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Movie Locations Can Be Deceiving
The Camera Never Lies...except on location. A round-up of the many movies shot in locations that might surprise you.
Spain: A Pilgrimage to Montserrat
Spain: A Pilgrimage to Montserrat,legendary home of the Holy Grail and a destination for pilgrims.
Menorca, Spain: Wander or Relax
Menorca, Spain's Sunny, Relaxing Island. With 100 beaches, it's a perfect place to wander or people watch.
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Iberia; Badajoz and Marvao
Al Mossassa: Celebrating the Arabic origins of Badajoz in Spain and Marvao in Portugal.
Spain: Zaragoza, The City of Delights
Zaragoza – or 'Delights' in English: Visiting one of Spain's oldest cities.
Spain: Experiencing Two Diverse Festivals
Visiting Spain to experience the Running of the Bulls Festival and the Museum of Witchcraft in Zugarramurdi.

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Spain: A Daytrip to Tolédo
Toledo, Spain: A historic city famous for the many religions who lived there at once.
Spain’s Mineral Spring Resorts
Spain's hot springs resorts. Dipping toes into Balneario Carlos III in Trillo and Balneario Arnedillo in Arnedillo, Spain.
Barcelona's Gothic Quarter
Getting Lost in Barcelona´s Gothic Quarter. Inka visits La Boqueria, the city's oldest market.
Traveling Through Spain at 250km per hour
In 2015 Spain will be extending its high-speed rail lines by over 1000 kilometers.
Spain: Time for a Private Room?
Spain: Karen Horst is a woman of a certain age who writes about staying in Spanish youth hostels.
Barcelona: A Week As a Model
Model Week gives aspiring models the chance to try the life of a model for a week in Barcelona.
Shopping, Skiing and Sightseeing in Andorra
Andorra: A guide on the shopping, skiing, and sightseeing in the small European country of Andorra.
Spain: Spanish Street Markets
Spain's street markets: John Towler pens an appreciation of the gaudy,loud and fun markets in Spain.
Spain's 500-Mile Walk
Santiago de Compostela, Spain's famous pilgrimage route, is trod by our own David Rich, a 500 mile walk from France to Spain.
Cuenca Spain: Rugged and Rural
Cuenca Spain, a farming town in Castille with two rivers in a canyon three hours south of Madrid.
Caceres Spain, a Tapas Tour
Caceres Spain: tapas in a very old city near Portugal.
Alfarnatejo Spain: Great Country Eating
Culinary Delights in Rural Alfarnatejo Spain. Inka Piegsa-Quischotte goes to the country for unique tastes and a laid back culture.
Alhambra Palace and More in Granada Spain
Granada, Spain: The Alhambra Palace and Much More
Southern Spain's Andalucia
Andalucia Spain: Gypsies, Caves and the Inquisition. Inka Piegsa-Quischotte explores her new European home.
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