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Mali: A City of Mud in Djenne
A story about a trip to Djenne, Mali, one of Africa's hidden gems and a city made of mud, that captured the soul.
Taking a Very Slow Boat to Timbuktu
Claire Harris takes a very slow seven-day voyage to Timbuktu in Mali aboard a wooden cargo vessel full of cement, millet grain, and car batteries.
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Timbuktu: The Blue Men of the Sahara
Blue Men of the Sahara: James Michael Dorsey journeys across the Sahara Desert to a village outside Timbuctou to meet the Tuareg, the 'Blue Men of the Sahara' known for their blue robes and turbans.
Good Golly, I Sure Do Miss Mali
Mali: David Rich describes the colorful country of Mali including Timbuktu.
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