and Contributing Editor

Janis has been a travel writer and photographer for more than 10 years—and a journalist even longer. She began her career in newspapers and earned two degrees along the way before becoming a writer and editor for magazines. These days, Janis travels the world writing and taking photos and makes her home in Texas and keeps a pied a terre in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Janis is a regular contributor to several magazines, and she also has penned three books, including two travel guides for Frommer’s. She also writes the Kiss & Fly Travel blog for San Antonio Woman magazine.

A long-time contributor to GoNOMAD, Janis brings a strong background in journalism and a vast knowledge of travel from her trips around the globe to GoNOMAD. Follow Janis on Twitter @TurkTravels and friend her on Facebook. Read about her exciting travels on GoNOMAD. Visit her website at

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Sonja Stark of Pilotgirl ProductionsSonja Stark Travel Writer and Photographer

After 12 years of chasing news for CBS TV in Albany, New York, Sonja Stark decided to quit the 'biz' and venture out on her own. She started a traveling video production company aptly named PilotGirl Productions and freelances for corporate, not-for-profit, and television networks. She's traveled extensively throughout the world shooting documentaries in Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, India, China, Taiwan and Japan.

Her latest acquisition, a Sony HD camera, has itself planted as a permanent fixture on her shoulder. When she's not

working you'll find her scuba-diving Mauritius, skiing Big Sky or catching an independent flick at some funky art house.

Sony writes a blog for GoNOMAD called  Pilotgirl Travel Blog

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Paul in El Recife, Colombia. Max Hartshorne photo.
Paul Shoul, Travel Writer and Photographer

Paul is a photographer, writer and traveler based in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is the principal 
photographer for the Valley Advocate and Preview magazine. His work has appeared in The Boston Globe, N.Y. Times People magazine, BBC, The Boston Phoenix, the Village Voice, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Commonwealth, The Independent and many other publications around the world.

Read Paul's Photo blog, "Round World Photo"

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GoNOMAD Hall of Fame

Kent E. St. John
GoNOMAD Senior Travel Editor


Kent E. St. John, at home in Cottekill.

Kent was a travel writer for decades and once ran a travel agency in Arizona. He spent the last ten years of his life in pleasant green Ulster County, about 90 miles from NYC. He and his wife Lisa shared a study and the common love of books, teaching and writing.

Kent wrote a column for the Lincoln Eagle in upstate New York, and was also a correspondent for California's largest travel radio show "Around the World Radio." Kent took his final trip in November 2012, but you can still read his dozens of travel stories all over our site. He will always be remembered.

Read Kent's stories on GoNOMAD

Joe Obeng, Webmaster and the original technical
brain behind GoNOMAD


Joe Obeng worked with Max at Transitions Abroad magazine, and when the site was purchased, he left and jumped in with both feet. For eleven years, Joe was the webmaster and the technical brains behind GoNOMAD. He was always behind the scenes, but he helped us do everything we had to do.  Without formal computer education, he was amazingly clever at figuring out how to do just about everything, from making the printers work, to installing all of the blogs, to designing much of the former site's look. He worked for many people doing computer repair and web design, he was loved by many and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

Sadly, Joe fell into a period of ill health in 2012, and in April 2013, we lost him for good.  He will always be remembered.      

Lauryn Axelrod
GoNOMAD Founder

Lauryn Axelrod founded GoNOMAD in 2000. Having traveled to over 45 countries since the age of 15, Lauryn is an incurable nomad. As a writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker, her work has appeared on PBS, in the NY Times, Videomaker Magazine, Transitions Abroad, Vermont Magazine and many others.

In June 2002, Lauryn and her son embarked on the GoNOMAD Around-The-World-Alternative Adventure. They covered many countries and you can read her dispatches in our family travel section. She now lives in California and teaches writing classes there and in Mexico.

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Do you love travel as much as we do? Want to join our team? GoNOMAD is looking for interns. You can learn web design, copyediting, magazine writing and website savvy.

Contact us and tell us why you'd like to come work with us.


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