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Ask GoNOMAD -- Answers to your Travel Questions

GoNOMAD is an alternative travel web site dedicated to helping fellow travelers find and coordinate the best vacation plan suited to their individual needs.  As a GoNOMAD viewer you deserve our utmost attention which is why we have created the FAQ page.  In an effort to better serve you we have staffers working to personally answer each one of your inquiries. 

Listed below are some answers that may help you with your own planning.  If you still don't find what you are looking for, please email us at editor and we will do our best to help you. 

Visiting the DMZ

I'm interested in visiting the DMZ in Korea .  Could you possible tell me the best way to get there?

All you need to know about the DMZ is found in this GoNOMAD feature story, historical information and directions on traveling to the infamous tourist attraction :

Havana Accommodations

I'm looking for a place to stay in Havana . Could you suggest anyplace?

Probably your best bet (fill in specific dates to check availability):

All the lodgings you could ask for from hotels to private apartments (luxury and discount):
Top/Regional/Caribbean/Cuba/Localities/Havana/Travel_and_Tourism /Lodging

Renting a Camper

This summer I am going to Ireland on vacation and I would like to rent a
camper.  Do you know of any specific rental companies?

Here are a few sites that should help you out with your camper search.  Enjoy
your trip!

Camper Van rentals and FAQs :

Motorhome Rentals:

Recreational Travel search engine:

Hotels in Lyon

Could you help me in finding a hotel in Lyon , France ?  I will be visiting for
a couple of weeks this summer.  Thanks.

A bit more notice is usually helpful because hotels tend to book up quickly
but here are a few sites that I hope will be useful.

Lyon Hotel Reservation System:

Plug in dates for availability (scroll down when the page pops up):

Claims to have all hotels in France listed:

For some good, cheaper finds you may just want to search some of the typical
travel sites such as or

Story Tellers in Tunisia

I heard of a festival called something like 'Storytellers' in Tunisia .  Could you please provide me with further information regarding this event such as when it is and how I would go about getting there?

Without the specific name it was difficult for me to find any information.  I couldn't come up with anything relating to the title 'Storytellers' but here are two links that may be helpful.  Perhaps seeing the name of the festival will ring a bell in your mind. 

Tunisia miniguide ( attractions, tour companies and more):

List of festivals and dates:

Teaching in Spain

I read an article on teaching abroad in Spain and my husband and I were interested in pursuing a job as teachers in Valencia .  Could you please let us know what we need to do in order to get started and any other resources that may be helpful?  Thanks.

Here's the information you requested on teaching abroad in Spain .  Hope it helps.

Teaching in Valencia, Spain:

Research this site for information on locating a paying job and all papers needed to work abroad:


English-Language Schools: Opening
English School, Plaza
del Ayuntamiento , 11, 46002 Valencia;
011-96- 352-90-00
fax 011-96-352-83-80

Wall Street Institute, Plaza de España , 1 bajos , 46007 Valencia;
fax 011-96-351-35-17

There are programs in which you can receive formal training for teaching English, after which you are formally placed in a job at the destination of your choice:


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of Zanzibar. Read more on articles about Zanzibar, Tanzania on Travel:

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