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Articles about Volunteering Around the World on GoNOMAD

Humanitourism: Saving Dogs and Cats in Greece
'Humanitourism' Offers a Greek Adventure and Help for Animals in Need
War and Peace: Reflections From the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation, Ireland
War and Peace: Reflections From the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation, Ireland
Street Kids' Community Villages: Helping Homeless Children in India
Mark Helyar describes community vilages that give street kids a chance to get an education and learn vocational skills.
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Building Trails, or Trying To, In Baikal, Siberia
Siberia: Joshua K. Hartshorne describes a volunteer trail building expedition in Siberia.
Kawaza Village Tourism Project: Authentic Village Visits
Victoria Schlesinger writes about the Kawaza Tourism Project, providing authentic village visits in Zambia.
More Top Sustainable and Responsible Travel Programs in Africa
A listing and link to the top sustainable and responsible travel programs in Africa. feature guide.

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Listen to GoNOMAD editor Max Hartshorne talk travel:

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Big Bear Lake CA
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Giving Back to Israel: Volunteering With Ethiopian-Israeli Communities
Nicole Sobel writes about a life-changing experience volunteering in two Ethipian-Israeli communities in Israel with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Hillel.
South American Explorers: Responsible Tourism in Action
South American Explorers: A description of sustainable tourism program in South America.
Volunteering in Nigeria: Burning Food and the Complexities of Saying 'Hello'
Life in a Nigerian village learning how to get around in a place where there are 500 dialects and many different tribes.
Community Tourism in Peru: The Island of Taquile, Lake Titicaca
A description of sustainable tourism on the Island of Taquile on Lake Titcaca.
Where NOT to Do Good--A Tale of Albania
Melissa Shultz describes a volunteer mission in Albania during which she was nearly abducted.
Keeping Nepal Informed: The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project
The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) aims to help minimize the negative influences of tourism by advocating and promoting 'minimum impact' trekking through presentations and lectures t ...
Take a Load Off: Adopt an Elephant
How to adopt an elephant in Thailand to help preserve their habitat. GoNOMAD feature story.
WWOOFing on the Farm: Volunteering On An Organic Farm in New Zealand
WWOOFing on the Farm: Volunteering On An Organic Farm in New Zealand - wwoof new zealand reviews
Sustaining the Tropical Coasts of the Philippine Islands
The author writes about efforts of the Coastal Resource Management Program to preserve the natural beauty and the wildlife of the Philippine Islands' coastal areas.
Thailand: Dada's Grand Plans for Helping Kids
Ryan McDonald describes his involvement with the Baan Dada orphanage in western Thailand and outlines ways people can help the children there.
Planting Trees in 90210
Volunteers plant trees and restore the ecosystem in Beverly Hills, CA -- feature story on Tree People, a nonprofit group.
Working with Elephants in Sri Lanka
An account of volunteering in Sri Lanka taking care of elephants.
Tanzania: Adventures of a Volunteer in Bomang'ombe
Nellie Huang writes about volunteering in Tanzania, where she taught and helped to build a school in the village of Bomang'ombe.
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