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Questions sent to us and the answers we provided

Monastery Stays

I had been told that it was possible to stay cheaply at a monastery - don't know if this means as a guest or as a student. But sounds nice to me. Any listings available?

Greg Church

"Most Japanese monasteries are conservative. They do not want foreigners or lay people, who do not already know the tradition. They are not interested in international dialoque," says Noritake Kotoku, the daily leader of the center and an active promoter of international Zen in both Japan and abroad.

After reading that quote, these are the only ones we were able to uncover. I hope it is somewhat helpful:

A list of various monasteries-
("These temples might accept foreigners as visitors, but it might be expected that you have been ordained and trained elsewhere, and that you can use the Japanese language.")

Yatsugatake Holy Trinity Monastery:
For information regarding visiting, overnight stays for making a retreat, or taking a quiet time away, contact the Guest Master:

Holy Trinity Benedictine Monastery
3110 Fujimi machi, Nagano
399-211 JAPAN
Tel. 0266-62-8770
Fax. 0266-62-8765
E-mail: <>
Web Site:

Here are a few monasteries in Canada that we came up with:

Rachadham Viriyaram Buddhist Temple VI
1815 Dunrobin Rd. Kanata, Ontario
(613) 839-0809

Maha Dhammika Kyaung Monastery
Burma Buddhist Association of Ontario
435 Hopewell Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6E, 2F4 Canada.
( Ven. U Nandavamsa )

U Paññobhasa
#252E, 65th Ave.
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5X2P4
Canada Tel. (604) 321-76-34

Khmer Buddhist Temple of Ontario
9575 Keele Street
Maple, Ontario L6A 1R6, Canada
Phone : (905) 303-0077

Good Shepherd Sisters
One of the monasteries of the contemplative branch of the Sisters of the Good
Retreats and spiritual counselling offered.

For further information, this site may be helpful:

(It's a directory of the Parishes and Monasteries of Canada)

Moroccan Cooking Classes

We were unable to locate any specific details regarding your request for Moroccan cooking classes. However, I am providing you with a link to a culinary arts directory. It lists several culinary schools in Virginia and I am sure that several of them may offer individual classes open to the public.
Good luck...

You can also travel to Morocco with Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures.

Can you tell me ways to avoid malaria while traveling?

We specialize in adventure travel and are not authorized to dispense medical advice or information. Your questions regarding Malaria and reactions to a vaccination would be best answered by a qualified physician. Below I have provided a few sites that might be helpful in obtaining proper information:

Government site for dependable sources regarding Malaria:

This site belongs to the American Medical Association. It contains information on every disease, a directory for finding physicians in your area, and contacts for questions.


For a Phuket Elephant Lover

My sister has recently bought a house in (Phuket) Thailand and absolutely adores elephants.

I am looking to adopt an elephant for her as a Christmas present but am finding it difficult to find one - can you help? It would preferably be close to where she lives but anywhere in Thailand will do.
Please reply soonest so I can set the wheels in motion. Best Regards
Matthew Goodwin

Here's the information you requested on elephant adoption:

Information on elephant adoption. Look on the right hand side of the page for email address info:

Helping to save the elephants of Thailand through adoption (receive a newsletter, certificate, and photograph). Adoption can be completed directly online:

Teaching Qualifications?

Hi, i read your article about teaching English in Valencia and it sounded great. I am interested in getting into the field of adult English teaching, do you know what is the most widely recognised qualification around the world for those who want to teach English. Your response would be appreciated

Kieran Blake


You will need to get a CELTA or TEFL teaching certificate. Visit this site to compare programs around the world.

Guyana Driving

I am trying to find a car rental in Guyana!!

GoNOMAD lists several local rental car enterprises in Guyana:

Click on Georgetown and you can book a rental online:


I would like to participate in a live/work exchange program or some sort of volunteer program preferably in Costa Rica. I want to go for roughly 3 months, give or take a little. Can you send me any information you have on programs that would allow me to work in exchange for a place to sleep? Thank you for your time. I look forward to perusing all the information you send.

Jen Siegrist
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Jen,

The answer is right here, at our new GoNOMAD Volunteering Directory. You'll find programs like these if you visit the link....Here are some of the listings we found for Costa Rica...

Costa Rica, Rural Villages, Cloud Forest

Global Volunteers: Costa Rica Includes web link
Global Volunteers assists with a variety of construction-related projects in and around the rain forest. In the heart of a spectacular cloud forest about 110 miles northwest of San Jose, the people of the Santa Elena area and the Monteverde Conservation Le ...
click here for more info
Global Volunteers

Costa Rica, Ciudad Quesada

Volunteer in Costa Rica Includes web link
If you have ever wanted to ***volunteer abroad*** but can't commit for years at a time, you might be interested in Cross-Cultural Solutions. These programs allow you to work with dynamic grass-roots organizations while immersing yourself in the local cultu ...
click here for more info
Cross-Cultural Solutions

Costa Rica, Heredia and Samara Beach

Study spanish & latin culture for credit Includes web link
We teach not only language but culture in a country full of adventure and natural beauty! We encourage our students to become immersed in the culture by learning the language, living with a local family, and participating in daily cultural activities such ...
click here for more info
Centro de Idiomas Intercultura Costa Rica

Where Are Yu Going?

Would you be so kind to let me know how we can reach Western Samoa on the easiest and chearest way if we travelling from Yugoslavia, also we can start from some neighbours country.
Conection and price in US $.Thanks a lot.

Aleksandra Ognjanovic

Here are two ways you can price out those flights: Visit Travelocity or One Travel.

Looking for Cool Pix

My name is Alex, i need Nikon Coolpix 5000 Digital camera. Do you have this item in your store?
Can you accept international credit card and send them to my country via usps express mail service? My country is Indonesia. Please let me know.

Alex Iskandar

Alex, you can buy the Nikon Coolpix plus thousands of other items at Amazon. And they'll give you a deal, FREE SHIPPING, if you order now.

Homestay in Syria


I am a middle-aged woman from Australia. I am looking for a homestay in March 2003 in Syria. I would like to barter in exchange for teaching conversational English.

Margaret Ferguson

Margaret, this is one of the hardest questions we've ever gotten, because what you're looking for is pretty hard to find. I am not aware of any guidebooks that list such homestays in the Middle East. But we came up with a goody bag of different websites about Syria, which despite a terribly strict government, is reportedly filled with wonderfully friendly people and great sights. Visit the links for our "Syria Grab Bag" below and see what you think.

Email address for Ministry of Tourism in Syria:

Link to Amazon where you can find the Rough Guide to Syria

link to a fascinating travel log with photos about an overland trip to Syria in 2000.

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