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International Volunteering Does a

Making bread in Sierra Leone.

World of Good

GoNOMAD Helps Section is a list of links to stories about volunteering all over the world. From helping street kids in India to cleaning up an oil spill in Korea, GoNOMAD writers describe their volunteeer experiences These stories are about helping others, protecting the environment, preserving historic sites and generally making the world a better place.Some of our writers have taken a year off to work on volunteer programs around the world. Some have worked for a few months or a few weeks. Our goal is to provide our readers list with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities -- something for everyone.

Check out some of the projects and organizations where our writers have taken the time to make a difference:

Maldives: Cleaning up Paradise
Trip180: Volunteer Opportunities Made Easy
Philippines: Helping After Haiyan
Jamaica: Volunteering to Help Save the Reef
Travel to Help Endangered Animals Abroad
Visit Cameroon With The Humanity Exchange
A Private Library Promotes Reading
Giving Back While Traveling
GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE- The Certification of "Real" Ecotourism
Ecotourism in Panama with the Embrera
2002: The International Year of Ecotourism
Helping Out in the Elqui Valley, Chile
Mozambique: Volunteering on Horseback
AID Kenya provides basic necessities and education for orphans and vulnerable children in slums and rual areas in Kenya.
Keeping Nepal Informed: The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project
Volunteering in Tanzania with Amizade
A Sock Drop on North Korea
Investours - See the World, Aid the World with |
Getting Your Hands Dirty: Studying Permaculture in Panya, Thailand
Volunteering in Nicaragua with Entiende | GoNOMAD
Tribewanted Makes a Visible Difference in Sierra Leone |
Community Tourism in New York City
Beanz 'n' Rice Volunteers: Havin' Fun, Helpin' Out in South America
Eco-success in Nepal
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Vermonters Get Creative to Keep the Family Farm
The Mountain Institute Saves Mountains Around the World
Community Tourism in New York City
Volunteering in Kenya: An Unforgettable Opportunity
The Certification of 'Real' Ecotourism
Planeterra - The G.A.P Adventures Foundation: Helping the Children of Peru
From Darkness into Light: How Ponheary Ly Emerged from Cambodia's Killing Fields
Saving Grace: Turtle Island, Fiji
From Reefs to Raptors: Top Picks For Programs That Help Islands Thrive
Top Responsible and Sustainable Travel Programs in Europe
Living Large and Giving Large: Promoting 'High-End' Travel Philanthropy
Voluntouring: Doing Something More With Your Vacation
Alternative Spring Break: Building Houses in Uruguay
Asaafa, Ghana: Take a Vacation, Make a Difference
Eco-Certified Tour Boats Now Ply the Galapagos
Saving Endangered Sea Turtles on Mannai Island inThailand
War and Peace: Reflections From the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation, Ireland
Humanitourism: Saving Dogs and Cats in Greece
Kawaza Village Tourism Project: Authentic Village Visits
Building Trails, or Trying To, In Baikal, Siberia
Street Kids' Community Villages: Helping Homeless Children in India
More Top Sustainable and Responsible Travel Programs in Africa
Giving Back to Israel: Volunteering With Ethiopian-Israeli Communities
Community Tourism in Peru: The Island of Taquile, Lake Titicaca
South American Explorers: Responsible Tourism in Action
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Sustaining the Tropical Coasts of the Philippine Islands
Take a Load Off: Adopt an Elephant
Keeping Nepal Informed: The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project
Planting Trees in 90210
Thailand: Dada's Grand Plans for Helping Kids
Siem Reap, Cambodia: The Children in the Temples
Tanzania: Adventures of a Volunteer in Bomang'ombe
South Africa's' Chacma Baboons In Danger of Extinction
Volunteering in Zambia: 'This is the Growing'
Korea: Pitching In to Clean Up An Oil Spill
Volunteers For Peace: Making Travel More Meaningful
GoNOMAD's Code of Responsible Tourism
Keeping the Faith: The Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition
Mapping the World Community by Community: The Green Map System
Volunteering in Kenya: From the Safari to the Relief Station
Tracking Elephants in Namibia
Supporting Eco-travel in Mexico and Central America
Make a Difference: Help Homeless Children in India
Learning for the Good of It: Responsible Travel through Language Schools in Guatemala
Volunteering in Ghana
Building Peace in A Time of War: Global Volunteers in Ireland
A Volunteer Homestay Program in Ghana
Volunteering Does a World of Good: GoNOMAD Helps

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