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Whitewater sledging in Colorado. photo by Carly Blatt.


Intrepid families searching the world for fun and adventure.Lots of people like to include at least one daring adventure on their vacation, and GoNOMAD has gathered outdoor adventure stories from all over the world. Some are by experienced divers and mountaineers, and some are by 


Here are some sample stories:  


Slovakia: Hiking the High Tatras
GORUCK: Join the Special Forces for a Day
Vietnam: Phong Nha-KẻBàng National Park
Legends of the Wild
Ecuador: Riding Above the Trees
Clowning Around at Park City, Utah
Yukon: A Slice of Active Living
Greenland: Incredible Ice
Trekking Through the Mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan
Japan: Hiking in Ancient Woods
Gainesville, Florida: La Chua Trail in Paynes Prairie
The Dancing Waters of the Adirondacks
Tanzania: Climbing Mt Lengai
Travel to the Arctic Circle
Sit Back, Relax, and Get Fit
Thuringer Forest in Germany
Austria: Hut Hiking in Salzburgerland
Santa Cruz, Channel Islands California
Guatemala: Camping Next to Volcanoes
Thailand: Hanging Over Tonsai Bay
Argentina: Hiking the Glaciers in Patagonia
India: Viewing Tigers Up Close
Romania: Tracking Bears and Visiting their Sanctuary
Malawi: Climbing the Biggest Mountain
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Peru: A Cheaper Trail to Machu Pichu
Ghana: Mole Park, The Cheapest African Safari
Stand-Up Paddleboard-Camping in Thailand
Egypt: Hiking in the Sinai
Hiking in Norway's Fjordlands
Yogihiker: A Hiking and Yoga Fusion
Nepal: A New Trekking Trail
Spain's 500-Mile Walk
Morocco: The Vast Sahara Desert
Newfoundland: Hiking the Rocks
It's a Wild Wild Life: The Unique Galapagos Experience, and How to Protect It
New York State's Catskill Mountains
Honduras: Diving off the Coast of Guanaja
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada: More Than Just a Pretty Polar Bear Spot
Northern India Trekking
Hawaii Super Cheap: Kauai
Lembeh Strait, Bunaken Island Indonesia: Diving
Pura Vida in Costa Rica's Jungle
Timber Rafting in Sweden
Okefenokee, Georgia--paddling among the alligators
Banff: Snowshoeing in Alberta Canada
Jamaica: Climbing in the Blue Mountains
Hiking and Camping in Iraq and Afghanistan
Virginia: Blue Ridge Mountains, Primland Sporting Resort
Ghosts of the American West: Montana
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New Zealand's Highlights by Bus
Tiger Tourism Ban Was a "Catastrophe"
Skiing Alberta's Big Three Resorts
Nosara Costa Rica | Yoga and Surfing Mingle
Biking, Boating in Colorado
Scotland Survivor Academy
Liftopia: the Secret to Saving on the Slopes
Vermont's Northeast Kingdom: Climbing Trees, Mountain Biking and Farm to Table Dining
Surfing, Seals and Sunsets in San Mateo County
Everest Base Camp Trek
Lake of the Woods, Canada
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