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Touring Scenic Afghanistan: Climbing in Kunar
US Army Officer Roman Skaskiw writes about serving on a provincial reconstruction team in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan as a Tourist. Really.
Paghman, outside of Kabul Afghanistan, is a peaceful place for an Afghani woman to visit.
Hiking and Camping in Iraq and Afghanistan
Afghanistan & Iraq. Exploring the World's Wildest Places with Secret Compass.
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Winter in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Esha Samajpati presents an excerpt from a book by Ana M. Briongos call Winter in Kandahar: Life in Afghanistan Before the Taliban.
People Helping People in Afghanistan: Marigold's Humanitarian Work
Beth Simmons writes about the Marigold Fund's humitarian work in Afghanistan, focusing on the importance of building relationships with locals.
Tajikistan: Following the Ancient Silk Road
Tajikstan: David Rich travels the ancient silk road through Tajikistan, along the border with Afghanistan into the Pamir Mountains.
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