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Sony Stark Sony Stark

Sony with kids in Venezuela
Sonja with kids in Venezuela

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Sonja Stark: The One and Only

GoNOMAD readers are probably familiar with Sonja Stark's effervescent style of travel writing, her eye-popping photographs, and her groundbreaking travel video shorts, all of which we're proud to feature on We're also proud of the fact that she was first published on our site.

She first dazzled us with her walking tour of Dallas, and then visited Quebec City where she took in a music festival and slept on a park bench. Right there we knew she was a true nomad.

We followed Sony on her tour around the world with Semester at Sea aboard the MV Explorer, the fastest passenger vessel in the world. After stops in Venezuela and Brazil, she crossed the Atlantic with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and visited the impoverished townships of South Africa and the cell where Nelson Mandela was confined for 18 years.

Sony with children of the Embera Tribe in Panama
Sonja with children of the Embera Tribe in Panama

After a stopover in Mauritius, she went on to India where she stayed with the "untouchables" the Shudras and the Dalits. In Vietnam she wrote about the echoes of war in what is now a land of peace.

She reported on the warmth of the people and the oppressive government in Myanmar and the business boom (Cha Ching) in Hong Kong.

Since returning to the 'States, she has visited Montana, Argentina and Panama where she filmed the first of her "Travel Shorts" videos.

Sony is an award-winning, Albany, NY, and NYC-based freelance videographer, and the founder of PilotGirl Productions. She is currently working with several non-profit organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Sean's Run, 9H Camp for Handicapped Children, MDA and St. Jude Children's Hospital.
A puppeteer in Myanmar - photo by Sony Stark

Read Sony's Blog: PilotGirl

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An artiste in Quebec City
An artiste in Quebec City

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Asia Photo Gallery

MV Explorer Shipboard Photo Gallery


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