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The Azores: Nine Green Islands in the Atlantic
The Azores: Max Hartshorne visits the Azores, nine beautiful green islands in the middle of the Atlantic, where he enjoys whalewatching and horseback riding and samples fresh local seafood.
The Azore Islands of Portugal: Steaming volcanic islands
The Azore Islands of Portugal: Steaming volcanic islands.
Sao Miguel and Santa Maria, Azores: Volcanic Islands of the Atlantic
A visit to the Azores by Max Hartshorne, nine islands in the mid-Atlantic belonging to Portugal, where he goes horseback riding, visits a tea plantation, and has a dinner that's boiled in the ground.
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Portugal: Amazing Azores Adventures
Azores Portugal: Wendy Hammerle writes about visiting the Azores with tips on fishing, diving, biking, hiking and just enjoying these uncommonly beautiful islands.
Hobknobbing With Sperm Whales in the Azores
Wade Hughes describes scuba diving with sperm whales in the Azores.
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